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Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.5 Certification

PHP is immensely popular and powerful language of scripting at server-side which designs producing web page dynamically and thereby supporting interactions that are web-based of different kinds along with users.

Produced and edited by PHP Advisory Board members (experts who help in developing exam), guide thereby covers the ways by which delivery of exam is done, knowledge of important topics and subtopics which also includes many mock questions for practicing purpose.


  • It has workings by usage of instructions embedded with HTML which has interpretation factors by pre-processors. It is built into runtime environment of web server which includes CLI (command line interface) and standalone GUI (graphical user interface). PHP has its availability for most free and popular platforms of web server and operating systems.
  • Zend Technologies has its basis in Israel. It offers implementations mostly and popularly of PHP. This is main 5th version called PHP 5. The above mentioned company stands backing Zend Certified Engineer for credentials of PHP. This also seeks for knowledgeable programmers of PHP and identification of competent programmers for version of PHP 5.5 Zend Engineer.
  • To earn this credential needs to pass 1 demanding exam which covers syntax, data types and language of PHP combined with supporting for web features, web-based output/input and different OOP (object-oriented programming) techniques and topics on security.
  • A Zend PHP credentials is standard that is recognized widely in the industry for expertise in PHP. It is distinction measure which is used by employers for evaluating employees that are prospective. You can join numerous professionals of PHP who receive certification officially and have been recognized for their expertise in PHP. These days there are offering of Zend Certified PHP Engineer Certification based on PHP 5.5.

Attending exams-

  • Company offers preparation guides online, webinars and information. Added to this preparation books of exam are having their availability from aftermarket. Amazon must be checked. Skills of PHP are in high demand which thereby makes this particular credential worthwhile reasonably for maintaining and acquiring.
  • No prerequisites. 1 exam is to be answered. Fees are $195 USD. Zend credentials have eligibility of reimbursement under GI bill.
    The Study Guide of PHP gives provision to resource excellently for pre-testing the skills of yours thereby guiding you towards the ultimate goal of yours to become Zend Certified PHP Engineer. It helps the students in confirming that students are prepared fully for PHP exam. It does area identification as to that students require more time to study before taking topics identified.
  • Zend PHP Certification Study Guide gives provision to preparation thoroughly and comprehensively tools for exam of credential. The guide has been intended for providing guidance in preparation for test but it does not do PHP teaching. The mock questions allow for experiencing similar sample set questions that student encounter on live exam.

Scope and importance-

You can buy a voucher for Zend Certified PHP Engineer exam thereby proving your expertise in PHP and getting listed amongst top developers in PHP in the region of yours.

Benefits career and personal wise-

  • Gaining recognition from employers thereby boosting the value of yours
  • Getting your CV/resume noticed thereby differentiating one’s self when undergoing competition for new job
  • Getting featuring in directory of Zend’s Certified Engineers for professionals of PHP which has recruiter used for finding top developers of PHP worldwide
  • Participating in ZCE group exclusively on LinkedIn
  • Getting PHP community recognition as dedicated and proud supporter of PHP
  • Getting copy perpetual free of Zend Studio

Benefits employer wise-

  • Standardising and ensuring expertise of high level in development teams of PHP
  • Implementing best practices of industry in development organizations of PHP
  • Maximizing performance and productivity of team
  • Presenting a professional superior image to partners and customers
  • Gaining advantages competitively in comparison to different development organizations of software


  • PHP Basics-
    • Syntax
    • Operators
    • Variables
    • Control Structures
    • Language Constructs and Functions
    • Namespaces
    • Extensions
    • Config
    • Performance/bytecode caching
  • Functions-
    • Arguments
    • Variables
    • References
    • Returns
  • Data Format and types-
    • XML basics
    • Simple XML
    • XML Extension
    • Web services basics

Red Hat RHCSA, RHCE and RHCA Certifications

Apart from Linux and Novell, Red Hat is 1 major and important star in vendor-specific firmament of certifications. Novell has deep knowledge and history of programs of credentials to the credit of itself. Red Hat has major and important presence in market. It has duration seriously as provider commercially of technologies and platforms of Linux.

Red Hat provides offerings for typical certification ladder as namely administrator- engineer- architect. It offers valued and high regarded certification at all rung combined with demanded exams and practical exams orientations and matching curriculum for training that is excellent. All the exams following credentials of Red Hat have its basis on performance. It lasts for 2 hours or more.


