A Brief Introduction about Generic Access Network (GAN) Technology

Generic Access Networks is used in systems of telecommunications by users of cellular device to interact and connect with different types of devices of communication. Evolution of GAN protocols was done for communication systems that are wireless thereby allowing performance of functions by mobile phones. These functions are seamlessly between WANs and WLANs, which does not interrupt the communication session.

Now-a-days GAN technology gives permission to the subscriber to do interaction via data, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), voice and IP multimedia subsystem application.

Service of dual-mode handset enables subscribers of mobile phones to hand over seamless connections between wireless WANs and LANs. This service is the key function of technology of GAN. This feature is quite enhanced because the seamless roaming thereby allows connection of users with people across the 7 seas at a cost that is low by the use of handset devices.

Cell phone structure is changed. This is use of technology of GAN. All phones have two transceivers because GAN has the involving of 2 accessible modes. One is to cover Wi-Fi that is application advanced. Other is used for cellular service that is conventional.

Network Access Point (NAP): Internet service providers (ISPs) connect with each other while arrangement peering through NAP. This technology made its transition from network that is government funded to a one that is commercial in the internet’s early days.

Internet Protocol (IP): In the Internet layer of Internet Protocol Suite, IP is the most important protocol. suite is the communication protocol’s set which consist of 4 layers namely Link layer (Lowest), Internet Layer, Transport Layer ad Application Layer (Highest). Important task and purpose of IP is datagrams delivery from source computer (source host) to receiving computer (destination host). For achieving this factor, IP includes structures and methods to put tags within datagrams. This process is called Encapsulation.

Limitations of GAN are also present inspite of its advantages. Subscriber service of GAN is interference prone because unlicensed mobile access uses many varieties of frequencies. Use of many signals of WAN and LAN via GAN are too costly and reduces talk-time.

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