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Survive! Mola Mola! 300 million of my own kind, all dead

Review: This is an Android Mobile Game about dying, then with desire of living and then with wanting to die again. There is no kidding about this fact and game makes sense as said. If you have lots of time you can play this game. There is no typical intention of game but apparently the simple goal is growing Sunfish (Mola Mola) to most grandeur and majestic atrocity that is seen ever. Mola has its growth in slow rate relatively. Mola begins growth from eating or adventuring.  There are plenty of ways by means of which Mola dies.

Mola eats food in following ways: Food appears periodically on screen. You could tap these or slide finger by means of these for eating purposes. Early in game in which food rarely appears tapping is good. But in game later there is frequent appearance of food so you can just easily slide it. In case you are fingered with fatness then there is helping of slides. You could certainly not get finger to have contact establishment inside 5mm radius on screen of phone.

4 ways by which Mola dies are as follows: There are dying chances when Mola eats certain food type, goes for certain adventure, natural causes and your bad direct conducts to poor Mola. Apparent dying sufferings are due to severe performance lack in game. When dying is there you put to shores of different other mola for man-handling immediately. Dying has not being bad occurrence fully in game but actually when it dies other Mola you attain has more immunity to that death causes. There is lot of evolution. You could get MP (Mola Points) which is a currency form by adventure succeeding.

You could get 3 things with Mola Points: Novice Food types, occurrence of food increased and novice adventures.  Too much costly food types and adventures are rewarding to great extents obviously because they have more additions to Mola weight. This leads to fast growth. All in all to say is that dying is not that bad. Added factors to give MP to you, in case you die because of some cause for 1st time then you achieve +15% to food bonus that means all food and adventure types gives more weight by 15%. This is not so much early in game because of value truncation but later on there are drastic effects.

There is a Golden Turtle which appears almost all the time in every 3 to 5 hours. At times when you swipe it or tap it when it swims past screen, total food bunch appears for little time. In case you cannot view golden turtle then there is nothing to worry about because it will again swim past in next minute. To get account of Twitter helps because tweeting related to evolution of Mola causes Golden Turtle instantaneous appearance in turn making an easy life. If your intentions whilst playing game are wastage of time then it is not good idea (as most people do). But this game can be played with intentions of checking and to seek completion of what is offered by game. Guide is there which has contents like Mola Sizes, Sudden Death, Hard Mode, Adventure and Food Count.

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Spaceteam – Multiplayer cooperative free-to-play video game

Review: Spaceteam is multiplayer cooperative free-to-play video game published and developed by person namely Henry Smith for game called Sleeping Beast for Android and iOS operating systems. It had been released in 2012, December 1. It has been described being as shouting cooperative game for tablets and phones. Game takes usage of plenty of tablet or smartphone devices that is connected by means of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for entering game shared between 2 to 4 players, though modes added provides allowance of more players.

Playing game: Players pilot spaceship. Every player has responsibility of controlling different panels on screen of device of an individual along with plenty of dials and nobs that is being listed with plenty of technobabble names. As there is beginning of game different orders are made to give to every player by means of device as tasks for piloting ships. Player then tells verbally to group that accomplishment of needed order should be done correctly by person with panel activation and controlling relevantly. Player simultaneously should listen to relevant orders for activating and controlling panel accordingly.

On correct application of plenty of orders from players, ship starts entering towards warp. Players’ group continuously goes to next stage of increased tough and difficult game playing. If there are mistakes there will be damage to ship in form of numerous control breaking panels by players. If plenty of mistakes are there then ship of groups is to be made consumption by supernova and then there is ending of game. Numerous stages which includes increased tough changes which is to be overcome by players includes breaking of collisions of asteroid, panel controlling, wormholes and electrical storms. All of them need player responding in plenty of ways that takes usage of platforms of mobile that includes device inverting, screen pinching and shaking it.