All certification of Red Hat come with abbreviations starting with RH:

Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA): It is the foundational Red Hat credential. It vets essential and needed skills in file handling, work at command line, and usage of documentation of system combined with managing systems (process identification, boot-up, systems control, stop/start virtual machines), configuration of logical volumes and storage partitions.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE): Red Hat credentials are cornerstone. It is being designed for validating and testing knowledge and skills needed to work as Linux system administrator’s senior level. Topics include management of run-time behavior of kernel, work with iSCSI, advance IP services and routing, automation of tasks of maintenance with shell scripts and to work with services of networking for FTP, SSH, SMTP, Web, NFS and SMB. RHSCA is needed course for RHCE.

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA): Pinnacle credential of Red Hat takes RHCE as needed course. It needs students to earn minimum 5 certificates of skills and expertise. Areas of expertise includes hybrid cloud storage, OpenStack, JBoss administration, PaaS(platform as a service), deployment and systems management, server hardening, virtualization, performance tuning, and clustering and storage management. All of the certificates has own exam that is performance based but it has time duration of 6 hours. It is difficult, gruelling, time consuming and costly credential but it is highly valued in today’s job market.

Since Linux and Red Hat has wide usage in today’s world of business, Red Hat makes choice excellently for the students who have interest in more focused platform path into world of Linux

Attending exams-

Needed courses-

  • RHCSA:
  • RHCE: RHCSA certification
  • RHCA: RHCSA and RHCE+ minimum 5 expertise certificates

Exam number-

  • RHCSA: 1 exam – EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  • RHCE: 1 exam- EX300 Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • RHCA: 5 exams from following:
  • EX201, EX236, EX248, EX280, EX318, EX401

Scope and importance-

  • Proven capabilities- Students can make exceptional their technical skills. Employers desire to hire only those IT professionals who are best in job market. This is a reason as to why students go in for Red Hat certification by answering questions of test, and passing practical, hands-on exam by usage of technologies.
  • Red Hat serves as being the partner of yours in developing and building an effective team technically. Red Hat’s exams of certification give proof that professionals of Red Hat Certification can manage and hire those students who are qualified for working with products of Red Hat.
  •  You can learn skill assessments, certifications and instructor led training and self-paced training for helping in developing professional team which makes you ready for leading you in having a bright future.
  • There is great demand of OpenStack- Linux Foundation and New Stack ranks OpenStack as very popular project of open source. Red Hat leads the way in this respect. Customers have adoption aggressive OpenStack plans because they have listings of IT skills as challenge #1 in being started.
  • Red Hat certification and training boosts the career of yours thereby helping your company by usage of those skills which are in great demand.  Students can build their own career at their convenience by this certification.


  • RHCSA-
    • Training recommended:
    • Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) and II (RH132)
    • RHCSA Rapid Track Course (RH199)
  • RHCE-
    • Training recommended: Similar to RHCSA + Red Hat System Administration III (RH254)

Novell/SUSE CLA, CLP and CLE Certification

One of founders originally of today’s IT credential programs is Novell. It thereby persists like its shadow from NetWare glorious days of itself. Its certifications of Linux carries on similar veins (with same names of credentials) combined with focus pronounced on practical and performance-based testing.

It is regarded highly curriculum of training with matching credentials. The acquisition of company of SUSE in the year of 2003 has shown its appreciation keenly for value and power of high regarded distribution of Linux combined with successor worthwhile to platform of operating system of NetWare network.

Certifications and attending exams-

  • Novell thereby provides opportunities of certification of full spectrum. It offers credentials that are leading industries and tests which are recognized globally. Employers need requirement increasingly of proof tangibly by which you show that you possess knowledge for performing the job. To achieve Novell certification is quite simple thereby providing edge extra for the students who succeed already in IT industry.
  • SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) – It has its focus on regular administration tasks for the students who work in environments of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Students can attend 1 exam-050-720 SUSE Certified Linux Administrator II or LPIC-1 exam (101 and 102). Students who possess the certification of CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI already can apply for the certification with no attending of additional courses and exams.
  • SUSE Certified Linux Professional (CLP) – It has its focus on the students who do administrative work on platforms of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11. It includes configuring, file system maintenance, installation, print and process management, and configuration of network services basically, Web Server, IPv6, and Samba. CLA is this credential’s prerequisite. Students need to pass 050-721 Practicum exams (SUSE Certified Linux Professional 11).
  • SUSE Certified Linux Engineer 11(CLE) – It has its focus on skills that are of engineering levels for complex architecting environments of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. A SUSE CLP 10 or SUSE CLP 11 is this credential’s prerequisite.  Students need to pass 050-723 Practicum Exam (SUSE Certified Linux Engineer 11)
  • This Novell/SUSE CLA, CLP and CLE certification is ideal for students who work around and with installations of SUSE Enterprise Linux.
  • Fees- Exams that are standard cost $125 USD. Practicum exams cost $195 USD.


