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Cat is a Lovable Pet

Man always wanted company that gives him good support in every thing he does. The support he wants is for different reasons. Some are quite concerned about the mental support in his life style. It quite an astonishing factor that other than company from human beings man finds great amount of solace when he have a pet. People have different kind of domestic pets. The very best friend of man from the animal community is dogs. Not less than or equal to dogs are the cats. Dogs and cats are the closest domestic pets of man. Unlike dogs cats have more freedom in a house. They can roam in and out of a house at any time.

Scientifically domestic cats belong to the category of Felis catus. Cats are always welcome in a household because of its ability to hunts pests and rats. Apart form domestic cats there is a wide variety of cat groups. They are Chinese mountain cat; European wild cat, African wild cat and Arabian sand cat are the other most popular species f cats. The structure and nature of cat is of a hunter. It has sharp claws and canines that help them to hunt its prey. The wild cats are not so different from domestic cats in its nature and appearance. It is more ferocious than the domestic cats while hunting. A wild cannot be tamed like domestic cats. It requires more patience and time to tame a wild cat. Even then they will not adapt absolutely to the domestic life. If a chance is given they will always return to their wild life. But the domestic cats have easy adaptability than wild cats. They will get adapted to wild life very easily like wild cats and can survive in the wild life. Both the wild and domestic cats share several feature including body nature, the texture and color of body fur, body language, playful nature, intimacy with its companions and above all the most important feature of a cat is its intelligence and hunting nature. They catch their prey with great ease than any other domestic animal. There is always an inherent tendency of tameness of wild and domestic cats even though there is a difference taken for taming a domestic and wild cat.

Cats are being domesticated as they are the most capable domestic predators. The rodents, pests or vermin in a house will be easily caught by a domestic cat. Another special feature of a cat is its hygiene. They are quite conscious like human beings to clean themselves. They always prefer clean atmosphere. Cats never dirty the place or house where they are living. The most remarkable feature of a cat is its eyes. The vision of the cat at night is excellent than any other animal. The cat can detect its prey from a very far distance at night. They have lesser vision during day time and at that time they always wanted to sleep at some quite place. In dim light they have extreme bright vision. But they don’t have color vision. They blink their eyes frequently to protect them from damages.  The hearing capability is also very high. They can hear the most sensitive voice from very far distance. They can catch the feeblest frequency from long distance. The frequency change in the atmosphere is easily detected by cats. The smelling capacity is also as excellent as hearing and vision. They detect the change of pheromones through smelling. The whiskers on their face help them to detect objects in darkness. Relating to the tasting ability the cats cannot detect sweetness.

With these capabilities the companion ship with cats is always an amazing relation ship that brings lightness to the mind of cat lovers.

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