Playing game that is hectic created beginning of most inevitable players order shouting. Suggestion made by Henry Smith was that this was feature no longer intended. His statement was that people shout such that other people hear that person’s instruction. In hard levels, you need to talk with one another basically else timer too quickly runs out. This is what you conduct in all situation hell breaking loose.

Developing factors: Henry Smith had worked on failed project of Irrational Games and Electronic Arts with Dead Space 2. He left his work in 2012 at Bioware for pursuing his own job. Then he started beginning of Spaceteam like experimentation for learning how Android device codes has got inspirations by fiction of science culture that includes Red Dwarf, Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy and Doctor Who. Smith made a statement that his best inspiration was from board co-op game namely Space Alert.

Reception factors: Spaceteam has attained meeting with critical resounding success. It has got lots of appreciation and praises from Polygon, Gamespot, The Verge and Kotaku and different other outlets critically and video news of games. It has got plenty of recognition and awards and it has received round about 1 million downloads by means of Google Play and App store. Despite game popularity and offering of purchases of in-game availability for enhancing gameplay, game has directly made total of $12,000 and tangent prize money of $25,000.

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out – A freemium mobile game for iOS and Android

Review: The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a mobile freemium game for Android that is based on The Simpsons which in turn is animated series of America. It provides allowance to users for maintaining and creating own version of familiar buildings and characters Springfield usage. Game is being constantly updated with novice content season specific. In holidays like Thanksgiving and for Halloween content related with episodes of Tree House of Horror.  Game has its availability in languages like Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Simplified Chinese and German. Game was published and developed by EA Mobile and had its launching on 2013 February 6 for Android. Game has been released for devices of Kindle Fire in many markets on 2013 June 24. As per estimates there was EA generation of $ 130 million in revenues after release of game. Android game version is downloaded by means of App store of Amazon for BlackBerry 10.

Playing game: There was consideration that game is city building game. It provides offering of varieties of buildings like shops, public buildings, houses from series, which in turn is bought by player with currency of in-game of dollars. Items premium is bought with cash of real-world by means of donuts that creates reference to passion of Homer Simpson for donuts in series. Lots of buildings are offered with quest lines for following player and addition of character from series. The players make collection of characters together with buildings. There is sending of characters on tasks, progressing with questions, game advancement and earning money that is extra for saving up because of items.

One and other building generate regularly an amount of cash in-game for collection under titles like Income Tax from homes and Collection Plate from First Church of Springfield. Player place roads, decorations, rivers and pavement on land. In year of 2013 there was development being added to Krustyland transporter for getting players to infamous Krustyland from Springfield, where they could build and expand same interactions of players in Springfield of game. The game has been supported by Origin of EA which has acting as bridge socially where layers might log in to accounts of Origin and visiting towns of friends for collecting cash for 1 time in 24 hours’ time and other tasks occasionally during event. There is Easter egg hidden where for purpose of obtaining statue of decoration of Jebediah Springfield. Player should tap 10 Homer times in row when he is accomplishing a task. This conduct provides player 10 free donuts which is workable only once. Highest levels number is presently 52 after update of 2015 May 6.

Developing factors: As per runner of game and Simpson’s long time writer namely J.Stewart Burns originally game started as labour of love. He did not expect much happening after release of game. Though they are not credited, there is presence of 10 writers working latest on game that includes Simpson’s writers like Diana Wright, Matt Selman, Carolyn Omine, Brian Kelley, Jon Kern, Burns and Jeff Westbrook.

Problems of In-game:  After launch of iOS, game had been pulled from App Store of iOS because servers of EA could not cope with plethora and demand of bugs reported seriously by users. After 1 month, EA formed forum by which users report bugging issues.

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Ridiculous Fishing – A mobile fishing video game

Review: Ridiculous Fishing is fishing mobile video game in which players take usage of touch and motion controls for catching fish and shoot them subsequently out of sky for cash purposes. Game is famous for battle of developer in front of cloned version of game being released by a different company. Game was published and developed by Jan Willem Nijman and Vlambeer Rami Ismail. It was released for Android in year of 2013.

