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Microsoft MCSA and MCSE Certification

MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) is prevailing mid-ranged credential of IT of Microsoft. It thereby covers job roles that are administrative mainly. It includes system administration both at server and desktop levels. It thereby covers job roles that are specialized mainly. It includes Office 365 and SQL Server.

It professionals who seek proficiency recognition in Microsoft Technology realm certainly will have a desire of obtaining MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification. Holders of MCSE certification have recognition widely in the industry as to possess knowledge, skills and expertise technically needed for performing difficult roles by usage of Microsoft technology.


  • Employers have dependence on MCSE professionals for solving critical problems which need design systems, difficult solutions, and innovative resolutions. This helps in deploying, building, optimizing, operating and maintaining systems based on Microsoft.
  • MCSA is a needed course for all and numerous flavours of MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) credential. It has ruled over the minds and hearts of IT professionals who thereby work in servers and systems that are based on Microsoft. MCSE credentials focus on current technologies for business intelligence, private clouds, databases and others.
  • As with MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), MCSE thereby comes in numerous credential flavours. All of these have been designed for meeting requirements demanded for facing levels advanced of professionals of Microsoft in regularly changing environment of technology of today.
  • MCSE is a credential that is advanced. Foundational skills are developed by MCSA levelled credential needed for MCSE certification. Added to the earning of MCSA preliminary (that takes 2 or 3 exams with subject matter dependence), the MCSE certification seekers should pass 2 or more exams additionally related to focus and expertise area.
  • Besides, prerequisites of MCSA students should take 5 exams for earning MCSEI. Same MCSA is prerequisite for numerous MCSEs. The example may be that Desktop and Server Infrastructure MCSEs both need to pass single MCSA: Windows Server 2012 as 3 exam prerequisite.

Scope and importance-

  • When something related to system administration is asked, lights brightest in the group are the one that does addressing of Windows Server at server administrator and enterprise levels. Microsoft MCSA and MCSE Certification do not use specifically “system administrator” in the descriptions.
  • Many refer instead to servers whilst all fall nicely within system administration responsibilities and roles of jobs. These set of certifications are in high and fair demand in advertisement and postings of jobs and classified jobs.
  • Holders of MCSE certification have many advantages which includes peer recognition, validation and prestige of knowledge and skills technically and expert establishment in technology of Microsoft.
  • Added to these Microsoft MCSA and MCSE Certification has benefits of real time in terms of accessing new promotions and jobs, and to earn potentials. The certification from the period 1994 to 2003 has enjoyed wide spread appeal amongst the Microsoft Certification programs.

Topics of MCSA and MCSE:

MCSA and MCSE: Server Infrastructure, Desktop Infrastructure, Private Cloud, Enterprise Device and Apps, Data Platform, Business Intelligence, Messaging, Communication, and Share Point

Attending exams- 

For MCSA and MCSE credentials:

  • Needed exams are none for MCSA. Prerequisite topics for MCSE is MCSA which includes item combination for earning MCSA
  • Exam number for MCSA:
    • Exam 70-410: Installing and configuring Windows Server 2012
    • Exam 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012
    • Exam 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
  • For MCSE: 4 to 5 exams need to be passed whilst depending on selected and concentration area because some credentials of MCSA need passing 3 exams whilst some need 2 exams passing.
  • Fees for MCSE and MCSA credentials:
    • $150 USD per exam in USA. Exam administration is done at Pearson VUE, variation of prices in accordance to geography is present (application of taxes is present also).
  • Study materials of MCSA and MCSE are: Microsoft Learning has variety of resources being available according to area of specialization which includes Learning Plans recommended, books, exams, classroom training and online courses.

IBM Virtualization Certifications

Being a company and organization with credential programs hugely which provides encompassing to numerous specialized and professionally certified people thereby becoming growing investment technically in technologies of virtualizations, it has been a surprising factor that IBM offers currently certifications which focus in this field.

In the category of credentials, IBM does not call virtualization as credentials. But IBM offers certifications namely Certified Associate Developer and 2 Certified System Expert certifications which takes virtualization as topics primarily.


  1. IBM Certified Associate Developer — Rational Test Virtualization Server V8
  2. IBM Certified Systems Expert — Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i -v1
  3. IBM Certified Systems Expert — Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux – v2

Certification levelled as Developer provides identification to developers and integration testers who possess experience basically of testing and developing services virtually on IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server v8.0.

 IBM provides recommendation to candidates and students to possess practical experience with Rational Test Virtualization Server (integration testing, virtualizing applications and services) and understanding technologies of messaging middleware.