  • On-demand training provides 3 types of courses-
  • Training course that is Support Quick Fix-
  • These are modules of short training. It addresses topics of wide range like migrations, troubleshooting, functionality, coverage advance of important product features and general support issues.
  • Training courses that are of administrator-level-
  • Once you have knowledge of product configuration and installing there is requirement of your knowledge of using the product productively. Training courses of administrator-level teach day to day and basic product operation.
  • Training courses that are of engineer -level-
  • Training courses of engineer –level are having intermediary positions to advanced offerings of training that goes beyond regular topics of day to day administration. It is not so much advanced as ATT (Advanced Technical Training). On-demand engineering levelled training courses covers special topics and products that have not been found yet in large training venues.

Scope and importance-

  • On-demand training is affordable and convenient online training that gives allowance to anytime, anywhere accessibility to training that is valuable at price that is incredible. 24*7 accessibility is present. You can study at your line of time. The courses are searchable and modular. Therefore you can stop and start at any place in course thereby focusing your training time on needed attention topics.
  • On-demand training provides to you the following-
  • Value- With affordable and flexible subscription plans, training on-demand gives delivery to training content that is of high-quality at low cost.
  • Convenience- There is building of reputation of provision of training in industry leading. There is availability of training any time and any place.
  • Quality- There is offering of complete, rich and interactive online environment of learning which includes video demonstrations and expert instructors. You can select features, quizzes, practical and courses.

VMware VCP-Cloud Certification

In case there is technology that contributes to enabling cloud, it definitely has to being a virtualization. No one else has done longer virtualization programs and angles are as many as from being VMware.

The certification of VMware VCP-Cloud features the exam that is released in 2013 February which is exam of VCP-Cloud that thereby makes the credential new entrant fairly in cloud computing credentials of world.


In order to earn this credential student must follow 1 of the paths:

  • Path1: To earn VMware Certified Professional 5 – Datacentre Virtualization (VCP5-DV) credential. To pass exam namely VMware IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Path 2:  To attend vCloud Director class of v5.1 or v5.5. To pass exam namely VCP-Cloud

In all the either ways, students should show core and important vSphere skills by extension of data virtualization across the cloud. They are asked for managing and creating service catalogs, vApps, and provider/organization VDCs and administering cloud-enabled storage and networking. Important and core platforms and concepts that are covered includes environments of VMware vSphere, hybrid/ public/ private clouds, cloud security and multi-tenancy.

VCP-Cloud certification extensions as offered by VMware with strong connections of cloud are as follows-

  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Design (VCAP-CID)
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Infrastructure Administration (VCAP-CIA)
  • VMware Certified Design Expert – Cloud (VCDX-Cloud)
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Cloud Governance (VCAP-CG)

The specialization areas and progression for the credential is plain pretty from the titles. It is very clear as to fact that VMware builds total certification ladder across cloud. VCDX is quite rare. It is a demanding credential. It likely makes professional capstone excellently for the students who aspire and have desire to earn it.

VMware Certified Professional –Cloud (VCP-Cloud) credential gives validity to students’ ability for administering, configuring, and installing environment of Cloud by usage of vCloud Director and different components that are related.

The students who succeed must demonstrate important vSphere skills with extensions of data virtualizations all around the cloud. It manages and creates catalog of service, vApps, to administer enabled cloud storage, networking and to manage VDCs provider/organization.

The competencies are built on knowledge and skills that has needing factors for successful management, installation, scale and deployment of environments of VMware vSphere together with solid and strong foundation in cloud infrastructure basic concepts.

Scope and importance-

  • Experts of industries have predicted that till 2015, there will be great and increased demand for IT professionals of cloud-savvy. It will become 5 times more than that of present days. To earn VMware Certified Professional – Cloud (VCP-Cloud) credential gives competitive edge in field that is fastly and greatly growing.
  • Credential of VCP-Cloud gives validity to experience and skills that is needed for effective administering, installing and configuring environment of cloud by usage of VMware vCloud Director and components that are related.
  • Status of VCP- Cloud demonstrates foundation solid in management of successful Cloud environments thereby understanding basic cloud concepts related to infrastructure which includes cloud security, private/ public clouds and multi-tenancy.
  • The company which has individuals of VCP –Cloud certified on staff thereby ensures that their organization has expertise and skills of utilizing fully VMware solutions when transition of data centres virtualized to cloud environment is done.