Players’ casts line of fishing to ocean and by usage of motion controls they avoid fishes to go out of net as there is sinking of hook for catching good number of fishes as being possible as there is retracing of reel. Then players touch screen for shooting fishes out of sky for purpose of getting money which is in turn spend on upgrades.  Nijman developed idea whilst watching a TV show regarding tuna fishermen.

Releasing firstly of game was as Flash Game Radical Fishing with similar mechanism basics. 1 year after Vlambeer started development of iOS, Gamenauts did releasing of Ninja Fishing which was clone of Ridiculous Fishing. It hurt morale of Vlambeer.  Team worked on different games and publicly spoke about this situation. It earned standing ovation at Game Developers Conference 2012. This it achieved before scrapping resolving major work and finishing game.

Playing game: Player fishes in fame pursuits as fisherman namely Billy. Mechanics of game is meaning 3 tightly minigames woven to 1, fish catching, to shoot fish in air and fish line castings.  Players cast line and does device tilting for avoiding fish as there is sinking of hooks. On conducting fish hooking, there is ascending of hook and player conducts device tilting for catching lots of fishes as possible in surface route. Above level of water fish is launched to air and player taps shooting of fish being screened out of sky for earning money ahead of time that is needed for falling into water. There is difference in characteristics of fishes which include swimming patterns and needed shots number for cashing in.

Shot of Jellyfish detracts from whole income. 4 stages are there each with own audio and video theme. Rare fishes has mode that is endless in which players work to high scores. earnings are spent in store in way of upgrades persistently like long line length of fishing, hats frivolous, lures chainsaw, toaster and hair dryer (for zapping catches inadvertent), drills invulnerable, necktie for handsome income,  guns bigger, and fuelling for chainsaw. There is Fish-o-pedia in smartphone of Billy which provides tracks and hints of gameplay stats like catching fish that is progressing factor for new unlocking levels. There is not at all an in-app purchase.

Developing factors: Radical Fishing was developed by Vlambeer which was Adobe game based on Flash in which fisherman conducts sitting in boat and casting lines to water, pulling fish to air and shooting them by means of gun. It had been built for taking all good things from browser habit-forming games with no artificial extensions of length for just hooking players. Game had been designed with loop of feedback in which performing factors is 1 minigame letting better experience more rewarding in next small game.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition – A Mobile version of Minecraft

Review: Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a mobile version of Minecraft which was developed by Mojang AB. It was launched initially exclusively for Xperia PLAY for US $6.99 on Google Play on 2011 August 16. It was later released for devices of Android on 2011 October 7.

Android Hardware performance of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is:

Version is “Honeycomb” Android 3.0 (MCPE 0.7.2 and Android 2.3.0). Processor with support of “ARM –v7a code” of calculations of floating point. Data connection is Realms or optional access. Graphics is by Open GL ES 2.0. Storage is 12.5 MB (for world saving 100 MB to 1 GB is used). Other supported devices are Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10i, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro and Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray.

Playing game: Intention of game is building of virtual realities by players in environment that is sand-box like with developed Console Edition and PC counterparts. Minecraft: Pocket Edition lacks some important elements which are there in different versions of game like hunger and brewing. It lacks dimensions and bosses.  Multiplayer mode is compatible with cross platform between every touch screen devices which has capability of running this Pocket Edition. HUD and different elements have been adapted for gameplay’s mobile standards. Interactions are made possible by means of touch-screen, both Android and iOS versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition have similar gameplay. For complying with gameplay touch-screen disadvantages lots of features were being revised.

System of Crafting uses system of MATTIS. Items had been disposed by icon long tapping on hotbar. For better view of mobile screens, aimed blocks are not outlined but instead they are highlighted. Game had been with akin graphics releases to Minecraft Alpha. Graphics of 0.8.0 updates are equivalent to and better arguably than version of PC with shading and light tinting that is affected by position of Sun.Factors other from PC edition includes: All mobs have little difference from counterparts of PC of theirs. Multiplayer has allowance of 3 methods of connection of player. By means of Minecraft Realms (closed in 0.7.6) and Minecraft Realms (as version of 0.7.1). By means of external user created servers (as version 0.7.4). By means of LAN which allows 10 players on 1 server.