Certification levelled as Expert has entire focus on IBM technology of virtualization for managing, implementing and designing environments of virtualization. Students who are qualified plan environments virtualized from inception initially through maintenance, installing, and selecting apt technology of virtualization for meeting important situations and needs.

Students must know requirements of storage for environments virtualized and possess abilities of dealing with migration from runtime to conventional environments virtualized. Recommendation of IBM to candidates is that Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i -v1 must have 3 to 5 experience years or for Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux – v2 must have 12 to 18 months.

IBM is presently doing big betting generally on cloud computing and particularly on virtualization. Meaning of this is that organization and company may introduce more certifications on virtualization in near future or so.

Attending exams-

Needed courses-

  • Developer — Rational Test Virtualization Server V8:
  • Students must take Virtualization with Rational Test Virtualization Server course and Introduction to Rational Integration Tester course.
  • No prerequisites for Expert certifications.

Exams number-

  • Developer — Rational Test Virtualization Server V8:
  • Test C2140- 825- Rational Test Virtualization Server V8 (Pass mark- 60%, 60 minutes)
  • Expert — Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i -v1:
  • Test C4040-121- Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i -v1 (Pass mark-56%, 90 minutes)
  • Expert — Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux – v2: Any 1 must be passed
  • Test C4040-109 — Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux – v2 (60% pass mark, 90 minutes, 58 questions)
  • Test C4040-104- AIX 6.1 Administration (60% pass mark, 90 minutes, 58 questions)
  • Test C4040-221-AIX 7 Administration (60% pass mark, 90 minutes, and 72 questions)
  • Fees- $200. Variation of prices according to geography is done.

Topics and scope and importance-

IBM Certified Systems Expert – Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i -v1 and for AIX and Linux-v2

  • 3-4 years experience designing and managing highly virtualized systems
  • Expert skills with HMC, VIO Server, IVM
  • Strong knowledge of FSP concepts and skills
  • Strong experience designing virtualized systems, including IBM i hosting other operating systems [such as AIX and Linux] in addition to hosting IBM i
  • Strong understanding of SAN concepts
  • Strong knowledge of the Power Systems family of servers, relevant I/O features, and external storage appropriate to the situation
  • Familiarity with System Planning Tool (SPT) and its uses
  • Strong networking skills, relative to IBM i hosting IBM i partitions and virtual networking used in VIO server to client partitions.

Topics, and scope and importance:

IBM Certified Associate Developer-Rational Test Virtualization Server V8

  • 12-18 months planning, designing, implementing, supporting, and troubleshooting solutions which leverage IBM virtualization technologies.
  • Strong experience with the full complement of PowerVM capabilities at all Edition levels
  • Experience managing and administering virtualized environments on IBM Power Systems servers, especially POWER7-based technologies
  • Understands SAN concepts at a high level and can communicate storage requirements effectively.
  • Has strong Ethernetworking experience and understands High Availability concepts.
  • Completion of recommended education
  • Earn prerequisite System Administration (test #104)
  • Achieving the Enterprise Technical Support certifications is strongly recommended.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ Certification is vendor-neutral, well respected security certification because maximum and more than 250,000 holders of this certificate are held by numerous students across numerous countries around the world.

The certification holders of this credential are recognized as being to possess broad knowledge, expertise and superior skills technically in numerous disciplines that are related to security.


  • The successful candidates who go for Security+ certification which is an entry level certification should possess 2 years of experience in Network security. These candidates should first go for network security credential. The various areas of certification for these network security professionals are security infrastructure, security risk identifications as well as mitigations, identity management, organizational systems, network access control and cryptography.
  • The knowledgeable professionals are designated in the field of IT security which is amongst the leading fields of IT. CompTIA Security+ Certification has been approved by Department of Defense in US in order to meet the needs of technical information assurance and credentials of management.
  • A single exam of Security+ certification is having the cost of $293 USD with discounts for those companies who are members of CompTIA. This is inexpensive relatively. Training is adequately available, but is not mostly required.
  • If a person is credited with this credential before January 1st, 2011, he does not need recertification. For those candidates who are accredited after 2011, January 1st, re-accreditation is required every 3 years. The person to re-accredit requires passing 50 education units which are continuing and CEUs before the 3 year term passes by. CEUs are obtained by doing a series of activities like publishing white papers or articles, blogging, conference events participation, teaching and other activities.

