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Good Dance Performance is not Limited by any Cultural Barriers

Entertainment is an indispensable part of human life. Leisure time that gives peace and calm to the stressful mind of a person has become a rare factor in the modern world. Many people spent their leisure time engaged in several activities that bring pleasure and peace. There are several art forms people choose as their leisurely activity that provide them entertainment and knowledge at the same time. Dance is an art form that gives enjoyment and knowledge to the viewer and the performer. A dance is defined as the rhythmic body movements with the accompaniment of music. Dance is not confined to a particular area or among certain class of people. Different people with different cultures have dance forms. Variety of dance forms is seen in different countries. Dance is basically an expression of thoughts and emotions through actions. A narration of a story is conveyed through dance. The action involved in a dance form has definite meaning through which a story is narrated. Dance is always considered as a form of communication. This non verbal communication is quite common among animals. Bee dance is a best example of non verbal communication among bees to attract their opposite genders.

The origin of dance forms is not easy to be traced. It is believed to be evolved with the origin of human cultures. The earlier forms of dances were mainly done for narrating myths that were predominant in early human civilization and cultures. There are different genres of dance subjected to different cultures. An African traditional dance is different from Indian traditional dance due to the cultural variations. It is not essential that a story need to be narrated through a dance forms. Mere co ordination of gestures also forms a dance. The gestures gave a relaxation to the body and mind of the performer through the rhythmic body movements. Some coordinated gestures are symbolic. Dance is always considered as part of rituals or ceremonies in different communities. There are several countries were dance forms are indispensable part of celebrations and entertainment.

In India traditional classical dance forms are considered as divine. Lord Shiva or Nataraja is depicted as the deity of dance art forms. It is believed that dance evolved as a means to depict the celestial world or the story of gods according to the Hindu Mythology. According to the Natya sastra or the code for performing classical dance an Indian traditional classical dance is performed through Mudras or specific symbolic actions along with the music. Classical dance in India is considered as the superior dance forms against the traditional folk dances or other dance forms relate to the ceremonies or rituals performed by native communities. The dispute regarding the superiority of classical dance and other traditional dance forms is never ending even till date.

The classifications of dance forms are done globally on the basis of solo dance, partner dance and group dance. The solo performance is done by a single performer, partner dance include performers from opposite gender or same gender and group dance involve main dancers and supporting dancers. Group dances are mainly performed for religious ceremonies and celebrations.

There are several aspects and occupation connected with various dance form. Dance teaching institutions, dance teachers and dance therapist are the dance related occupations. Different types of dance forms are taught by different dance tutors. Choreography is method of setting dance steps and the person who does the choreography is termed as choreographer in the contemporary dance world.

Among the diverse factors in the performance of dance forms, it is an indisputable fact that a good dance performance is not limited by any cultural or linguistic barriers that impart ultimate entertainment to the viewers.

Art indeed is a boon for the mankind

Art indeed is a boon for the mankind. Any piece of work or act that gives pleasure to the mind of a person is defined as art. The ultimate aim of an artist is to produce an artistic piece or work that gives pleasure. An art work is not made with a mind of reasoning or rational. It has to be viewed with an open mind with utmost sensitivity. It is not like a subject of mathematics or science that is purely based on reasoning. An art work should create a world of imagination in the mind of a viewer. The artistic work should be entertaining. The pleasure and happiness created in the mind of people gives the artistic identity to a work. World famous artists are immortalized through their art work. One of the major features of an art piece is that it is beyond any logic or reality.  The most popular art work is related to paintings and sculptures. The most remarkable feature of a painting is its silent conveyance of ideas and thoughts of its creator.

 The world famous paintings include portraits of world famous personalities because during the reign of king and queen, when photography was not invented their only source to capture their images and to restore them for their future generations were to draw their portraits by eminent artists. In the palace of kings a respectable and honoring posts were created only for artists. Their excellent works were appreciated by the rulers and rewards were showered on them. One of the most appreciated art piece of Leonardo Da Vinci, The Mysterious smile of Monalisa is a classic that is even appreciated by people even today. His painting the Last Supper of Jesus Christ is another masterpiece in the world of art.

In the European art the Greek sculptures depicting the life of Greek Gods in the mansions and churches is an everlasting delight to the eyes of a true art lover. Some of the European construction of century old palaces and mansions are also true timeless work of art that is still retained and maintained with pride.

Indian rulers were also true art lovers who promoted Indian art forms before the world. World famous artist and ruler Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings are the contribution of Indian art work. His paintings were made with natural colors. The color combinations used in his paintings are still having the freshness of a contemporary art work. The Indian palaces are also not in any way inferior to a European royal construction. The art work of Taj Mahal that is purely done in white marble is a masterpiece beyond any imitation. In many palaces and temples in southern India stone carvings and wooden art works are truly timeless valuables.

The other artistic forms include music, dance and drama. These art forms are not silent conveyors like painting or sculptures. They include voice, actions and performance of the artists in conveyance. The several categories in music include the rich and traditional classical music, light music, folk lore film songs and contemporary songs. Musicians and dancers were honored for their performance from olden times onwards. They were given special preferences than any other artists. Unfortunately acting in drama and dance was not considered as respectable like music in olden times. Later on the acting in drama was taken over by the movie artists. Even today drama is less popular than music and dance.

Contemporary dance or fusion dance work are considered as experiments in the field of art.

It is an undoubted fact that any art form that imparts relaxation from today busy fast life is a true form of soothing and pleasant experience to any person beyond any constraints of caste, creed and religion.

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