Developing factors:

Alpha: After releasing initially of Android and iOS parallel releasing of updated were conducted with similar features added to both iOS and Android platforms. At the Alpha stage lots of gameplay aspects were being introduced to Pocket Edition that included smelting, and crafting of more items, mobs, blocks and more modes of games for bringing it close to version of PC. As Minecraft Pocket Edition team develops and works very closely, blocks that are released on version of computer is around same span of time for Pocket Edition.

Snapshots: In year of 2013, November 21 there was development building of 0.8.0 being made available to users of Android who conducted addition to community group of Google+. Intention behind this was giving developers ideas of presented bugs and testing app in time ahead of update being released to public. Builds of development were available in testing phase of 0.10.0 from 2014 October 17, in testing phase of 0.11.0 from 2015 April 9 and in testing phase of 0.9.0 from 2014 June 9.

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Marvel Contest of Champions – An action-fighting Android Game

Review: Marvel Contest of Champions is mobile free to play game of fighting in 2014 that was published and developed by Kabam. It had been released on 2014, December 10 for Android and iOS. It works on tablets and smartphones. Game of fighting was set primarily in universe of Marvel. It included Inhumans, The Brotherhood and X-Force, Avengers, X-Men, Thunderbolts and Guardians of The Galaxy. Game needed connection of internet for playing purposes.

Ultron Invades: For tiring with releases of 2nd movie of Avengers namely Age of Ultron which has ranges of games of Marvel being updated in April late for including Ultron-centric characters and events. Due to closeness of gaming and movie divisions of Marvel there is enabling of easy and early content accessibility. Different games being involved in tie of Ultron includes Marvel Pinball, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers Alliance, and Marvel Puzzle Quest. For assisting in missions of Ultron all players or Summoners receive Black Widow 2 star character.

Playing game: To play game of Marvel Contest of Champions has resemblance to Injustice: Gods among US and Mortal Kombat. Arena of fighting has 3D rendering instead of 2D planes for actions and movement of superheroes. Players make beginning with 2 champions and collecting 35 characters or total of 25 characters at launch with other additions. Players have character accessibility like Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man all having own special moves, classes, abilities, movements and traits.

Featuring of game is energy system which has limitation to numerous battles based on quest players completion. Energy has automatic recharges on time or players refill manually energy. Crystals additionally is found at chests when players finish battles. Added to quests, users battle in front of opponents in PVP game mode. Players make choice of own username for identifying them in war and going against each other in quick one-to-one matches or time three-on-three limited arenas. There is A.I. controlling of opponents and not by players really in time real.

Controlling is especially designed for touching with no requirement of virtual or buttons joysticks. There are lots of attacks basically which includes heavy, light, medium and block. You sprint forward or shuffle back. Each hero possesses 3 of own special unique attacks and ability with signature ability. The Synergy Bonuses rewards player for character combination who has relationship that is unique. As example, combination of Cyclops and Black Bolt gives reward to total team with block proficiency of +10%. As per statement of Cuz Parry from person named Kabam there is combat system which rewards mixing up players’ moves and performance of blocks well-timed. Higher combo leads to faster regeneration of attacks specially. As there is taking of deal damage and damage, players fill up meter specially which powers unique character moves. With levelling of heroes more moves uniquely are made possible. They need player to save for long usage to them.

In year of 2015, April 22, lots of new features had been added to game. Masteries of Summoners: There are effective new benefits for Champions like extra health, change of hit critical and damage.  Hub socially: It accesses every feature socially in turn including list of friends. Duels: It takes on different Summoner Champions for bragging prizes and rights.