Scope and importance-

Why this certification is needed-

  • It has got approval from U.S Department of Defense for meeting IA management and technical requirement of certification
  • It has been chosen by staff professionals at General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman, Prestariang Systems Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia), Hitachi Information Systems (Japan), U.S. government contractors such as CSC
  • It has to be updated in all 3 years and it is part of CompTIA Continuing Education program

Job Titles are as follows-

  • Security Consultant
  • IA Technician or Manager
  • Security Engineer
  • Network Administrator

Attending exams:

Needed courses-

  • No prior courses are required for this certification. Before taking the certification the aspirant has to have 2 years of prior experience in administration of Information Technology with a focus on security especially in the network domain.
  • Fees- $293 USD
  • 90 questions maximum are asked. Time duration is 90 minutes. Pass mark -750 on range of 100 to 900. Performance-based and multiple choice question type are asked.
  • Experience recommended is 2 years minimum experience in administration of IT having a focus on IT security. Languages required are initially English and different languages may follow.
  • Code of exam is SY0-401.The local representative can be contacted for discounts academically. The materials of study are objectives of exam, questions of sample exam, training based on computer, study guide comprehensive ($50), kits of training and CertMaster training tool online. Voucher is bought.
  • The date of retirement is SY0-301 and JK0-018 exams in English retired December 31, 2014. All the exams which are non-English will retire on 1st April, 2015.


  • Introduction to Security
  • Computer Systems Security
  • OS Hardening and Virtualization
  • Application Security
  • Network Design Elements and Network Threats
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Securing Network Media and Devices
  • Physical Security and Authentication Models
  • Access Control Methods and Models
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Encryption and Hashing Concepts
  • PKI and Encryption Protocols
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  • Policies, Procedures, and People
  • Compliance and Operational Security
  • Applications, Data and Host Security

IASA’s Certified IT Architect (CITA) Certification

Groups called International Association for all IT Architects (IASA) provides operation to credential program of multiple levels called CITA (Certified IT Architect) credentials thereby comes in Associate, Specialist, Foundation and Professional designation.

  • CITA-F: Certified IT Architect Foundation
  • CITA-A: Certified IT Architect Associate
  • CITA-S: Certified IT Architect Specialist
  • CITA-P: Certified IT Architect Professional


  • Credential of CITA-S Specialization thereby involves broad credentials of 2 person’s process. It includes documentation written in review advanced, a presentation of 30 minutes and examination orally and board review defense.
  • Credential of CITA-P Specialization thereby involves written submission that is lengthy in review advanced, a presentation of 30 minutes and examination orally and review defense from 3 person board which thereby includes a moderator. These students have mentor being assigned well in advance who works together with students for helping them in preparation for review of board.
  • Program of CITA provides presentation of great opportunities for students and candidates who want to seek ladder of credentials well- defined such that they climb routes of greatness of IT architecture. These above set of credentials pick from foundational levels and go up to senior architectural status. This makes IT architects go aboard very easily while they search for community culture and active membership going with their credentials.

Attending exams-

Needed courses:

  • CITA-F: Architect Core Training Course
  • CITA-A: Business Technology Strategy training course + 1 specialization course
  • CITA-A, CITA-S, CITA-P: Need certifications from levels that precede
  • Exam number:
    • CITA-F: 1 exam
    • CITA-A: 2 exams
  • CITA-S and CITA-P: no exams, Board Review and written application
  • Fees:
    • CITA-F: $2000 USD training course, $300 USD exam
    • CITA-A: $2185 each for 2 training courses (registration) or $2900 USD 1 course; $600 USD each for 2 exams
    • CITA-S: For review and registration $1200 USD
    • CITA- P: For review and registration $2000 USD

Topics and scope and importance:

CITA-F: CITA-Foundational

This credential is being supported by IASA Architect Core Training. CITA-F tests and focuses on knowledge of architect of “5 Pillars of Architecture” namely

  • Business technology Strategy
  • Human Dynamics
  • Design
  • Quality Attributes
  • IT Environment

The above are 5 foundational supporting architectural skills. The credential is standard industrially. It is only credential which leads to process structured for gain of skills needed as architect practicing. This was introduced by IASA Board Of Education. It is board internationally of practitioners of architect independently. It has multiple –choice exams designed for ensuring architects understanding and knowledge of IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK).

CITA-S: CITA-Specialist

The CITA-S is supported by IASA Specialist Training program. To earn CITA-S credential provides validity of your experience as globally levelled IT architect and thereby prepares candidates for CITA-P credentials. CITA-S is vendor agnostic and technology agnostic.

To reflect one’s his career, to defend against particular skill set in front of peer panels truly distinguishes you from being an architect professionally. Added to these, while receiving credential of CITA-S grants accessibility to community globally of architects’ professional’s thereby providing opportunities of networking, sharing knowledge and debating with thought leaders of industry network.

Board certification of CITA-S has been approved by IASA Board of Education. It is an international board of practitioners independently in 2013. The credential was meant for addressing career and certification level gap between CITA-A and CITA-P.