Needed courses-

  • vCloud Automation Centre 5.2 and vCloud Director 5.5 Based Exam – Exam Code VCPC550
  • You have to attend 1 amongst them:
    • VMware vCloud Automation Centre: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0], [V5.2]
  • vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.5]
  • vCloud Director 5.1 Based Exam – Exam Code VCPC510
  • VMware Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) exam – Exam Code VCPVCD510
  • Fees- $175 USD. It is administered by Pearson VUE


  • Installing vCloud Director and vShield Manager
  • Learning the differences between roles and privileges and the principles of role-based access controls
  • Coverage of the vCenter Chargeback Manager product, introducing the concept of chargeback and why it is needed in a cloud environment
  • Understanding and troubleshooting vCloud Connector, including identification and functionality of the different components
  • Constructing different types of vCloud networks and network pools and the requirements for each
  • Creating and modifying vCloud Director organizations
  • Allocating and managing vCloud resources
  • Monitoring a vCloud implementation

VCP5-DCV: VMware Certified Professional Certification

VMware credential family are necessary ad must-have certifications for those IT professionals who have interest in virtualization field. To offer complete road-map of certification which thereby encompasses levels of skills, then the VMware credentials have got global recognition as best class.

Intended and potential audience are-

The students should be typical personnel of infrastructure who has capabilities of configuration and installation of ESXi hosts. He should be able for using VMware vCentre Server for administering, managing, troubleshooting, and monitoring virtual machines.


  • At the level of entry VMware offers to students VMware Certified Associate – Data Centre Virtualization (VCA-DCV). On ladder of certification next tier is VMware Certified Professional 5- Data Centre Virtualization (VCP5-DCV).
  • VCP5-DCV is credential of professional level which provides preparation to certification holders for better advanced credentials which include VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) and VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX-DCV). There are 2 concentrations of VCAP namely Advanced Design (VCAP-DCD) and Advanced Administrator (VCAP-DCA).
  • There is great demand of IT professionals with skills of virtualizations of data centre. It is important and essential for distinguishing one’s self in market with credentials that provides validity to capabilities technically. By earning VMware Certified Professional – Data Centre Virtualization credential you can do just this thing.
  • This certification which is recognized by industry needs to complete authorized training course of VMware and practical experience with technologies of VMware. VCP5-DCV credential gives confirmation factors as to that the student has education regarding successful managing, deploying, scaling and installing environments of VMware vSphere. It also includes skills got by at least experience of 6 months with technologies of VMware infrastructure.

Attending exams-

There is need of training for those students who are not holding the credential while they seek to get the VCP5-DCV. VMware thereby offers numerous options of training for meeting prerequisites of training which may be live classroom, including virtual labs, in demand of self-paced and live online.

For those students who have VCP certification, training of “what’s new” in vSphere 5.5 has been recommended, but it is an optional feature. All students irrespective of whether they are VCP credential holders or VCP non-credential holders are needed to pass 1 exam.

Needed courses-

For non –holders of VCP credentials one of the following must be completed-

  • vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage (V5.5).this is available in fast track, live online, on demand or in classroom
  • vSphere : Optimize and scale (V5.5)
  • vSphere : Troubleshooting workshop (V5.1)
  • vSphere with Management Operations: Fast Track (V5.1)
  • For current holders of VCP credentials following must be completed:
    • vSphere : What’s New (V4.X to V5.5)
  •  Cost of VMware classes is $1645 to $3845 which depends on selection of course
  • Exam number-
    • 1 exam: VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 – VCP 510 or VCP 550
  • Exams administration – Pearson VUE
  • 135 questions are asked. 8 questions of pre-exam short survey is also asked
  • Pass mark is 300 out of range of 100-500
  • English is language
  • Time duration is 120 minutes

Scope and importance-

There can be technical skills and knowledge recognition. There is presence of Official transcripts. Students get logo and use logo namely of the “VMware Certified Professional – Data Centre Virtualization”. There is accessibility to exclusive store of Logo Merchandise and VCP portal. Students get invitation for exams and beta classes. Admission is discounted to events of VMware. License complementation is given to students of workstation of VMware. Great opportunities for advancement in career are provided.

There is recommendation that students have skills and knowledge needed for administering, configuring and installing an environment of vSphere before attending and appearing VCP5-DCV Exam. Students should complete course needed factors before exam attempt.  Course need not be completed before exam. But course requirement must be finished before VCP5-DCV credential.


  • Objective 1.1 – Identify and Explain vSphere Architecture and Solutions
  • Objective 1.2 — Install and Configure vCenter Server
  • Objective 1.4 – Plan and Perform Upgrades of vCenter Server and VMware ESXi
  • Objective 1.5 –Secure vCenter Server and ESXi
  • Objective 2.1 – Configure vSphere Standard Switches
  • Objective 2.2 – Configure vSphere Distributed Switches
  • Objective 2.3 – Configure vSS and vDS Policies

VCA-VM: VMware Certified Associate -Workforce Mobility Certification

VMware does tackling of mobility with desktops infrastructures virtually and technology host which provides enabling factors to administrators for supporting users of mobile through virtualization.

