Ather Energy unveils S340, a smart scooter which runs on electricity

Ather Energy is testing S340, an electric based smart scooter. Bangalore based Ather Energy company has developed scoter for common man and unveiled it at Web Summit Surge Conference on Tuesday. Tarun Mehta, co-founder speaks about philosophies of design about the smart scooter and the challenge of extending cell life of battery as well as reduction of weight and cost.

S340 has connectivity (Bluetooth) and GSM, has made a decision to move apart from Android to convert it to Linux. The HTML 5 apps for the smart scooter work in the background. Smartphone is used to track the vehicle, for remote controlling and monitoring the smart scooter S340. The scooter can be charged by using the app using a slider.

Creation based riding profiles from the mobile can be used to run the settings which are saved previously. Top speed that the person wants as well as the acceleration response and the exact settings can be predetermined.

S340 is available in 3 cities namely Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. Mass production will start as per pre-orders and test trials. Experience centres and service centres are to be made available for the clients. The rims are light and the chassis are made up of aluminium. Overall the design and aesthetics is a worthwhile experience for the rider and the owner.

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