CITA-S architects are certified in specializations

  • Software
  • Infrastructure
  • Information
  • Business

Mostly all CITA-S students have 5 to 8 years experience as architect

CITA-A: CITA-Associate

 Credentials include questions taken from courses namely:

  • Business, Technology and Strategy Course
  • Specialization course

CITA-P: CITA-Professional

This credential enhances capability and credibility of successful students and provision of assurance to company employers that CITA-Ps has abilities of leading and practicing large programs and projects.

  • Business Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Software Architecture

These set of certifications are brilliant and go a long way in establishing the superiority of the person holding them. They also are extremely helpful in getting desired promotion in the organization and they are also helpful in getting an onsite opportunity.

GCFA and GCFE Certifications

The company behind GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) program is SANS. It is regarded highly and well-respected player in field of information security generally. SANS researches and teaches in the area.

 It gives provision to breaking news, working industry and group organizations, operation of service of security alert, serves all government kinds, academic and research of task forces of information security.


The forensic certification of organization includes levelled as intermediary GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) and more senior levelled GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA). This credential provided by SANS topics enjoys reputation strongly in community of information security because of its instructors who are highly powered.

But there is candidate recommendations offered during, after or before conferences of SANS which are held in USA at good intervals. Both GCFA and GCFE focuses on computer forensics in incident response and investigation context. It also focuses on knowledge and skills that is required for analyzing and collecting data from Linux and Windows computer systems in the activities courses.

Students should have necessary abilities, skills and knowledge for conducting handling of incidents advanced, investigations of incidents formally. It includes dealing with external and internal breaches of data, intrusions, persistent threats that are advanced, knowledge of techniques of anti-forensics and documenting, building digital advanced forensic cases.

Most SANS GIAC certifications need validity of 4 years. Students can be recertified by re-attempting exams or to earn 36 CPEs. Added to these, certificate holders pay credential maintenance fees of $399 USD for each 4 years. Program of SANS GIAC does encompassing of 30 credentials of information security across broad disciplines and topics range.

Attending exams-

Needed courses-

  • Course recommended for GCFE: FOR408: Windows Forensic Analysis
  • Course recommended for GCFA: FOR508: Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response
  • $5350 USD for each training course
  • Exam number-
  • 1 exam per certification (3 hours, 115 questions)
  • GCFE: Pass mark 71%
  • GCFA: Pass mark 69%
  • Fees: $1049 USD for no training. Attempts of recertification:  $599 USD

Topics of GCFE:

  • Browser Forensics
    • The individual will demonstrate a solid understanding of Browser Forensics
  • Digital Forensics Fundamentals
    • The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of forensic methodology, key forensics concepts, and identifying types of evidence on current Windows operating systems.
  • Evidence Acquisition, Preparation and Preservation
    • The candidate will demonstrate understanding of evidence chain-of-custody and integrity, E-discovery concepts, evidence acquisition and preservation, and the tools and techniques used by computer forensic examiners.
  • File and Program Activity Analysis
    • The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of how the Windows registry, file metadata, memory, and file system artefacts can be used to trace user activities on suspect systems.

GCFA topics-

  • File Carving and Data Extraction
    • The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of stream-based data carving and extraction, using tools like those contained in The Sleuth Kit.
  • File system Structure and Analysis
    • The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of FAT and NTFS file systems, and the ability to recover and analyze evidence from file system layers, including the data storage layer, metadata layer, and filename layer.
  • Forensic Image Acquision, Preservation, and Handling
    • The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of how and when to collect, document, and handle logical and physical images from file systems for the purpose of performing evidence analysis, and how to preserve evidence integrity.

Scope and importance-

  • GCFA credentials is for those professionals who work in fields of incident response, computer forensics and information security. This credential focus on key, core and important skills needed for analyzing and collecting data from Linux and Windows systems of computer.
  • GCFA gives certification to students having abilities, knowledge and skills for conducting investigations of incidents formally and handling scenarios of incidents advanced which includes external and internal breach intrusions of data, techniques of anti-forensic, threats that are persistent and advanced that are used by difficult cases of digital forensics and attackers.
  • GCFE credentials are for those professionals who work or are interested in law enforcement, information security and legal aspects and industries who have requirement to know analysis of computer forensics. Credential focus on important skills needed for analyzing and collecting data from Windows systems of computer.

CPHIT, CPEHR, CPHIE, and CPORA Certifications

Health IT Certification LLC is professional organization’s name which thereby provides credentials and training for the professionals who have been charging with management, planning, implementation and selection of electronic health records (EHR) combined with health information technology (HIT). The candidates are also involved with management and creation of health information exchanges (HIE).

