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Overcome hair loss and increase your confidence Level

Hair from time immemorial onwards considered as a parameter of beauty. All over the world in the midst of diverse cultures and tradition the concept of human beauty essentially include beautiful hair. Long lustrous hair is always an attractive feature of women. From the ancient pictures women with long hair is portrayed as exceptional beauties. During the ancient period men and women had long hair that is mentioned in many religious texts and old pictures. Several methods for hair growth and enhancement of the beauty of the hair were invented form ancient time onwards that is quite evident for the importance given by the people for beautiful hair. Due to the importance given for healthy hair, from the very beginning of hair falling process annoys many people particularly women.

Hair fall occurs due to several reasons in a person. One of the most important reasons of the hair loss or hair falling is the lack of nutrition. The new aged stressed life style gives big pressure to the people that will affect in the health condition of human body. Hair fall is considered as the first symptom of loss of immunity or internal organ problems. The hair fall is scientifically termed as alopecia. Alopecia literally means loss of hair from head or body. Alopecia is commonly known as baldness. Men are mainly affected by alopecia. In men baldness occur in the temple and crown area. Most or total hair in this area will be fallen out or thin away in many cases leaving patches or skin lesions. In females hair loss appears at the frontal and parietal regions. The hair fall in men occur normally in the middle ages. A person who is at late thirties or early forties is subject to alopecia when the hair growth reaches at its end cycle or at the resting phase. The resting phase of the hair is known as exogen. If new hair starts to grow from the hair follicles the hair growth will enter in a new cycle. On the other hand if no new hair growth occurs it results in baldness or alopecia. Apart from the resting cycle of the hair there are several other factors that promote the hair fall or alopecia. Stressed life style, junk food, alcoholism, cigarette smoking, intake of drugs, diseases like diabetes, chemical hair treatments, hormonal changes, malnutrition, thyroid, chemotherapy radiation therapy, scalp and fungal infections, hereditary disorders, chronic information and hormonal changes are some of the major causes that trigger alopecia. Even though these are common causes for alopecia in male and female, the formation of cyst or fibroid, diseases related to uterus and ovaries in female results in severe hair loss. Another main reason for alopecia is the climatic changes and pollution. The extreme dryness in the hair roots also cause alopecia.

There are constant researches conducted for ascertaining the reason for hair fall. In the year 2009 researches in Japan identified the gene that is the exact cause for the hair fall in human beings. Today there are several methods of treatments are available for preventing the hair loss even though no absolute treatment is yet discovered for the complete cure for alopecia. Minoxidil is the medicated treatment where it is in the liquid foam is rubbed to the affected area twice a day that will have an effective control over the hair loss. Finasteride is a tablet or pill that is to be taken twice a day internally by men and not recommended for women and pregnant women. Egg oil is used as a traditional oil to be applied externally to the affected area. Hair transplants and hormonal modulators are the other recommended alternatives for alopecia. The most commonly used alternatives are the wigs that are used by men and women alike.

Hair loss definitely affects the confidence level in a person and if proper care is taken at an early age hair loss may be controlled to a great extent.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever “is one of the most favorite quotes of people all over the world. Beauty is the most sought quality of people after the basic needs in life.  For some beauty is most important factor in their life. Many of them spent most of the share of their income for the beauty treatments and products that enhance their beauty. Beauty is seen every where in animate and inanimate objects. Every thing in the nature has its own beauty. When the word beauty is used the images that comes to everyone’s mind is the picture of flowers or the smile of a baby. Normally beauty is associated with women than any other thing in the world. The influence of beauty is so dominant in all aspects of human lie. Some of the reasons for world famous war in the history nothing other than the thought of conquering beauty at any cost.

The story of Helen of troy revolves around the story of the beautiful lady, Helen and the prince Parries who abducted her. He was mesmerized by the beauty of Helen. The great Trojan War lasted for ten years. The root cause for the war was the beauty of Helen.

Another story similar in Indian context is the great epic of Ramayana. Sita the iconic heroin and believed to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi was abducted by Ravana, king of Srilanka that resulted in another great war. The beauty of Sita was the cause for war that resulted in the death of Ravana.

Beauty is the most used feature by artists. Poets used to write poems that described the beauty of nature, world, women, languages and any topics that evolved around beauty. Writes write about the beauty in different themes. The romantic novels and stories have beautiful narration of beauty of nature, beauty of relationships, and beauty of relation between man and nature. Many travelogues depict the beauty of places. The beauty of nature is an all time favorite of artists. The more they try to explain the beauty the more incomplete its description.

The artistes who draw try to convey the beauty of colors through the medium of painting. There is beauty in each and every single color. The basic colors when combined give new colors that give new dimensions for beauty in a painting. Many world famous paintings described the beauty of thoughts and ideas of the artists. World famous artists Leonardo Da vinci, India’s great artist Raja Ravi Varma were excellent in using the colors for conveying the beauty of the paintings. Through paintings they narrate the beauty of a concept or an idea through their strokes of paintings. Their dedication to their profession is another silent feature that keeps the beauty of their works and made them classics. They are the timeless piece of art works that is appreciated by the real art lovers even today. A true art work piece remains as an eternal beauty.

Most of the other art forms like drama and movies concentrate on conveying the visual beauty.

Today in many professions beauty is an added advantage. In many interviews personality is given more importance. Personality enhances the inherent beauty in a person. Beauty for most of the people is skin deep. The fair complexion is considered as beauty. In cosmetic and skin care industry many companies are compete each other in the production of products that offers fair skin.

It is a clear fact that beauty is not skin deep. Beauty is not limited to outward appearance. The internal beauty of the person is shown through their character and conduct. The saying beauty lays in the beholders eyes that convey the concept of beauty in all aspects.

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