VCA-VM: VMware Certified Associate -Workforce Mobility credentials gives provision of slight different mobility approach than other VMware credentials. This credential provides identification to students who have knowledge of VMware products which thereby supports workforce mobility, computing end users and the ways of their application to specific use cases of business.

Products has inclusion of Horizon Suite (Workspace, Mirage and View), VMware vSphere, vCentre Operations Manager and Thin App.  This certification that is of associate level provides students a solid and strong foundation in VMware mobility factors of offerings. This is useful for other high level certifications of virtualizations which dive into management, technical support and implementation.

VCA-Workforce Mobility is one amongst the new VMware credentials. VMware Certification Roadmap must be seen regularly because company is updating and improving constantly. Additional certifications of mobility may pop up in future.

Attending exams-

  • Needed courses- None
  • Training recommended- VMware Workforce Mobility Fundamentals (self-paced, free course)
  • Exam number- 1 exam namely VCA-WM exam (VCAW510)
  • Fees- No fees
  • Exam administration is done by Pearson VUE
  • Students must get Candidate ID (CCID) for registration purpose from VMware
  • 50 questions are asked. Pre-exam short survey which consists f 5 questions are also asked
  • Pass mark -300 out of range of 100-500
  • Language is Chinese, Japanese, German, French and English
  • Time duration – 75 minutes with added 15 minutes for completion of questions of survey where survey is given

Scope and importance-

Exam namely The VCAW510 VMware Certified Associate – Workforce Mobility tests VCA potential students on abilities for identifying requirements technically for Workforce mobility. Then alignment is given to technical solutions and products which meet needed factors. Students who succeed have basic knowledge of VMware Horizon Suite and technologies and products related. They also have knowledge as to how these technologies have driven factors specifically for business cases of use.

Intended and Potential audiences are as follows:

A student for credential of VCA has to be familiar with VMware technologies, business and products needed factors which are met by that technology. The students can be in different numbers of roles of job which interact with technologies of VMware Workforce Mobility. The candidates who are successful will likely have done work with Horizon View. He must have knowledge of different Horizon Suite products and serving as Horizon View foundation to VMware solutions. Students must have added related and recognized IT credentials or experience equivalently of nearly 1 to 2 years.


  • Explain Workforce Mobility Concepts and How They Solve Typical Business Challenges
  • Objective 1.1 – Identify and Explain the Concepts of Workforce Mobility and End User Computing
  • Objective 1.2 – Identify Common Business Challenges Addressed By Workforce Mobility
  • Identify, Explain and Differentiate VMware Horizon Technologies
  • Objective 2.1 – Identify vSphere Components used in a Horizon Suite Implementation
  • Objective 2.2 – Identify and Differentiate Horizon View Features and Technologies
  • Objective 2.3 – Identify Horizon Mirage Features and Technologies
  • Objective 2.4 – Identify Horizon Workspace Features and Technologies
  • Objective 2.5 – Identify vCenter Operations Manager for View Features and Technologies
  • Objective 2.6 – Identify and Differentiate VMware ThinApp Features and Technologies
  • Correlate VMware Workforce Mobility Solutions with Specific Business Challenges
  • Objective 3.1 – Apply VMware Workforce Mobility Solutions to Common Business Challenges


In case you simply desire to be more convenient and conversant in technologies of virtualization or you ultimately and definitely desire to be expert and be recognized in field of virtualization, the VM ware credential becomes essential and important step for the career of yours. With the credential of VCA- Workforce Mobility you have great credibility while discussion of computing end-user and workforce mobility.

The challenges of business that Horizon Suite of VMware has been designed for addressing and the ways by which there is deployment of Horizon solutions addressing that challenging factors. There can be having defining workforce mobility abilities thereby provision of scenarios of use case of ways be which workforce mobility and Horizon delivers manageability, freedom and flexibility while connection to people for their desktops, data and applications.

SSVVP: SIP School VVoIP Professional Certification

SIP School is a part of Vocale Limited in UK. It offers range of VoIP that is vendor-neutral, certifications of SIP and affordable credentials which includes SSVVP: SIP School VVoIP Professional.  Numerous industry leaders that are well-known like Shore Tel, Global Knowledge, Avaya, BICSI, and Mitel support credential program of SIP School.

SSVVP exam focuses on networking techniques and concepts. It devotes portion substantially to various and wide ranged VoIP topics. The VoIP network design and acceptance criteria reduce jitter and delay.