Candidates certify along with Health IT credentials in areas of EHR, HIE, HIT and ORA (operating rules administration). All of these are associated exam and body of knowledge. Topics are available but they are not needed for earning the credential.


These numerous credentials have ambition towards numerous IT roles for supporting management and acquisition of internal information inside organizations of healthcare for all HIT and EHR activities related, and amongst numerous players in arena of healthcare(government agencies, insurance companies and institutions) for activities of HIE.

The industries, companies, agencies and organizations list all individuals certified by their names on their websites. Over 1000 names are counted on this list. There is inclinations for viewing such transparency and disclosure as being signs of well-run, professional and serious certification for organizations.

  • Certified Professional in Health Information Technology (CPHIT)
  • Certified Professional in Electronic Health Records (CPEHR)
  • Certified Professional in Health Information Exchange (CPHIE)
  • Certified Professional in Operating Rules Administration (CPORA)

Attending exams-

  • Needed courses-
    • No particular experimental or educational requirements are present. There is recommendation that candidates either possess experience of healthcare with plans of participating in HIE, HIT, EHR and ORA implementation/acquisition, operations and use or have experience of information system with intended deployment, acquiring and assistance of healthcare organizations of ORA, HIT, HIE or EHR.
  •  Training of curriculum ranges from $1295 to $1695 for numerous groups. Discounts are available for 3 or more candidates from similar organizations taking similar program. Student discounts prices are also present online.
  • Exam number- 1 exam for each certification
  • CPHIT, CPEHR, and CPHIE: 2 hours, 70% pass mark, 100 questions
  • CPORA: 1.5 hours, 70% pass mark, 80 questions
  • Fees: Variation of prices which depends on packages and discounts
  • Holders of credentials meet requirement of continuous education on 2 year cycle. Annually $100 fees of membership is assessed


CPEHR topics- 

  • Overview of Health IT
  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Health IT
  • Goal Setting and Benefits Realization for Health IT and Change Management
  • Change Management & Workflow for Health IT
  • Data Management
  • Patient Safety: CPOE, e-Rx, and BC-MAR
  • PHRs & Care Coordination
  • Interoperability
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Electronic Document Management Systems

CPHIT courses-

  • HIT Technology, Privacy and Security
  • Principles of HIT Project Management
  • Managing HIT ROI
  • HIT System Selection
  • HIT Implementation and Support
  • Health Information Exchange

CPHIE topics-

  • HIE Architectures
  • Data Stewardship
  • Personal Health Records
  • Telehealth and Home Monitoring
  • Nationwide Health Information Network

CPORA topics-

  • Overview of Operating Rules, Regulations, and Implementation Strategies
  • Eligibility and Claims Status Operating Rules
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Operating Rules and Standards
  • Operating rules and Standards Under Development per ACA and the Future

Scope and importance-

  • The dependence of credentials value is particularly on marketplace. The employers have provided recognition to Health IT credentials by means of sending employee teams and by ways of sending new employees that are being added to those who have credentialed previously.
  • Many candidates and students find both credential and knowledge for validating their proficiency and mastery of (BOK) body of knowledge for showing and demonstrating this understanding to others.
  •  HIT describes application spectrum broadly that is supported by IT which provides improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of health care. CPHIT program has its focus on provision of appreciation for HIT spectrum broad which includes implementing, planning and selecting EHR and different applications of IT.
  • CPEHR program thereby helps in identifying ways for achieving values, improving adoption, enhancing path of migration and addressing specifically e-prescribing.  CPHIE program helps in enhancing and developing usage of HIE. There is content focus on personal health records and telehealth.
  • CPORA program helps for maintaining, planning and managing enhanced management of revenue cycle through effective use and adoption.

CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

Certifications of CompTIA have high respects and serves often as needed courses for different programs of certifications. CompTIA Mobility+ has its gearings towards mobility engineers and architects, security professionals and network administrators, who provide support, implementation and management to environment of mobility.

The exam singly covers network infrastructure, over-the-air technologies (cellular, RF, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), troubleshooting, security and management of mobile device. As same as CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, the CompTIA Mobility+ certification needs students having broad understanding of numerous subtopics.


  • To have skills in and knowledge of OSI model, bandwidth, antennas, strategies of security mitigation, lifecycles, protocols, policies, theory of propagation, testing, device interoperability, testing, quality of service and encryption.
  • This certification is credential serving as a foundational course which has been used for moving to high levelled credentials in different types of field of networking with grasp soundly of networking mobile troubleshooting techniques and best practices.
  • The credential has its validity for 3 years. Holders of certification maintain and keep the skills up-to-date by ways of education continuing with no requirement of retaking the exam that is current.  The credential covers skills and knowledge needed for capabilities of research and understanding numerous aspects and mobile devices of technologies of over-the-air.
  • This credential gives identification to those IT professionals who can provide management, deployment, supporting and integrating a mobile environment thereby ensuring measures of security that is proper which are for platform and device maintenance for mitigating threats and risks.

