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Samsung WB1100F Review

The Samsung has initiated the launching of Samsung WB1100F on January 7, 2014 with its usual qualities and high ranging performances. The system features SLR body type with ISO resolution ranging 80 to 3200 added with maximum resolution of 4608 x 3456. The product is included with ½.3” (6.17 x 4.55mm) CCD sensor and optical image stabilization. The focal length of the camera is equivalent to 25-875mm added with 35x optical zoom. The maximum aperture of the system is F3.0-F5.9 and included with in built Wi Fi and NFC. The 35x optical zoom that enables to get the front view of the images and conveys crisp information and pointed focus at all times making the user very close to the action. The Tag and Go function includes remote view finder, photo beam, mobile link, auto share etc. The mobile link facilitates to transfer images to the smart phone easily and the photo beam sends the images that are viewed to smart device faster without interruption. The auto share stores the images to the smart phone when we shoot while the remote view finder controls the camera with the smart device. The speed control key is provided in the body of the lens. To easily operate the 35x optical zoom, the user has to rotate the zoom ring when holding the Speed Control key. This permits steady grip and helps to capture images by keeping it in front of the eye.

Further, the system is very easy to manage when capturing fast-paced action and spontaneous moments. The Smart mode helps to take high speed situations and special modes for shoot excellence. The 16 mega pixel CCD sensor helps to take natural images even during dim light. The photo or video filter enables to capture real and artistic images. This function consists of miniature filter, classic, fish eye, vignetting, cross filter etc. Another feature of the camera is the Live Panorama mode that provides to capture apparently never-ending situations and can preview the images on the screen. The 75mm LCD Screen gives advanced contrast added with color reproduction. This enables to enjoy wider and perfect image and the brightness mechanically identifies environmental illumination and changes the brightness for optical image viewing.

To encourage professional photography, smart auto mode is included that routinely scrutinizes the shooting conditions and selects suitable scene mode for good outcome. The function further examines the fundamental elements in the formulation and alters the different modes to capture correct shot. Hence, in addition to the normal snap shots, the system promotes artistic and creative photography by professionals. The system uses SB-10A type battery that keeps charge for a long duration. The product weighs approximately 512 grams and measures around 125 x 87 x 96mm. Even though the system is large sized, the functions are greater as compared with other models introduced by electronic companies. The system will never be new to the users since all the details are provided in the menu function itself. The system would definitely be a wonderful experience for the nature lovers enabling them to capture astonishing environmental beauty.

Samsung WB700 Review

The Samsung, one of the largest electronic companies in the world has introduced Samsung WB700 with most advanced functions and presentation. The system features separately framed Schneider lens, manual controls, HDMI port for fast and simple playback with good quality television set, 3 inch LCD screen and 18x optical zoom. For the purpose of entertainment smart filters are added and other important feature to make the product special among other compact digital camera. The product is available in standard black and silver colors with affordable prices for the customers. The Schneider lens is provided at the front side of the 18x optical zoom that is functioned with the help of rocker button enfolded around the shutter release. A command dial is joined at the top plate of the shutter release and thereafter a flush power button is kept. The 3 inch TFT LCD is situated at the back side of the camera added with navigation control at the right part. The video button is placed where the thumb rests that facilitates the video to be recorded without the use of menu.

In addition to other buttons provided at the back side of the camera like the function and menu button, custom function button has also been included. This can be altered in the main menu and can select from the ISO, white balance and exposure compensation. The function button act as short menu system with the mainly used options situated at the left hand side of the screen. The different options consist of image quality, focusing, resolution, metering, image stabilization, white balance, smart filters etc. The menu looks striking included with the mode surrounded by small circle. The main selections are provided in the main menu clearly, and concisely. The command dial given at the top side functions easily with the help of selections without sticking. The flexibility of the dial prevents slipping out from the settings chosen. There is a colored screen at the back side that makes images clear and bright.

