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Careers began the Creation of Intellectual People

Life of human beings is different in many ways when compared to animals. Apart from satisfying the basic needs like animals a human being is responsible to do certain duties and functions to make his life sustain and meaningful. Man finds several ways to fulfill the basic needs of his life including food shelter and clothing. The word career derived from French word “carriere” and Latin word “cararia”. The former word denotes road or race course and the later means track of vehicles with wheels. According to the definition of Oxford dictionary career means the progress or development of a person through the work he chooses. Normally a person chooses his career with the related jobs in a particular industry. But along with the changes in time career options became multi faceted.

The different ways man finds were the earlier forms of careers. The earlier careers that became the indispensable part of a community or individuals were teaching, business, agriculture, trading and several other jobs that enriched a person’s social and personal life. Today the life of a person is determined by his profession or career. The career he chooses keeps him get along with the life. The basic motive of choosing a career is for the monetary benefit that sustains the life to a certain extent. Today money is a determining factor in almost all aspects in the life. The wealth creation is the prime focus every individual and today there is a vast variety of careers are introduced. Earlier the aim of a student was to secure a job after completing his studies. Currently even students are taking up part time jobs for having an addition income. There are several part time careers that enable the student not only in the making of money but also for his personality development.

During the advent of 20th century the education was given prime importance. Based on the education careers also began to change. Wide options of careers based on educational qualification began to be the determining factor in the selection of careers. The multiple choices in careers or multiple careers began the creation of intellectual classification of careers among people. The educational qualifications enabled a person to choose and craft the life according to the chose careers. The identity of careers with higher quality of education gave the person a respectable position in the society. The skill of selecting the right career and the effort and dedication put in to have a successful career requires a great amount of commitment. The selection of career and its management is an important aspect for every individual who wanted to pursue the career. The utilization of abilities and skills are the most important aspect of career management. A creative career management with relentless hard work and effort makes an individual to have a successful motivating career. There are three essential determining factors of career selection. The theories are objective factor theory that defines rational or realistic attitude of an individual to opt a particular career. The subjective factor theory is little more complex where the individual is pursued by psychological and social factors that help him to satisfy his status and ego in selecting a career. The critical contact theory gives the impression of the field he is working through the contacts in his working environment. The organizations reputation and the employer’s interaction with the person determine the selection of career.

The most modern trend in career is the change of career by the individuals. The more beneficial options are always prompts a person to have a change in his current career. The career support from the working environment and performance of the individuals determine the career stability of a person. Whatever is the chosen career it definitely influence the growth of life of a person.

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