Attending exams-

  • There are no needed courses for exam. There is recommendation that candidates must have an experience of 18 months in environment of mobility. There is strong encouragement provided to those candidates who possess 12 months of experience in networking field and they must also possess credential of CompTIA Network+
  • Exam number: 1 exam namely MB0-001: CompTIA Mobility+ exam
  • Fees are $261 USD. Exam is administered through Pearson VUE
  • Questions asked: 100
  • Time duration: 90 minutes
  • Multiple choice questions are asked
  • Pass mark: 720 on scale of 100 to 900
  • In Japanese and English the exam is conducted to candidates

Scope and importance-

  • Students can differentiate themselves as proficient, bonafide and efficient in issues of mobility
  • Technology experts in mobility is hot IT job ranked #4 in accordance with InfoWorld
  • Respondents nearly of 44% to survey of CompTIA is noted as skills gap for mobility security
  • It is a very good certification. IT professionals after doing this certification get promotions, hike and handsome salary and other benefits also .they get onsite opportunities with a very wide range of salary. Different avenues get opened for them. They are highly skilled and expertise individuals. So they get very high position in their respective areas.
  • Candidates have numerous advantages of study with materials of CAQC (CompTIA Approved Quality Content) programs that include the following:
    • All objectives of exam are covered completely
    • Principles of instructional designs are importantly implemented
    • Reviews instructionally which helps candidates in judging their readiness and comprehension of learning for exam of credential
    • Training materials of CAQC has its review by experts of industry which ensures in meeting requirements of exacting and strict standards of quality
    • Material of training of CAQC seals undergoes approval processes rigorously for confirming that work thereby meets necessary practical labs, standards of language and objectives of exam.
    •  Educational institutes, organizations of training and students recognize logo of CAQC as trademark of quality of materials of CompTIA Mobility + certification
    • Study guides and books are reviewed by ProCert Labs through CAQC:
  • This certification has usage of independent 3rd party namely ProCert Labs for reviewing content of all partners
  • ProCert Labs develop standards of assurance of quality or curriculum and courseware products that has its basis on modern theory of instructional design and correlation of exam objectives
  • Ever since 1998 ProCert Labs have refined progression of unique processes for establishment of unprecedented acceptance and credibility


  • Over-the-air technologies-
  • Compare and contrast different cellular technologies-
  • Given a scenario, configure and implement Wi-Fi client technologies using appropriate options-
  • Bluetooth, PAN, 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac (Relevant operating frequencies)
  • Compare and contrast RF principles and their functionality-
  • RF characteristics (frequencies), Modulation (Bandwidth and Wavelength)

Citrix Virtualization Certifications

A long history of services and servers for remote access Citrix is the leader of virtualization in the market. Citrix virtualization certifications have increased their values in the last 4 to 5 years as also the virtualization market has become more lucrative.

The apps and the desktop category focus on Xen Desktop. The Citrix Mobility category is catching up fast delivering more and more certifications on Xen Mobile for the next year.


  • The Citrix Virtualization certifications are the Citrix Certified Expert, the Citrix Certified Professional and the Citrix Certified Associate.
  • The data centre operation is more popular in regards to Citrix Virtualization certifications. The expertised virtualization certification like CCA-AD, CCP-AD, and CCE-AD are of vital importance in the modern day scenario.
  • The Citrix Certified Associate- Apps and Desktops (CCA-AD) is the entry level credentials for Virtualizations. Troubleshooting, maintaining, monitoring and managing are the various tasks carried out in preview of the CCA-AD.
  • The Citrix Certified Professional-Apps and Desktops (CCP-AD) is the next higher level of Virtualization. Here scaling, deploying, building and optimizing are the important and valid tasks carried out.
  • The Citrix Certified Expert-Apps and Desktops (CCE-AD) are the still higher version of Virtualization Certifications. Here architecting, designing, and assessing are the major tasks.