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Crazy Taxi™ City Rush – Drive crazy in SEGA’s all-new Crazy Taxi

Review: Crazy Taxi is video game which is racing and open world that has got its development by Kenji Kanno and team of his at Hitmaker and being got Sega publishing. This is 1st game in series of Crazy Taxi. Game was released 1st in 1999 in Arcades and ported in 2000 to Dreamcast. Then it had been ported to Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 by Acclaim in year of 2001 and in year 2002 by Microsoft Windows. Game had been released for PlayStation Network on 2010 November 16 and for Xbox Live Arcade on 2010 November 24. It has its featuring on Dreamcast Collection. On 14 March Sega made announcement of Crazy Taxi: City Rush which was free to play novice entry which was exclusively developed for mobiles.

Crazy Taxi’s reception is most positive and it has become one amongst some Sega All Stars. It has made earning of Great status of Player’s Choice on GameCube and Hits status on PlayStation 2. Sega did a follow up on Crazy Taxi’s success by creating its sequel namely Crazy Taxi 2 for Dreamcast that includes plenty of changes in gameplay. It was bundled with Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars in Crazy Taxi 2. Later it was bundled with plenty of Dreamcast hits in Dreamcast Collection. Released for Xbox in year 2002, July 23 was Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller. Later it was released as title of PC in 2004.

Playing game: Most important intension of game is picking customers and taking them to destination chosen most quickly as could be done. All through way, money is earned by performance of stunts near misses together with different vehicles. Player is provided with destination direction by green large arrow at screen’s top. Arrow never does adjustment on basis of obstacles, but it points in destination direction generally. When player arrives nearby to destination then let him stop in one specified. When there is reaching of destination fare of customer is being added to total money that is earned by player. Then ratings are given depending on time duration player took for completing journey. If timer of customer runs out before destination is reached by player then customer may jump from taxi with no payment to driver.

Players select 3, 5, or 10 minute settings or Rules of Arcade that is used in coin-op original version of game. In 3 time limit setting, play continuously for time period designated after of what there is automatic stoppage of cab and no further points will be scored. Under Rules of Arcade, player begins with time limit initially of 1 minute that can have extensions by means of time bonus which is earned for deliveries that are quick.  Versions of console of game features mode called Crazy Box. It is mini games set featuring challenges like dropping up and picking off plenty of customers in certain limit of time. It bowls by usage of taxi as giant popping balloons and ball in field.

Developing and marketing features: Producer of Crazy Taxi namely Kenji Kanno has made a note which states that extension of time on gameplay was breakaway of recent “100 yen for 3 minutes” which has being made to persist at time for games of arcade and players were rewarded with long playing time by making well performance in game.

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The Banner Saga – A Viking-themed tactical role-playing video game

Review: The Banner Saga is tactical themed Viking role playing game of video that has got its development by Stoic which is trio of game developers of Indie, of BioWare formerly. It has acquired publishing by Versus Evil which is independent US based publisher of video game. The Banner Saga has been released as 1st game of trilogy projected and player campaign singly on 2014 January 14th. It is released as free-to-play separate multiplayer online game too.

Developing factors: Developers of game namely John Watson, Alex Thomas and Arnie Jorgensen had left BioWare after doing work in studios of MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic with idea of creating game which will fulfil purpose of own enjoyment of theirs. Financing of project was by platform namely Kickstarter which was crow funding. On 2012 March 19, it had been done pledge openings and meeting of goal of funding of USD 100,000 in next day courses. Project accumulated eventually from backers 20,042 in number and earnings of USD 723,886.

In year of 2014 January 14, there was releasing of games with helping of Versus Evil by means of digital Steam distribution. It was released initially for MAC and Windows platform ports to iPad. Android had been released in 2014 October with numerous ports to Xbox One, Linux, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 which were planned for year of 2015.

Playing of Game: Most important factor of game is player campaign singly of engagements turn based combat which is inspired with gaming like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics. Player controls and possesses ability for building up character party with abilities complementing.  In accordance with developers their intentions were creating adult mature games in vein of The Black Company or Game of Thrones. Their aim was emotionally engaging players by providing them allowance to building of relationship with character of game and shaping story outcome by means of choice of conversation of array.