Additionally, the battery and memory card are kept at the bottom part and the battery used is the rechargeable lithium-ion type. To charge the battery, a plug and USB cable are needed and the battery can also be charged by connecting to a computer. The images can be transferred directly to the computer by connecting the camera even while travelling. Another specialty is the standard size SD and SDHC card used in the camera. The system also includes metal tripod bush and good featured doors used in the battery compartment. The door of the battery is constructed with metal plate at the bottom whereas the USB/HDMI part is structured with plastic flip up door that prevents dusts and fragments. The start up time of the camera is in second by pressing the power button making it ready for a shot. During playback, the camera will display the images taken on the screen. The playback menu contains chance for editing the pictures, slide show option along with simple functions. For this reason, the WB700 is much faster and ensures high quality presentation with its highly developed functions conforming to the standard of Samsung products.

Samsung WB100 Review

The Samsung has announced the launching of Samsung WB100 with wide-ranging performances and improved presentation. The system is said to make the vision of the user much advanced and clearer. The 26x optical zoom with dual IS conveys intimate subjects much nearer and enables to take the desired shot. With the dual IS, the images are stabilized at the moment of shoot. Hence, it makes the product handy and the pictures can be obtained without shake. The Smart Auto function converts fleeting moments into the camera with professional standards. The Smart auto mode scrutinizes the important features in the formulation and mechanically changes the snaps and movie modes to take the finest snapshots. The object tracking function captures moving images without camera shake. The 720p HD Movie recording facilitates the users to take movies by their creative abilities and increase the skills of camera work. This feature also helps to take quality and stylish videos at 30 frames per second which is much faster as compared with other devices.

The images taken in the WB100 are clearer than the average digital video camera. The live panorama enables to capture apparently never-ending occasions with the help of astonishing 180º panoramic image. The preview of the image taken can be seen in the LCD screen even before snap. The smart filter lens and the color effects at the right side of the display helps to take inventive photographs. The ability of a person in the field of photography can be developed with the backing of WB100 that Samsung offered with modes and settings. Additionally, the Cartoon filter frames any photo similar to an animated film scene whereas the cross filter creates the light sources come into view to have many light points. Other shots provided in the camera are oil painting, zooming shot, half tone dot and many modes to express the innovative capacity of the user. The magic frames contain different background templates that make the pictures antique and give lot of pleasure in photography. The images so reframed can also be shared with opportunity of enjoyment and fun.

The ‘Picture in Picture’ functions permits to combine one image with another for the purpose of capturing completely. Additionally, with the assistance of split shot three different images can be joined to produce a creative work. This function is really funny that the user gets the opportunity to develop his photographic skills and make his pictures more pretty. The system features 3D photography that facilitates to create stills and panorama which are immersive, realistic and impressive. The HDMI code helps to connect the camera to the computer, TV or DVD player making it easy to share. The product costs around Rs.14000 in India which is reasonably priced and worthy for a camera with all-embracing artistic functions. The product is demanded by customers as it gives chance for pleasure and share memorable moments with friends. Likewise, the system is also supportive for professional photographers to expand their horizon in picture making. Hence Samsung has come up with new technology as it always does keeping the satisfaction of the customers.

Samsung WB50F Review

The Samsung has on January 7, 2014 announced the launching of the new compact digital camera Samsung WB50F. The maximum resolution of the camera is 4608 x 3456 with image ratio 4:3 and 16:9. The sensor size of the camera is ½.3” (6.17 x 4.55mm) and CCD sensor type. The ISO resolution of the system ranges from 80-3200 along with 12x optical zoom that produce sharp and clear image. The 4.3-51.6mm lens contains 24-288mm equivalent focal length in 35mm format that are useful under different situations. The maximum aperture of the device is F3.1-F6.3 with Wi Fi connectivity and wireless notes with NFC. The system is incorporated with 3 inch HVGA LCD screen and 460000 screen dots. The different storage types are Micro SD, Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC where the Micro SDXC accepts cards up to 64GB. The product features 16.2 mega pixels, optical image stabilization and smart audio shooting mode. The high definition 720p video at 30 frames per second and soft flash is also notable features.