Attending exams-

  • The cost per exam is USD 200 dollars -1Y0-200
  • The cost per exam is USD 300 dollars each for 1Y0-300, 1Y0-400
  • The CCA-AD has 1 exam, 1Y0-200- Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam
  • The CCP-AD has 1 exam, 1Y0-300- Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam
  • The CCE-AD has 1 exam, 1Y0-400- Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam

Topics for CCA-AD are as follows-

  • Understanding XenDesktop 7.6 and XenApp communication, architecture and components
  • Delegating management and administration licenses
  • Managing the XenDesktop and XenApp infrastructure
  • Delivery groups and machine catalogs are managed and created
  • Management of StoreFront
  • Profiles of end-user and policies are managed and created
  • Managing end users, sessions and sites with Director
  • Management of printing
  • Management of services of provisioning

Topics for CCP-AD are as follows-

The students are provided with the skills which is requires in order to deploy successfully the Citrix hosted application. The desktop virtualization solution according to Windows Server 2012 R2 environment is also taken care of. The aspirants learn how to enable the environment of the Citrix components like XenServer, XenDesktop, Citrix License Server, MCS, PVS, Personal vDisk, StoreFront, NetScaler (ICA Proxy, Load Balancing, Endpoint Analysis), and Citrix Receiver. When the course completes the aspirants can build and deploy a XenDesktop 7.6 application starting from scratch for both external and internal stakeholders. The XenDesktop resources can be successfully handled.

Topics for CCE-AD are as follows-

The topics give provision for students with abilities for successfully designing and assessing desktop solution and XenDesktop 7 app that has its basis on top core architectures and projects that majority of customers of Citrix do implementation around numerous use cases and industries. Candidates also possess opportunities of building designs for organization of theirs thereby having accessibility of all materials of reference and tools needed for supporting work of theirs.

Preparation for this credential-

The topics given prepare students for Designing XenDesktop 7 Solutions exam which is needed examination for credential namely Citrix Certified Expert –Virtualization.

Scope and importance-

  • The Citrix technology is credible and popular in the data center operations and the data center domain. The IT professionals who work in the data center domain are highly expertise and have high degree of experience as regards to advancement in technology.
  • The Virtualization Certification credential is in steady and high demand because these set of certifications not only raise the knowledge levels of the aspirants but also enable them to get a thorough hike and promotion in the respective industry.
  • These set of certifications are wonderful in terms of the quality of projects undertaken by the aspirants. The certifications also help them to climb up the corporate ladder at a very fast pace.

W3Schools Web Certifications: HTML, CSS, Javascript and more

Being a proponent and fan of W3 or World Wide Web Schools content and website for time duration of being present in more decades around, students became thrilled when there was beginning of full- blown offering of program of certification.

Students like W3Schools Web Certifications: HTML, CSS, Javascript and more because their material offerings are well-researched, presented, free and latest. This means that you freely study, give payment of only $95 on each topic for taking exams that are associated.

Students can little or much time for preparing for examination as is liked by candidates themselves. Candidates have only to see pocketbook when they decide of being ready for attending the exams.


W3Schools have abilities of offering good deals as they being had refining and developing content for a long time now. The reason is also that they have no workings with Prometric or Pearson VUE for offering exams that are proctored. In place of that they have delivering of examinations through web. They count on quantity and quality of questions for separating the students who possess skills and knowledge from the students who do not possess expertise and understandings of the topics without environment of secure heavy-duty testing.

This makes credentials of W3Schools to be at a disadvantageous position than other advantageous programs that are costly and expensive. But these certifications are probably great ways of getting started to matter of subject for developing confidence, knowledge and skills for chasing other web related heavy-duty credentials. For sweetening deals, students get 1 free exam re-take for every exam for which you have paid.

W3Schools have departure offerings from those that are recommended to readers but that’s an organization students have worked with around and in for a long time now (for a decade now). Students these days rely on accuracy and quality to deliver web based information and training. It will not cost you too much. In its place it will helps you in learning and getting experience of things you should know.

Scope and importance-

  • These certifications are perfect solutions for those busy IT professionals who have requirements of balancing career building, family and work.  By the ways of these credentials one can study without cost. He can study at that time duration when there is convenience time for him.
  • He can study from his personal computer or his own computer. He can finish and complete his studies in fewer time frames that may be in few weeks time duration. He can complete his graduation over Internet.
  • These W3Schools Web Certifications: HTML, CSS, Javascript and more are a set of wonderful certifications. Aspirants get hire and promotion on the basis of this set of certifications.

Attending exams for HTML, CSS, and Javascript-

  • The HTML, CSS and Javascript Examinations are taken with the Internet, at any preferable location and time. But examination must have its supervision by that person who has been selected by student of exam.
  • 70 true/false or multiple choice questions are asked.
  • Time duration is 70 minutes.
  • Pass mark- 75% correct answers for getting certified.
  • Students having 95% correct answers get notation of Excellency Degree in addition to the certificate.
  • After completion of exam you get information about your marks and fail/pass status.
  • In case you fail you can re-attempt exam. Better results will be counted.
  • In case you get status of certification, W3Schools will provide shipment to Developer Certificate of HTML, CSS and Javascript. This document contains candidate’s personal data which acknowledges their status as Certified HTML, CSS and Javascript Developer.


