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Decorating for Christmas

A festive season is always a time for entertainment and happiness. Despite the barriers of age, a festival brings in joy, energy and enthusiasm in the mind of everyone. For an adult a festive season brings back his childhood that offer only pure happiness devoid of sorrows and anxieties. A short period spent on celebrating a festival no matter what gives a person new hope and love for beginning of a new life, new resolutions ad above all to live as a better person leaving behind all the crisis he had in the past. Every country has its own traditional festivals and celebrations. Among these festivals Christmas is celebrated all over the world with similar thoughts and customs. Preparation for Christmas is in fact a preparation of more than ten months soon after the last celebrated Christmas. In many countries visible preparation for the Christmas begin by the month of November event though people have mentally prepared from last Christmas onwards. Decoration for Christmas is an inevitable custom or tradition observed by people all over the world. Children take part in the Christmas celebration enthusiastically by decorating their homes. Decoration in churches is also an equally important preparation relating to Christmas. Christmas decoration is the spice of the celebration.

Christmas decoration is not complete without the colors. Many of the decorative pieces are colorful and the traditional colors mostly used are green or evergreen color, red and white. Heart red color and snow white colors are core colors used for Christmas decoration. The color of Christmas papa or Santa Clause is always the combination of heart red and snow white colors. Most of the Christmas carol members and members of the church choir use the red and white combination dresses or mixture of red, white and green colors. Next to these traditional colors metallic colors are widely used. Silver, gold and metallic shades of other colors are quite common during Christmas time. Season also have an important role in Christmas decoration. Since Christmas falls during the winter season in December motifs and icons of snowflakes, reindeer, polar bear and penguins are also used as Christmas decorations and gifts.

Next to the colors are the icons or symbols relating to Christmas are the widely used decorative pieces. The icon or statue of Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary other biblical characters including shepherds, Three kings and the angels in different size and shapes are the unique features of Christmas decoration. Competitions are organized for making cribs, putting up of stars and Christmas tress. Christmas tree decoration involves the use of several types of decorative pieces including miniatures of different colored balls, bells, bulbs, Christmas motifs and stars. A Christmas tree might be an artificial one or real Christmas plants. Christmas plants like European Holly, ivy plant, Christmas cactus, red amaryllis are heavily decorated during Christmas time. Another ornamental decoration is the motifs and icons of jingle bells. The world famous Christmas song jingle bells will be sung during the Christmas time. In US the jingle bell song is sung by singing groups in the streets form the month of November onwards indicating the advent of Christmas. Wreath made from conifer branches and Christmas bow at the bottom or top of the wreath with lighting unit of candle in the middle is another attractive Christmas decoration. Candles of different colors and shapes are indispensable part of the Christmas celebrations.

The Christmas decorations are removed in some countries after December 25 or the Christmas Eve. In some European states the Christmas decorations are taken down on twelfth night or on the evening of January 5 or January 6th. A Christmas decoration and the celebrations bring happiness to every person who celebrates it spreading the message of kindness, sharing and above all to love each other.

Christmas Celebration and Christmas Shopping

A celebration is always a time of happiness. All over the world people have celebrations in different ways. Different countries have different cultures and traditions. Most of the celebrations are based on the tradition, culture, custom and life style of the people.  As an exception there are certain celebrations that are celebrated by the people all over the world. Christmas is such a celebration that is celebrated by people all over the world even though it is a traditional Christian religious festival. The birth of Jesus Christ is being memorized and celebrated by the Christmas time. There are regional variations in celebrating Christmas but the essence of Christmas is same every where it is being celebrated. In the European countries where Christian population is higher considers the month of December as the Christmas holiday time. The preparation for the Christmas time starts in the western form the last weeks of November. In most countries Christmas celebration lasts till the month of January.

Churches and Christian houses will start the preparation from the end of the November onwards. There will be religious fasting of 25 days on the beginning of December that will end on the Christmas Eve. During these times Christmas stars will be put on every house. The hanging of stars symbolizes the Christmas star that rose at Bethlehem when Jesus Christ was born. The decoration of houses and churches are an important factor that relates to Christmas. Accessories for the celebration are available during the Christmas shopping time. Christmas shopping time is the peak season for sales of Christmas gifts. The Christmas gift exchange is an inevitable popular tradition that relates to Christmas. Gifts of different things of different size and shapes are available during Christmas season. The retail sector market sales will be higher than any other period during this time. The Christmas gift manufacturing companies and shops targets at the holiday shopping season form the late week of November till the end of January.

In USA Christmas holiday shopping season begins after the Thanks giving day. An average house spent more than $ 1700 or above for Christmas shopping. The greeting and gift cards are most widely being purchased by the people. Next to greeting cards is the Christmas tree decorating accessories. The fancy items wrapped in attractive gift papers of different forms are brought by the kids. The small fancy structures of Christmas trees, balls, stars, bells, decorative lights, Santa clause and other decorative items are the special features of Christmas seasons.  The crib making accessories are the other attraction of Christmas. The statues of Joseph and Mary, shepherds, sheep, stars, angels, crib and baby Jesus Christ are the most sought things during Christmas shopping. Streets and shops will provide extra sales counters and sections exclusively for shopping Christmas things.

The food is another attraction of Christmas time. Christmas cakes and wine are made in large quantities. The preparation of traditional cake and wine begins a month earlier of December. The Christmas food streets will be filled with many types of cakes and wines. Christmas is not completed with a good festive meal. Meat, soup, puddings and other varieties of deserts are the main attraction on Christmas Eve. Street shopping is the main attraction of every Christmas season. Online shopping was begun in the year 2005 and before December 25 the online purchase reaches its peak. The credit card facilities and free gift coupons and cards make the online shopping to have an increased sales graph than any other month of a year. Christmas shopping is indeed an experience that brings joy in every house. A day of Christmas celebration gives memorable bonding within the family and society that makes people to look forward for another joyous time in the forth coming year.

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