The optical image stabilization enables the images to remain sharp even taken at longest zoom lens. The 3 inch HVGA LCD screen helps to arrange images and alter settings and functions. The Smart Auto Shooting mode brightly assesses the scene and selects the correct settings that are to be used. The NFC and Wi Fi connectivity also provide different features like remote view finder. The smart mode grants options for developing the color as well as quality of the snaps and videos taken. The system also features photo beam function that provides the user to send images that can be viewed directly with the help of smart phone. The tag and go function permits the user to join with compatible smart phones by touching the two devices easily using auto share, photo beam, remote view finder etc. The Photo Beam functions sends images immediately to smart devices at the time the user views it whereas the auto share store images to the smart phone when the user shoots. The remote view finder regulates the chosen features on the camera with the smart device.

Additionally, the auto share assists to back up all the images taken and Mobile link presents to choose the images that are to be transferred. The SNS, email, Cloud, S/W Upgrade Notifier and Samsung Link are other functions included in the camera. The Live Panorama mode aids to set off panoramic image capture mechanically by spanning the camera from different sides. The camera functions with BP70A rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the product has added the i-launcher software to transfer images to computer. Moreover, various shooting modes available in the camera are action freeze, sunset, landscape, beauty face, fireworks etc. The system weighs nearly 157 grams and measures 101.0 x 68.0 x 27.1mm approximately. The Smart filter provides innovative ability to create amazing snaps and videos. The camera is useful for travelers due to the light weight and ability to capture memorable moments. With its outstanding features and affordable cost, WB50F has attained recognition among the customers and photographers including new users.

Samsung PL210 Review

The Samsung PL210 is the compact digital camera with 10x optical zoom introduced with a view to provide high quality images and excellent presentation. The system consists of 27-270mm focal range along with 14.2 mega pixel CCD sensor. The HD video, face recognition in addition to special filter effects also make the product unique among the users. The special filter effects are added with miniature effect, half tone dot effects, toy camera and sketch. The product is affordable for normal users with good preference for families due to its simple performance and trouble-free auto scene selection. The product is available in attractive pink, blue, silver and black colors. The system could comply with the demands of the customers with advanced features and multi functional settings. The 10x optical zoom drives the lens barrel about 0.5 centimeters which is a peculiar feature of the PL210.

Further, the camera features slim flash as well as auto focus assist bulb that go together with the lens on the front connected with the actions performed at the reverse side. The camera is designed with good hand grip and the back side of the system looks identical with that of a Pentax camera. The product is incorporated with distinctive counterbalance feet that convert the camera tilt back to some extent. The product would be functional for photographers where top part of the head could not be included in the image, but can be adjusted afterwards. The top side of the camera has been incised to provide one-sided edge and the front part of the device has a metal finish inclusive of shiny silver metal strip about the border. The back side is constructed with black plastic and contains two-tier result that complements perfectly with silver. At the back side, the navigation pad is bordered by four buttons out of which three are employed for the purpose of accessing menu.

From the top mode button, other modes like smart auto, dual IS, scene, program and movie can be selected. The scene modes are normal suppositions initiated in numerous digital cameras, apart from some of them that are surrounded with frame and object specification capturing two snap shots in fast succession. Such cameras employ the surroundings of blurred images to keep at the back sharp object from other image. In case of new users, the PL210 is very useful and handy and can work the camera by looking at the snaps and videos composed which in turn alters the functions of the camera as per the picture. The system features four tabs for the purpose of shooting, settings, display and sound. The shooting tab is similar to the function menu whereas the sound tab alters the volume and other areas like beep, start up, shutter and Auto Focus command. In the screen, display functions are provided and can adjust the functions as well as the brightness of the display can also be adjusted. Additionally, the battery used in the Samsung PL210 is the lithium ion battery with the MicroSD card. Other accessories available with the camera are driver CD, rapid start manual, battery, wrist strap and battery charger.

