Accounts of Google and Facebook Deleted In case of Death of a Person

In case of the death of a person, his online accounts may be deleted. Online accounts like Facebook and Google can now be easily deleted. For Facebook, the account may be deleted or a legacy contact may be entitled to operate the account after the person’s death.

To delete the account press Settings>Security>Legacy Contact, then check “Account Deletion“ check “Delete After Death”. To set up a Legacy Contact press Settings>Security>Legacy Contact then choose friend’s Facebook account. The account is deleted when Facebook has been notified on the decrease of a person.

For the Google account, there is a tool known as Inactive Account Manager. This functionality allows user to decide the status of inactive accounts for a predefined time period. Gmail, YouTube, Blogger and AdSense are all attached to the Google account are affected. Go to Settings>Account>Inactive then push “setup” button.

A call number has to be provided in case of Notifications as well as Alerts. The time out period functionality has to be decided 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 months. If inactive for more period of time then the account is automatically deleted. Once that period is over the action, times out and Delete my Account is enabled. These features go a long way in ensuring the quality of live amongst the net users.

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