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Scientists: Mysterious Signals are repeating from Distant Space

Scientists have announced just that there are discoveries of signals of radio from ahead of galaxies behaving in stranger ways. (FRBs) or Fast radio bursts are too rare. They are extremely and excellently quick blasting of waves of radio. They originate away from light years billions. This is explained by “Popular Science”.

There are no clear factors as to where in universe exactly they are appearing from and as to what is causing these. 1st one had been discovered in year 2007. Since that time researchers have found total of them numbered 17 only. None amongst them repeats. This is reported by Verge. This is what all think. As per papers being published in week at Nature, scientist at Cornell University found FRBs evidences doing just this.

Researchers usually used thinking that FRBs cause by “cataclysmic event” like neutron star collides with one another and explode. FRBs repeating meaning is that this is not case under question. These researches show for 1st time presence of FRBs multiple from similar spaces in skies. This was told by scientist Shami Chatterjee in press releases.

FRB could not be destructed by bursts. Else what shall produce next pulses? What produces FRB? These questions deepen mysteries. There are demonstrations that shows which batteries drive FRBs. This could be recharged in time of minutes. This was told by James Cordes astronomy professor.

Truth Behind Astronomy

The universe is the greatest mystery man tries to unravel from time immemorial. Right form the beginning of the history of mankind he, in all possible ways known to him is trying hard to know the secret of the world. The more is he tries and believes that he is nearer to unveil the mystery, he finds it amazing that it is too complicated beyond his control and ability. Even then his continuous effort to know more about the world made him to reach to a certain extent about the components of the world. With the scientific and technological progress he had gone far ahead in his research about the world from the past. Another mystic element that was always a factor of curiosity for the man was the Sky and stars. The stars are considered as celestial objects. Earlier the most accepted theory about universe that sun and other objects rotate around the earth. Ancient scientists devoted their life time to know about these celestial bodies influence on earth and the human beings. Through his continuous enthusiastic research he found that sun, moon, stars and earth are the tiny components of the great galaxy and earth and other planets revolve around the sun. To increase his astonishment he realized that there are millions of galaxies that exist. The galaxy that he discovered where earth and other living beings live is only a minute part when compared to other galaxies.

The earth and other planets being the part of the same universe is connected to each other was another theory put forward. The influence of the planets, sun and moon on the earth became a branch of science that was coined as astronomy. All over the world people are aware about the influence of sun on the life on earth. Sun is the only star that provides the energy for all living things on the earth. The basic question arose about the influence of the stars is, if a star like sun can influence the life on earth  the planets and other star communities may influence the life. The ancient Indian scholars were aware about the influence of the stars and planets earlier onwards and according to the Indian Hindu religious tradition and culture all the auspicious ceremonies were done after consulting with an astrologer. Astrology is also a part of astronomy where no scientific techniques are applied. Through certain calculations and theories an astrologer can predict the life of a person by analyzing the position of the planets and the stars. Planets are considered as gods according to Indian astrology. There are temples where the planets re being worshiped for the welfare of the human beings.

Scientists are researching the about the new galaxies yet to be discovered. Today there are different kinds of sophisticated telescopes that can show the clear images different planets and stars. The public can view these in the planetariums. There they can witness the birth and death of different stars and planets. The solar system where our earth is also included along with the other planets can be viewed in the planetarium. The movement of the planets and stars viewed through a telescope is the most amazing vision a person can have in his life time.  The more the man tries to know about the universe he realizes that what is known is little than the unknown.

Today man has advanced technology that he started sending spaceships to other planets for further research. How ever man can boast about the technological and scientific advance only the creator who created this amazing universe holds the answer for every mystery of this universe.

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