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Use of Alternative Medicines

In ancient time diseases were considered as curse. In the history of many nations people who were affected by serious or contagious diseases were ostracized from the society. Later man discovered that nature has cure for diseases and gradually treatment methods were began to develop. Indians particularly had a branch of science for treatments for several ailments based on rare herbs and plants. This method of treatment is termed as Ayurveda that means “veda” or sacred principles that enhances health through out the life time of human beings. This was a treatment method that did not exploit the nature and was close to the nature. Soon after the introduction of western mode of treatment or the use of English medicines the branch of Ayurveda faced decline.  The introduction of English medicines gradually developed concept of hospitals. The convenience of English medicines and the facilities for surgery with most modern techniques and equipments made the treatment at hospitals as the main stream mode of treatment. All over the world hospitalized treatment became the most popular form of treatment. Similar to the Indian Ayurveda treatment there were several other traditional form of treatments in different parts of the world. All most all those conventional treatments were discarded by the people and they were sidelined as alternative medicines. Today people began to be conscious about the consequences and side effects of many of the English treatment. Now globally people are started realizing the advantages of traditional medicines.

 Instead of surgery and complicated diagnosis process in the hospitals alternative medicines have health care practices that improve the health by increasing the immunity towards diseases. A proper definition is not yet defined for alternative medicines as its origin, theory, methods of treatment all differ from one another.  Even then the basic principle of alternative medicines is prevention is better than cure. Instead of having treatments after affected by diseases through different types of therapeutic methods alternative medicines prevent diseases. Any mode of treatment that is not contemporary and complimentary is defined as alternative medicines. The national centre for complimentary and alternative medicines of the National Institute of Health gives a clear a more clear view on alternative medicines that they are treatment method that includes different types of practices, products, health care supplements and health care systems that does not belong to the contemporary or conventional medicine. Various aspects are considered in the alternative medicine practices. Homeopathy and chiropractic are the most alternative medical practices that originated in the west. Acupuncture, Sujoko, acupressure are other popular alternative medical practice that have Asian origin. In India another holistic alternative medicines branches like yoga, naturopathy and meditation are popular among school kids to professionals. The main focus of alternative medicines is the healing of problems relating to mind and body. In certain religions rituals of retreat and meditation is also considered as alternative medicine branch. Even the common ritual of praying is also considered as alternative medicinal therapy that rejuvenates mind and body.

The mainstream medicine considers the alternative medicine as a therapy that is performed by unauthorized practitioners. The authorized health care practitioners are applying the methods that are tried tested and proven by science. The alternative medical practitioners are performing various methods that are passed on them traditionally that do not have a scientific platform. Today it is an argumentative topic raised by the followers of alternative medicine practitioners and official medical practitioners regarding the authenticity of this practice. It is another factor to be noticed that even the most advanced mode of treatment fails to great level. At the same time there are several incidents that are reported the success of alternative therapy or medicines that cured several grave diseases that were rejected by the official or mainstream medicine. Any branch of therapy or medicine that is practiced for the welfare of human beings is acceptable by people irrespective of their divisions or terminology.

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