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Copy Writing

Writing is always considered as an art. The expression of ideas and thought of person can be effectively communicated to others through proper writing. The famous quote “pen is mightier than sword” stamps the power of writing. In literature the branch of writing is given more importance. A good piece of writing will remain in the mind of person who reads it. The great literary works of world famous writers are preserved till date and for future with great care and caution. In addition to the expression of ideas the most important feature of writing is its persuasive nature. Most of the people are influenced by good written work. The education system today is based on books where students get opportunity to read and analyze the literary work of eminent writers. Every where the value of writing is given prominence than any other form of art. Writing is the base of print media. In visual media for the text messaging and news writing is adopted. It is quite clear that writing is an inevitable factor in both print and visual media.

There are ample opportunities of jobs in the print media industry today. Copy writing is an exciting and interesting career in the field of entertainment and advertising. The entertainment field gives importance to the conveyance of ideas and expressions. An effective way of the communication of the ideas is through captions, tiles and attractive slogans. In the field of advertisement the exaggerated version of ideas and features of a product is communicated through copy writing. If a product is need to be marketed it s features should be publicized through an advertisement. The visual media today give many attractive and catchy visuals of a product. Along with these visuals few lines or words added give more impact to the product. The writing or copying of these words or lines is indeed the essence of copy writing. Copy writing is meant not only for products or advertisements. Copy writing is used for business purposes, to describe a famous personality and to express opinions and ideas. The copy writing is intended to give reach to the products or ideas among the public. Apart from the creation of reach another important objective of copy writing is to persuade or instigate the people to own the products or to follow the ideas. The promotion or reach of the product or ideas is the main purpose of copy writing. Copy writing is also considered as a form of technical writing as it appears through the technological process. Most of the copy writing today is done through text messaging or SMS, internet, social network sites including tweeter, face book, television channels, radio broadcasting, movies, news through visual, audio and print media. Through brochures or catalogs, copy writing is done effectively. The captions or a feature of a product within few words without elaboration gives a good caption where the talent of the copy writer is evident. Many organizations and institution based on the creativity employs the copy writer. Book publishers, department stores, malls, advertisement firms and public relation firms utilize the service of copywriters.

Copy writing involves several processes consisting of lot of editing and related works as the copy writer is the part of a creative firm in an agency. Copy writing includes proof reading, lay out, designing, copy editing, discussion with the clients, SEO consulting and fast checking. The entire craft of the story and its communication is the responsibility of the copy writer even he belongs to a creative team. The copy writing skills have wide opportunities in the internet. There are lot of inter net copy write websites that offer copy write job opportunities. The creative thinking and its expression is the core ingredient in copy writing.

Basic principles of Advertisements

One of the interesting characteristics of human beings is the fondness of exaggeration. Even some of the facts that are not so good or cruel are accepted by people if it is conveyed in an exaggerated form. The acceptance of such exaggeration is in fact the prime foundation stone of entertainment and marketing field. The most influential entertainment sector is the film and advertising field. It is an undoubted factor that cinemas are widely accepted because of their exaggerated or imaginative narration that takes the viewer to another world of fantasy despite he is forced to a certain extent to think or imagine in accordance with the maker of the movie. The same theory of creating an imaginative situation for the viewer is applied in the field of advertising.

In the modern society of consumerism people cannot have a life without various kinds of products right from the simple household goods to technical accessories. The main target of the advertisement is the reach of the product to maximum number of people. The basic principle of advertisement is the proper communication of the qualities of a product to the people. Different marketing strategies are effectively used for the advertisement of a product. All over the world more than 50% of profit of a company is utilized for promotion of products through advertisement. The advertisements are mainly promoted through printed and visual media. Currently several social networking sites are also promoting advertisements of different kinds of products. The motto of all leading companies is to advertise their product to make optimum reach to people through all possible ways of promotion. Advertisement of products through television is the most popular way of product promotion. Today through radio with umpteen number of broadcasting channels advertisements are reached in every nook and corner of the country.

The basic criteria of product introduction and promotion is to high light its quality through attractive ways. The most inevitable attraction of advertisements is its celebrity presence. Even a single household product is being launched through celebrities from the movies and sports. The greatest advantage of celebrity presence is that their popularity and acceptance by the common people. Companies always focus on common crowd. Another most vulnerable section of viewers who are easily attracted to advertisements are children. They are always the greatest admirers of their famous celebrities. The quality and other dimensions in the necessity and usage of the product don’t bother them. Their foremost preference is always the presentation of their celebrities. All the giant branded companies focus on children as they are aware about this characteristic of children. Children’s products including toys, dress materials school stationery and books are the most sold out products world wide. Baby products are another category that is been continuously advertised through visual media. No caring parent can deny the baby products and some parents wanted their babies to look like the one in a baby products advertisement.

The urban youth is another category of people who are easily attracted by advertisements of their favorite brand. It is the same story relating to women especially housewives and teenagers. The apparel, skin care and cosmetic industry spent a lion’s share of their investment and profit for the advertisement of these products targeting children and teenagers despite their genders. Today boys and men are also conscious about their lifestyle and products that give them the trendy style and look.

Advertisements are of course an influential factor in modern times but the pitfalls need to be considered before getting a product by merely watching the advertisements. Highlighting the quality of a standard or good product is always beneficial but at the same time millions spent for advertisements for low quality products. It is the definitely a duty and primary concern of a person to analyze the quality standard and necessity of a product instead of falling for it because of an advertisement.

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