Samsung NX300 Review

The Samsung NX300 is the new flagship compact digital camera introduced by Samsung substituting and almost modeled like the NX210 by adding advanced functions and significant improvements. The body of the system is formulated with metal and angular and sharp edged structure that gives stylish appearance to the system. The product contains 20.3 mega pixel APS-C CMOS sensor along with phase and contrast detection under the Hybrid Auto Focus System and an expanded ISO range of 100 to 25600. The product also features 1080p HD movie recording included with tilting 3.3 inch AMOLED touch screen and Wi Fi connectivity. Another element is the 8.6 frames per second non-stop shooting added with 1/6000 shutter speed. The 3D panoramas and i-Function lens are major peculiarities of the system. The i-function button included with the compatible lenses permits the users to regulate the camera by scrolling on five manual buttons and employing the focus ring to alter the parameters for all settings. The i-Scene lenses priority mode provides to change the depth-of-field and utilize the intelli-zoom function. While pressing the i-Function button, five settings like shutter speed, aperture, intelli-zoom function, exposure compensation and white balance and ISO function can be moved. The product is available in standard black, brown and white colors most suitable for professionals.

The APS-C sized sensor with 15x is larger as compared to Micro Four Thirds system and rivals the image quality apart from other DSLR systems. It contains on-sensor phase detection AF sensor that provides auto focusing system faster and consistent. The camera is made up of metal lens mount giving the product positive impressions due to its build quality. For the proper holding, tactile curved faux leather handgrip has been included. The product measures 122 x 63.7 x 40.7mm making it little bigger than the previous model and weighs about 284 grams. Additionally, the flash is provided by another accessory that slots in to the hot shoe at the top side of the camera. The i-function button is a safe looking button situated at the lens barrel, when pressed the sub menu activates and permits the user to alter them easily by rotating the focus ring. The i-function button gives swift access to different key settings that are best suited to a camera added with electronic view finder.

More to the point, the NX300 uses the in built dust removal system that quivers the sensor 60000 times in a second to get rid of unnecessary specks from coming into view of the pictures. There also contains manual sensor that can be used to clean the images during any point of time. The Smart shoe accepts Samsung flashguns along with other accessories like EVF and GPS unit. Two holes are found at the top of the camera for stereo sound and a tiny dial for setting the shutter speed and zoom the pictures and videos at the time of playback. The system has become very acceptable with its wide-ranging functions added with shooting modes, creative modes that promote innovative photography, Smart Auto system, NFC logo, touch screen interface, Hybrid Auto Focus system and so on.

Samsung EX2F Review

The EX2F compact digital camera was introduced by Samsung with wide range of features that helps to shoot and transfer photos from any locality. The system features f/1.4 aperture that assists to shoot in low light situations and 3.3x zoom permits to plan without interruption. The 3.0” AMOLED swivel display aids to shoot overhead or from the floor level. The system consists of 12.4 mega pixels 1/1.7” BSI CMOS sensor with 24-80mm equivalent lens. The 3.3x optical and 4x digital zoom facilitates to take images in perfect quality. There contains dual optical and digital stabilization added with full HD 1080p video and stereo sound. The extendable ISO sensitivity ranging from 80-12800 and the Wi Fi connectivity functions included in the camera are worth mentioning. The full manual control, the mode dial and the body framed with magnesium alloy are other important features.

The 12.4MP 1/1.7” BSI CMOS sensor needs low light for suitable exposure for better functioning than other sensors. It records images and takes full HD 1080P videos that help to capture the sounds as well. The full HD video recording captures smiling face, ambient sounds and voices in natural mode. The 12.4MP resolution maintains the images with clarity till the extended finish of optical zoom. After the images are taken, it can be transferred to smart devices with the use of Wi Fi connectivity without using the camera. This can be done through Remote Viewfinder applications included with the system. The product is formulated with magnesium alloy for hardy reliability and the light weight makes the camera durable. The front wheel key provides to adjust the functions without difficulty helping to capture all the actions and the dual top dial provides speedy access to different modes. The dual IS image stabilization employs optical and digital stabilization systems as per the situations.