For all credentials sought, there must be strong, fundamental and solid knowledge of following courses is desired:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): CSS1 and CSS2
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): HTML 4.01 and HTML5
  • Javascript and HTML DOM
  • jQuery
  • PHP and SQL (MySQL)
  • ASP (Active Server Pages)
  • SQL (the Structured Query Language)
  • ADO (Active X Data Objects)

VMware Virtualization Certifications

If a company’s total business has its centring on virtualizations, virtual machines and hypervisors, then there should not be any surprising factors as to that multi-tiered VMware credential program leads the hit list and has been ranked 5 in the hit list.

VMware has dominating factors that surrounds the total market space of virtualization.  It presently offers credentials half-dozen which have got global recognition and are sought greatly and highly. Aspirants can be levelled as Associate, Professional, Expert and Advanced Professional in VMware program. It is split amongst data center virtualization, network virtualization, desktop virtualization (end-user computing) and cloud by focusing typically.


A ladder of certification is formed by VMware credentials. In this senior levelled certifications need that students must acquire lateral and sometimes low levelled certification as prerequisites. Example can be said as VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) credentials need VMware Certified Professional (VCP) credentials and VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certifications need 1 or more VCAPs.

 VCDX merges essentially sub-credentials in silo that is given, thereby imposing application process extra for documenting on-the-job experience and knowledge. All VMware certifications are regarded highly and worth both pursuit and consideration. Latest VMware Professional 5 – Data Center Administration (VCAP5-Certified Advanced-DCA) is thereby remaining most popular and sought-after certification in this set.

  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) – Cloud and Data Center
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)- Cloud Admin, Data Center Admin, Desktop Admin, Cloud Design, Data Center Design, Desktop Design
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP and VCP5) – Cloud, Desktop and Data Center
  • VMware Certified Associate (VCA) – Cloud, Workforce Mobility and Data Center

Scope and importance-

VMware Virtualization Certifications provides following benefits to aspirants and students:

  • Recognizing technical skills and knowledge
  • Great opportunity for making advancement in career
  • There is provision of transcripts officially
  • There is provision of usage of logo of certification
  • There is accessibility to exclusive logo and portal merchandise store which is VCAP, VCDX, VCA, VCP
  • Students are invited to attend beta classes and beta exams
  • Students get discounts from VMware Press
  • Admission is discounted to events of VMware
  • There is availability of VMware Workstation complimentary license (for innovative and new certifications of VCP5-DCV)
  • There is availability of free shirt of polo for credentials in VCDX levels
  • There is availability of support of press release for credentials in VCDX levels
  • There is availability of bio-featuring in VCDX Directory for credentials in VCDX levels

Attending exams-

  • Required courses-
    • For credential holders which upgrades from later [V4] to present [V5] VMware versions, credentials students should finish official classes of VMware for earning permission in taking related exam of credential. These classes run 3 to 5 days at $500 each day.  Some credentials need students for having different credentials also.
  • Exam number: 1 exam for 1 VMware certification typically after meeting needed courses and prerequisites.
  • Fees: $225 to $290 USD
  • Price varies according to geography. Therefore students must check website for latest prices.
  • VCDX’s application fees is $300 USD and defense fees is $900 USD


  • Data Center Virtualization
    • VCA-DCV
    • VCP5-DCV
    • VCAP5-DCA
    • VCAP5-DCD
    • VCDX5-DCV
    • Cloud
    • VCA-Cloud
    • VCP-Cloud
    • VCP6-Cloud
    • VCAP-CID
    • VCAP-CIA
    • VCDX-Cloud
  • End User Computing
    • VCA-WM
    • VCP6-DT
    • VCP5-DT
    • VCAP-DTA
    • VCAP-DTD
    • VCDX-DT
  • Network Virtualization
    • VCA-NV
    • VCP-NV
    • VCIX-NV
    • VCDX-NV

These VMware Virtualization Certifications are wonderful certifications and go a long way in promoting intellectual growth. The aspirant can go for hikes and promotions in the field of their job. There is availability of evolution of systems by the introduction of new features and services. This credential runs a top-notch credential program for a decade now. This certification has enjoyed broad recognition in organizations.

The quality and integrity of certification is high in job market. The credential is well-developed and ensures relevance to IT professionals of today. The credential has its basis on best practice with knowledge and skill recognition in the area of VMware Virtualization intended. It is internationally recognized.

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