Attending exams-

All SIP School credential needs 1 exam which is priced at $75 USD. There is being modularizing factors of online training. It is priced reasonably ($384 USD for SSVVP). It ensures that students must complete many or few modules as needed for passing the exam.  Students must complete networking training course of 4 VVoIP. Prerequisites are not listed on websites.

Topics and certifications-

  • What is VVoIP?
    • The module is an introductory one which sets course scope and gives introduction to WANs and LANs concepts.
  • Networking Components
    • The module as been designed for introducing students to Data networks and the ways of how the devices are connected to them. It conducts this by description of very commonly used cabling types and topologies in use these days.
  • Ethernet
    • Ethernet is force predominantly in these days networking. The module gives introduction to all concepts that is needed for understanding the specification together with introduction of basic components of networking like LAN switches and cards of LAN.
  • The OSI Model
    • This OSI Model has been designed for breaking components of networking and software into interoperable chunks that are bite-size. The module gives explanation of 7 OSI model layers and comparing them to implementation of real world of layered model of TCP/IP.
  • TCP/IP Networks
    • The module gives explanation of how networks of TCP/IP work by functional description of all TCP/IP layers. By having knowledge of these layers students understand working of TCP/IP networks which gives better knowledge of how the voice is carried via an IP network.
  •  WANS
    • Wide Area Networks gives connection to people, buildings and homes together. The module has ambition of explaining what is a WAN and how it works together with explanation of some protocols of WAN like ADSL, MPLS (popular newly), Frame Relay and PPP.
  • TCP/IP Addresses
    • Subnet masks, Default gateways, and IP addresses are present for delivery to students in way such that students understand what numbers are and how they coordinate with one another.
  • LAN Monitoring
    • Module teaches the students on ways of usage of program of monitoring of Network for analyzing network trafficking for helping to troubleshoot all tricky problems.
  • Switches and VLANS
    • Module gives explanation to operation fundamentally of LAN switch together with concepts that are important of VLANs (Virtual LANs).

Scope and importance-

  • Routing
    • Routers have usage on network edge for passing data to a WAN and inside LAN switches Layer 3. The module gives description on how working of router is done together with explanation briefly of protocols of Routing.
  • Wireless Networks
    • Wireless is fast areas moving and growing rapidly in networking world these days. The module gives explanation of basic networking of Wireless together with security information on your wireless network.
  • IP Applications (and Services)
    • Different services can have finding factor on networks. Some have great impact on the ways of working of your voice. The module sees at services like TFTP, VPNS, DNS, FTP, Proxy Server, Firewalls and NAT.
  • Hosted VoIP
    • Hosted Voice over IP is latest way of delivering telephone solutions of top quality to people at low cost. The module has been designed for introduction to hosted VoIP.
  • Video over IP
    • Voice running over IP and Video over IP is doing well. The module has been designed for introducing concepts of Video of IP and descriptions of Signalling, codecs and different elements which make communication area engaging.
  • IPv6
    • IPv6 is new. IPv4 is old. The module gives explanation as to what IPv6 is, its benefits. The module thereby covers the meaning of IP addressing all related with configuration of PC for IPv6 testing and connectivity. SOA Certified Architect Certification SOA Certified Architect credentials has declarations and definition of emphasis on SOAs (Service Oriented Architectures). This has been together with technology infrastructures and solutions that are related. It is not like other credentials but it has attracted nevertheless traction and interest considerably in industry.

3 basic elements of SOA Certified Architect certifications are as follows-

  • Designing architectures of technology that are oriented to service which includes both physical and logical designs
  • Delivering and deploying of solutions of working technology with basis on those designs which is followed by management concerns ad issues of post delivery typically
  • Abilities for integrating solutions of SOA into infrastructures of IT generally, to have growth and maintenance of these infrastructures for accommodating growing factors and changing factors and introducing new technologies and tools over time likewise

The requirements of credential are having its review on basis-quarterly for ensuring that certification meets latest needs of industry. There is revising of course ware accordingly for those seekers of credentials. They should review official website frequently for ensuring that they possess current requirements.


  • SOA Certified Architect has to demonstrate his proficiency in SOA mechanics through design physically of architectures of service oriented technologies, solutions that are oriented to service, and infrastructure that are related.
  • For being considered as expert in the domain specifically needs solid, strong and foundational understanding of design paradigm that is having orientations of service which thereby includes all design related principles and application effects.
  • SOA Fundamental terminology and concepts needs for becoming 2nd nature to Architect SOA. There must be further supplementation with relevant exposure to technologies of SOA. Various forms of technology of service should be understood which includes existing dependencies between levels of architectures.
  • SOA Certified Architect needs preparations of numerous challenges of design. So they must be having proficiency with usage of design process that are oriented to service and patterns of design of industry. They must have appreciating factors on ways of how design of service fits into total SOA lifecycle of project delivery and how there is approaching of designs and service governance ultimate affect to technology.