Additionally, the dual capture function provides capture still images while recording video. The complete manual control captures the second that might not be taken in the auto mode. The aperture priority and shutter priority modes help to take quick movements as well as actions and manual control assists to have full control over exposure. The wireless connection and cloud storage options help to store images taken much easily. The auto back up tool permits to transfer photos to the back up computer undamaged. The P/A/S/M dial provides the user to switch between camera modes without complexity and the camera settings can changed easily using this dial. The system features 24-80mm standard Schneider-KREUZNACH zoom lens consisting of 3.3x optical zoom range inclusive of manual shutter speed ranging from 8.0 to 1/2000 seconds. Another notable quality is the bright, revolving 3.0” rear AMOLD display that helps to access the settings of the camera and image information when shooting. Therefore, the camera has been incorporated with extensive maneuvers and settings that make the product exceptional as weighed against other similar products. The product is much constructive and useful for the youngsters who eagerly wait to expose their creative abilities through photography. The Company would definitely manage to keep the needs of the users with different modes and functions incorporated in the camera with a view to satisfy the customers.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 is considered as the third camera introduced by the company in its OM-D series. The system employs 16 mega pixel four thirds sensor added with TruePic VII image processor. The system also feature Wi Fi connectivity and included with high creative options for the budding photographers. The photographer can have some control over shooting settings with the assistance of in built view finder, customizable controls and dual control wheels. The system is the grouping of excellent image quality and systematically organized set of controls that provides passionate DSLR model practice. The product features twin control dials, in built flash and focus peaking. The continuous shooting for 8 frames per second and 1.04M dot tilting LCD touch screen are also noteworthy. The system provides 1.44m dot LCD view finder and Wi Fi that permits remote control and file transfer to mobile phones. The camera also facilitates 3 axis image stabilization with rear screen and capacity to send images easily to the smart devices.

The product is of modest price and provides variety of direct access to exposure settings with the complete twin dial control set up and the touch screen assists to change secondary settings swiftly. The stabilization effectiveness of the camera is 3.5 stops and the maximum shutter speed is 1/4000 seconds. The X-SYNC speed of the external flash is 1/200 seconds and included with movie options up to 1080/30p MOV ranging to 20 Mbps. The battery life of the camera is 320 shots which are less compared to the OM-D E-M5 model. The still image quality of the product is high and auto focus is more accurate compared to other models. The functions are faster and present My Set features attached to the programs in the function button. The software used in the system are improved and included with auto ISO in manual mode. The product is also special due to the small size, body stabilizer, picture quality and other notable characteristics. The device facilitates color versions and low level noise and is of compact sizes that are preferred by new generation photographers.

The micro four thirds enable to prevent shutter vibrations and shutter shocks that are exciting features. The device consists of 3 axis image stabilization system that prevents camera shake. The product had a modernized appearance with round lens release button at the right side of the lens mount. At the top side of the lens vacant flash hot shoe is located with moderately recessed shooting mode dial kept at the left side at rear view. The coin model dial has provided with an adjoining ridged edge for trouble-free purchase. The other facilities presented by the system are aperture priority, scene modes, photo story, shutter priority, manual and video modes along with iAuto mode. Moreover, the Art Filter digital effects are functioned during capture that enables Diorama or Dramatic Tone that helps to preview the images taken. The time lapse photography mode permits to capture more than 900 frames at specified gaps. The user can give direction as to the starting of camera when the camera has to be positioned in advance. The camera in addition contains many functions and settings making it unique among other digital camera with simplicity of use and budget friendly feature.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review

The Olympus OM-D E-M1 is the compact digital camera introduced with multiple functions and high image excellence. The system consists of 16 mega pixels live MOS sensor that helps to mechanically switch between Contrast Detection AF and Phase Detection AF for the purpose of conveying glowing quick auto focus speed irrespective of the lens used. The SWD four thirds lenses works effortlessly and to the complete probability when joined with the OM-D E-M1. The focus peaking as well as magnified focus assist enables the lens with suitable adapter for excellent end results. The AF system features high speed imager with contrast detection and on-chip phase difference detection. The different focus modes consist of single autofocus mode, manual focus mode and continuous auto focus. The system contains full time auto focus with magnified frame auto focus that can be chosen from over 800 auto focus points. The images can be viewed in enlarged form with the use of magnify button and the magnification includes x5, x7, x10 and x14 that can be selected.

