Android Phone BlackBerry Vienna is to be Launched in forthcoming Week

There is no doubting as to that 1st Android Smartphone of BlackBerry have generated huge consideration and interesting amounts. BlackBerry Priv was released in year 2015. There were rumors for fewer times that devices code named BlackBerry Vienna is next Android’s BlackBerry’s. Presently there is news that BlackBerry Vienna is to be launched at MWC in forthcoming week.

Smartphone named BlackBerry Vienna is on radar for fewer months. November news suggested that it shall be 2nd Android BlackBerry. Some people recalled that BlackBerry Priv had been codenamed Venice before times of official announcement. In Barcelona in week forthcoming company’s next handset of Android should be launched officially at MWC 2016. Event starts on February 22 and ends on February 25. No specific dates for unveiling are specified.

Report says that BlackBerry Vienna costs lesser than Priv. This tie with early leaked image of Vienna in turn showing phones which looked like being build less premium. Consideration points are that BlackBerry hinted previously at newer middle ranging Android phones for year 2016. Therefore there are plausibility elements regarding these.  Skeptical factors are that launching shall be conducted next week. This is case seen usually in number growing of leaks regarding device upcoming shortly ahead of launches. All things regarding BlackBerry Vienna is quiet recent prettily. It is interesting as to that newer reports expect BlackBerry Vienna should be introduced at MWC.

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