Attending exams-

To get this credential following examinations must be passed:

  • Exam S90.01: Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing
  • Exam S90.02: SOA Technology Concepts
  • Exam S90.03: SOA Design & Architecture
  • Exam S90.08: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
  • Exam S90.09: SOA Design & Architecture Lab
  • Fees-
    • Certification kit voucher for self-study: $1596 USD, $1196 with vouchers of exam
    • Module of students self study: $399 USD, $299 USD with vouchers of exam
    • Individual exams are: Exam S90.09 is $175 USD, $150 USD

To earn the SOA Certified Architect credential needs to pass 5 exams. Each of these exams is backed by course supported. For each of the exams self-study kit is available. There is also classroom and self-study training, workshops and prometric exams which thereby make this certification more mainstream of IT credentials and most of different certifications of IT architects.


  • Module 1: Fundamental SOA and Service –oriented computing
  • Module 2: SOA technology concepts
  • Module 3: SOA design and Architecture
  • Module 4: SOA project delivery and methodology
  • Module 5: SOA technology Lab
  • Module 6: Advanced SOA Analysis and Modelling Lab
  • Module 7: SOA Analysis and Modelling lab
  • Module 8: Advanced SOA Design and Architecture
  • Module 9: SOA Design and Architecture Lab
  • Module 10: Advanced Web-based Service technology

Scope and importance-

The SOA Certified Architect certification:

  • Is only 1 which comes without clearly and defined work history stated or criteria of experience
  • It does not need documentation extensively of experience of architecture, nor designing priorly and implementing projects of architecture
  • It is targeting primarily those individuals who have charging with building and designing software architectures that is oriented to service, thereby also having profound focus, emphasis and development
  • This certification gives validity of qualifications that are most narrow and most junior. This makes it stepping stone that is good for those students who advance into IT architecture by career way on IT development side.

Schneider Electric Data Centre Certified Associate (DCCA) Certification

Schneider Electric Data Centre Certified Associate (DCCA) is vendor neutral. It is entry level terrific credential for those students who can manage, design and build data centres as being included as IT team of data centre centric realms. DCCA credential focus on working proficiency with data centres physical infrastructures like security, cooling and power, management, racks and cabling.

Schneider Electric provides offerings of free courses of training through Energy University. The courses of DCCA are finished in 15 hours. This is least costly data centre credential that is available these days.

Schneider Electric also offers credential that is PEM: Professional Energy Manager that has gearings towards those students who have performance abilities of energy assessments and audits and recommending measures for facilities becoming more efficient energy wise.


  • Associate credential has indication of strong, solid and knowledge foundationally of important infrastructures physically in data centres. Schneider Electric Data Centre Certified Associate (DCCA) shows proficiency of base levels in elements comprising of fire protection, physical security and management.
  • Associates have knowledge basically that is needed for participating on team which upgrades or designs data centres physical layer. While having efforts for provision of industry having measurement of standards and competency in data centre core elements.
  • For this purpose Energy University has proud offerings to certification of Associate level and it is standard globally for knowledge foundationally in data centres operations, designs and built-up.
  • Research of industry has indication that pool of talent of senior level qualified management and technical professionals of data centres which continues for shrinking all years. Lack of talent professionally has creations of shortage of skills looming in industry. It is 1 impediment factor for successful management of data centre.
  • Demand of skilled professional of data centre has growth continuity and Schneider Electric Data Centre Certified Associate (DCCA) is step firstly for enhancing or starting your field and career as professional of data centre.
  • Certification and proper training increases significantly proficiency and productivity because professionals who are certified have obstacle overcoming successful knowledge that is faced in this domain.

Scope and importance-

  • Schneider Electric Data Centre Certified Associate (DCCA) is international and gives recognition to ability of professional for participating on teams of data centre operations, built-up and designs
  • It is marketable and solid certification in industry growth. This credential is very important credential in terms of quality and quantity of work done in software industry
  • Qualification and credibility experience professionally
  • Performance of job leading to improvement and knowledge
  • Opportunities of employment which have provision of handsome salaries which has proof of achievement professionally
  • To seek advancement positions by having path tool of viable career
  • Strong and solid and foundational benchmark knowledge for those managers who have a requirement of measuring abilities of employees

Attending exams-

  • Questions -100 in number is asked
  • Format of open book- e-learning courses, materials printed, notes are consulted
  • Format of exam- Identification, conventional and situational multiple choice questions
  • Time duration for completing the exam is – 120 minutes
  • English is the language in which exam is conducted
  • Pass mark- 70%
  • Cost – $250

Preparation for the exam- 

  • There is recommended to take path of learning titled: Data Centre Certified Associate Exam” inside site of Energy University. You should review all assessments associated and materials of courses for all courses.
  • Complete transcript of course and study guide is present for the students in credentials path of exam learning.


