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Celebrities Fame and Publicity

Fame is an all time attractive factor for every one. One always wanted to be famous among his crowd or community. Being famous from the respective field of work or choice is an inspiration not only for the person who wants to have fame but also for other people. The most famous or influential person in a society is always given the status of celebrity.  The celebrity status gives the person mass appeal from the general public. There term celebrity is synonymous to the wealth and fame. Wealthy person in a particular area is influential to the general public to a great extent in many ways. They are always in the limelight and sought by the media frequently. They are recognized and accepted by the public or society with extra degree of respect.

There are several fields people are recognized as celebrities. The two particular fields from where celebrities are created is the entertainment industry. The movie and sports stars are the two categories where celebrity status is often given from every sphere of the society. They are accepted from children to adults. Celebrities often have a profile of influence and fascination to the public. Their life style and privacy is always a curiosity for the public. Their wide acceptance is undoubtedly due to their success in their respective careers.  One of the major aspects of the celebrity status classification is that some celebrities are world famous and others are known in a specific country or cultural limit. The culture of one region differs from the other and some celebrity may be popular in one region but need not be necessarily famous in another region. The cultural variations also influence the popularity of celebrities. A celebrity in Hollywood or from a western region is not recognized in a remote Asian or Middle East region and vice versa.

Other aspects are the religious, linguistic and custom variation.

It is always considered as the status of a true celebrity when he is recognized and accepted by the people in a region where he was not known before. Normally holly wood stars belong to this category as they are accepted even by kids from different parts of the world. Next are the world famous political leaders, sport stars and diplomats. There is another category termed as instant celebrities. They are the persons who become celebrities overnight or within a short term. This often happens in the entertainment or political field. Often personalities in the visual media, movies and sports are graded as “A” grade celebrities. Some who caught the attention of media and people due to any occurrence instantly is termed as“B” grade celebrities.

Business leaders, eminent personalities from royal families and aristocrats, professional athletes, top anchors in popular television shows, news readers, news analysts and reality show anchors are the most popular celebrities. In television programs there are anchors who host show in their own names that made the program great success all over the world. The famous Oprah Winfrey show is the best example of mass appeal of celebrity status. In a country like India with wide variety of different cultures the celebrity status also differs according to the culture variation in the entertainment field. Celebrities from the north Indian movies and shows are much popular then the south Indian stars even though there are certain changes occur in this field today where south Indian stars began to make their presence in the national entertainment field.

One of the greatest draw back of being a celebrity is the in-stable nature of popularity. Once the success graph of a celebrity goes down his influence will begin to decrease. When celebrities are born from ordinary people they have to struggle to a great extent to have a steady and smooth graph as a celebrity.

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