Angry Birds – A Video Game inspired by Wingless stylized sketch of birds

Review: Angry Birds is franchise of video game (Android Mobile Game) that is created by Rovio Entertainment, game developer of Finnish computer. Primarily inspired by wingless stylized sketch of birds 1st game was released firstly for Apple iOS in year 2009 December. In year 2010 October, game copies 12 million in number were bought from Apple App Store. Then company began design versions for different smartphones based on touchscreen that included Windows Phone, Symbian and Android operating systems. Since then it has expanded to PCs and game consoles of video.

Video games: Series of Angry Birds are: Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars II, Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Fight!, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Under Pigstruction. Spin-Offs are: Angry Birds Stella POP! Angry Birds Piggies and Angry Birds Stella. Compilations are: Angry Birds Trilogy.

Media: Television: Angry Birds Toons which is TV series that is there on basis of game made debut on 2013 March 16. Toons were released by means of 3rd party platforms of video distribution that included Roku set-top boxes, Comcast Xfinity On-Demand in US and Samsung Smart TVs. It is found in many countries on old broadcasts of television. This Angry Birds Toons is present in mobile devices too by added channel of Toons on each and every app home screens of Angry Birds.

Attractions and Parks:

Land of Angry Birds: There is official usage of characters of games in attractions of amusement park. In year of 2011 September Windows of the World themed park in China’s Changsha opened Angry Birds unlicensed attraction. Park visitors used slingshot large for launching versions stuffed of characters of birds in green balloons which represented pigs. After becoming aware of attraction, the Rovio Entertainment made a report for consideration of working together with themed park for officially licensing it.

In year 2012 March Rovio made announcement of plans of creating Angry Birds Lands officially which was opened in 2012 April 28 at adventure park namely Sarkanniemi in Finland. The Angry Bird Land may open in year 2014 May at Malaysia’s City Centre namely Johor Baharu. Recently announcement was made that UK themed park namely Thorpe Park will start own Angry Birds Land area themed inside park in 2014 May. Novice area shall consist of 4D Cinema reinstatement with 10 minutes long of film on Angry Birds with effects of 4D. It is newly added theme of Angry Birds Dodgems with re-theme slightly of drop tower ride existing of Detonator.

Activity Park of Angry Birds: Rovio made “Activity Parks” of game. 1st one was made in Lightwater Valley which featured playgrounds and dance floors which included huge touchscreen devices and slides for visitors who want to play game of Angry Birds. There is also an attraction of Angry Birds Space within Activity Park together with mini-movie theatre.  There are also shops for merchandise of Angry Birds and rooms for Birthday Parties.  This attraction is open in holiday clubs and Vuokkati. Place featured races and different “Angry Birds Town “along with cars for kid riding. Place name was Vuokkati.

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