  • Data Centre Energy efficiency and Green IT
  • Cloud computing software
  • Virtualization and storage
  • Data centre systems management
  • Data centre hardware
  • Clustering for high availability and HPC
  • Cloud Applications
  • Data Centre cooling infrastructure
  • Virtualization software
  • Cloud computing services
  • Cloud storage
  • Data Centre performance optimization, troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Data centre backup power and power distribution
  • Managed services and hosting services
  • Data centre capacity planning
  • Managing servers and operating systems
  • Server virtualization platforms and management
  • Virtualization management strategy
  • IT management skills
  • Data centre disaster recovery and security
  • IT technical skills
  • IT education and training
  • Data centre networking
  • Cloud security

SAS Certifications

SAS Certifications are numerous in number. This is in space of business intelligence for those IT professionals who work with data mining, data management, administration, data warehousing and data analytics. SAS is leader globally with 400 offices in nearly 55 countries.

 The top 3 competitors of SAS in accordance with Hoover’s Incorporations are IBM, SAP SE and Oracle. It began as project of agricultural research. It became related with academies and various other agencies at different government levels.

Senior management of SAS has done fostering of culture which balances personal and work life. It also encourages students to take positions of leadership which results in global recognition from 1 year to the next.


SAS thereby awards certifications 50,000 in number since introduction of program in 1999. SAS offers currently 8 certifications across 5 categories. The 5 categories are Foundation Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Data Management, Administration and Business Intelligence.

All exams have their administrations by Pearson VUE or it is sponsored by SAS credential session of exam. It is in conjunction with courses of training. SAS thereby offers 50% discount exam cost to faculty, staff, students and instructors at schools, high institutions of education and employees of SAS.

SAS Foundation credentials are-

  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9:
    • Advanced Programmer should have skills in writing data advanced step statements of programming, thereby solves difficult problems and interpretation of SAS SQL codes and to write SAS macros.
  • SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS 9: 

SAS non-Foundation (specialty) certifications are-

  • SAS Certified Predictive Modeller Using SAS Enterprise Miner 7:
    •  Predictive modeller provides preparation of data and builds, implements and assesses models that are predictive.
  • SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: 
    • Business analyst related to statistics use SAS software for performing analyses statistical, modelling predictive which includes logistic and linear regression, performance of model measurements and analysis of variance.
  • SAS Certified BI Content Developer for SAS 9:
    • Business intelligence developer of content focus deeply on customization, creation, and implementation of SAS applications of interface like report of applications which includes creation of dashboard and management of data
  • SAS Certified Data Integration Developer for SAS 9: 
    • Developer of Data integration has working with data for preparing it for reporting and analysis. Role must know ways on defining platform architecture for Business Analytics of SAS and creation of metadata, running jobs and transformation of tables and data.
  • SAS Certified Platform Administrator for SAS 9: 
    • Platform administrator has responsibilities of supporting platform of Business Analytics of SAS from day-to-day maintenance through installation. Role must know ways of setting up folders, monitoring system performance, performing backups, completing different tasks of administration, application of techniques of security and managing accounts of user.

Scope and importance-

  • Global credential of SAS has creations of recognizing SAS users of software who demonstrates deep understanding of software of SAS. The credential has development of international standards definitions and has basis on results of survey and users of feedback.  SAS goals are-
  • Establishment of standard universally for measurement of knowledge of SAS software
  • Development of credential program that has international recognition
  • Increase levels of knowledge of software of SAS in marketplace


  • SAS Programming 1: Essentials
  • SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting
  • Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
  • SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials
  • SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies
  • SAS SQL 1: Essentials
  • Statistics 1: Introduction to ANOVA, Regression and Logistic Regression
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 2: Advanced Tasks and Querying
  • SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track

Attending exams-

SAS resources and training-

  • You can refer to tab of Exam Preparation for all credentials on SAS website.
  • SAS links are offered to e-learning and classroom of SAS courses.
  • Exam questions sample and practice exams full are also offered.
  • Students can buy packages of credentials which include materials of preparation, courses of training and vouchers of exam with discounts of 35% to 40%.
  • Prices of packages vary having being ranged from $2650 to $3000 after application of discounts.

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