Game conducts eschewing of some conventions of computer that is action oriented with games role playing like focusing on buying and looting items, to reload and save sate of game after being defeated or hero story of young lone. In its place, developers have idea of telling story of caravan of player in total and encouraging players for dealing and accepting with encountering of defeats consequently. 1st game in Banner Saga centres on Dredge return which is a race warlike which does despising humans. It is led by Bellower who is Dredge night invincible and leads to warpath to them. As being wandering army who is left to fight in front of Dredge and find Bellower’s weakness, caravan makes numerous tough decisions which shapes fate of Varl and man both.

Factions of Banner Saga: Multi-player turn based component of combat had been released in Steam as standalone free game known as The Banner Saga: Factions. It was prior to releasing of game singly played. Factions had its availability to backers in 2013 February 18 and to general masses on February 25. It provides allowance to players to pit teams of 16 chosen classes, 6 combatants in front of one another. Style and settings, track of sound and reception are other factors.

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Leap Motion Controllers in Android

There are ways of usage of Leap Motion Controllers as inputs to apps of Android. There is knowledge that latest SDK’s supports only MAC and Windows. There are ways by which any open interface or library through Windows for making devices talk to rooting of Android Phone. There are other alternatives of depth sensing for gestures of hands for aside android from Kinect. Hints of usage of node.js server like proxy should be thanked. There is coming up of acceptable smooth solution for making Leap Motion Controllers work on Android.

Requirements: A MAC or a PC with npm as “PROXY” is needed. An npm installed binaryjs is needed. An npm installed sleep is needed. Device of Android with capability of “DEVICE” Wi-Fi is needed. Device of Leap Motion namely “LEAP MOTION” is connected to “PROXY” is required. Connection of Wi-Fi LAN between “DEVICE” and “PROXY” is desired.

Idea basically of solution is usage of PROXY being impossible, but with Leap Motion+ Android it becomes possible. PROXY reads data from LEAP MOTION by usage of SDK JavaScript and streaming data to instance of node.js which runs on it. It is not posting but streaming. DEVICE connects PROXY and streaming data hand positioned and presenting it like red circle in screen. It is not polling but streaming.

Step wise guidance for process: Firstly conduct downloading of PROXY project. Then conduct project extraction. Then run on node.js server instance on MAC or PC like node index.js. There is need of installing of sleep module and binaryjs by npm. Then marking down of IP of PROXY is done. Browser is opened (Safari and Chrome is proved to be working), then browsing http:// localhost: 5000 for verifying its running. Then conduct downloading of Android project for DEVICE. Then import in ADT the project. Then strings.xml is opened for modifying IP address to PROXY’s IP address. Project is run on YOUR DEVICE. Above LEAP MOTION hand is moved and there is vision of red circle’s movement in accordance to direction of hand.

There is requirement of ability of plugging device of leap motion into android phone that needs an adapter that is specialized. User desires to conduct software downloading that is unavailable in Android. If you possess this ability then you can edit software of leap motion as being having android compatibility or having compatible depth sensing capabilities. This may be possible in near future.

Leap Motion are having potential of reaching heights, and it is $80 product that tracks motions of finger in 3D on PCs and is very impressive. 10 years from present date when core software and operating systems will be rethought fundamentally around like this technology then leap motion controllers could possibly be input mechanism. Simulation and activation of mouse is present in Airspace Store of Leap motion controllers.

Leap has head started its app store namely Airspace in which users could download apps that are supported. 75 apps are present with two-thirds present on both Window and MAC. But lots of other great apps are present in pipeline still you could be happy with this number. Airspace is home to plenty of productivity specialized apps like designer CAD software, and therefore there is no too much pressure of having apps huge quantities.

Quality of apps has great variations and apps do not at all times agree on methods of best working of motion control. Some apps have mouse click simulation when finger has movement in Leap’s front whilst others need pointing more distinct gesture. Mouse should work differently in each program. Approach’s diversity is one amongst strength of platform. Leap has to rein onto developers and must have more enforced consistency.

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