Additionally, face detection auto focus and eye detection auto focus are also available in the system. The device is incorporated with AF illuminator manual focus assist where the live view is enlarged while the focus ring revolves. Another feature provided with the system is the peaking function and auto focus tracking. Moreover, the product has a 1/8000 second high speed automatic shutter that permits to freeze fast moving action without camera shake. The OM-D E-M1 contains computerized focal plane shutter with 1/8000-60 seconds. The device is included with high speed sequential shooting quick as 10 frames per second that can be achieved with the application of tracking AF that moves in tandem with the auto focus to go after the theme of the user. The focus and exposure are determined according to the manner and value of the very first shot. More to the point, the users who wish to compose the shots with the help of eye level view finder, the system would definitely be an exposure. The interactive high definition EVF elements provide 2.36 million dot resolution and inspiring 1.4x intensification.

It further gives 29ms image display lag and eye sensor or for mechanical switching in between EVF and monitor. Finally the EVF features spontaneous functionality for real time viewing of the shooting condition. The product is of micro four thirds interchangeable lens system camera with SD memory card. The device is smaller, weightless and easy to carry with updated functions. The dimension of the camera comes around 130.4 x 93.5 x 63.1mm and weighs about 497 grams. The exterior part of the camera is framed using metal in addition to magnesium alloy. The screen size is 3 inches and consists of tilt touch wide LCD monitor with nearly 1037K resolution. The lenses incorporated in the camera contain 32 Olympus lenses and an optional battery grip. Other peculiarities of the camera are GPS function, wireless shooting function, image share function and smart and easy connection. With Photo story function, the photographer can shoot normal and day to day scenes from different viewpoints and join them to single image. Hence, the OM-D E-M1 has become distinctive among digital cameras with its manifold functions, ease of use and handy character.

Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS Review

The Olympus is considered to be the openings of underwater or strong digital camera. The Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS has brought innovative changes as compared to the previous models and has complied with the needs of the new generation photographers. The peculiar features of the system consist of swift zoom lens equivalent to F2.0-4, 9.25-100mm which is one of the advanced functions that are lacking in other tough camera. The product supports conversion lenses and partial manual exposure organization. The product was introduced by Olympus in the earlier periods of 2013 with striking features to the youngsters. The system is water proof and excellent depth rating of 15 meters. The product features 12 effective mega pixels BSI CMOS sensor with sensor shift image stabilization. The 1 inch OLED display with 610000 dot resolution and aperture priority mode is also remarkable. Another specification is that the system is shock proof from 2.1m, freeze proof to -10C and crush proof to 100kg.

The system is added with in built GPS consisting of landmark tagging, logging, compass and manometer. The product enables continuous shooting of 5 frames per second and 1080/30p movie mode inclusive of stereo sound. There also contains tap control for the purpose of camera control while wearing gloves and also facilitates fish eye and telephoto conversion lenses. Yet another special character is the fast 25-100mm lens that supports maximum aperture of F2.0 at wide angle that is much higher compared to other camera with similar features. The fast maximum aperture permits more lights that help to put down the ISO sensitivity keeping the noise level to minimum. The TG-2 also makes possible to perfectly expose shots with the assistance of lower ISO settings that in turn reduces noise and gives excellent image quality. The capacity to add conversion lenses is the special specification of TG-2. The conversion lens adapter included with these lenses permits the use of 40.5mm filters and the lenses can be purchased separately. The photos and videos in the camera that can be seen at a larger size consist of a small magnifying glass icon at the base right corner of the image. When clicking on that particular image it will display large image in the newly opened window.

At the top corner of the system, power button and shutter release button are placed. The rear face of the system consists of the remainder of the camera control and zoom controller is situated at the top. Thereafter video record button, mode dial, play back button, four way controller, select button and at last the menu button are positioned. While performing with active motions there is a chance of accidentally switch camera modes. To avoid this situation, some pressure shall be inserted while rotating jog dials. In addition to the camera, charging cable, AC adapter, camera strap and additional lens cover are available in the kit. The system is reviewed to be fast performing and takes approximately one second to start up and can be used at that second itself. The 5.3 frames per second drive mode shooting helps rapid fire image capture.

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