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Cooking is an Essential thing in Life

One of the basic needs of man that promotes his survival on the earth is food. A world without food is unimaginable for everyone. In all parts of the world irrespective of all kinds of barriers among people or place food is the basic element that connects them. When the history of food is traced back it is quite evident to know that the nature provided the food in the form of fruits and man entirely depended on nature for food. He found fruits as the prime source of food. By the passage of time several changes occurred in his life style. He began to hunt for food in the dense forests. Later he invented fire and found that he can cook food in the fire. Gradually cooking or cooked food prepared with the help of heat or fire became his staple food. There is no historical evidence to prove the first cooking but some researchers believe that cooking might have started between 1.8 million and 2.3 million years ago. In early times the fire was used to cook tubers and meat. Soon cooked food became an integral part of cultures that existed in the world. During the 16th and 17th century cooked food or culinary became a prestigious symbol of palaces and affluent families. Soon each nation has developed unique tradition in the preparation of food. Along with the migration the culinary tradition also began to travel from one part of the world to another. People began to do experiment in cooking that resulted in the invention of several culinary delicacies.

Industrialization gave new dimensions to the culinary experiments in the 19th century. The processed foods were begun to be made in mass quantity. Processed foods in canned or packages forms became popular among the working class due to its easy consumption. The processed food in fact gave birth to new food culture that got mass appeal from every section of people from the society. Different methods of cooking were introduced. Ever since the invention of fire food was directly put in the fire for cooking. Later with the invention of vessels and other cooking accessories food began to be cooked through various processes including boiling, steaming, smoking, frying, roasting, grilling, barbequing, braising, baking and preserving food in the freezing mode. Among these methods of cooking frying foods is an easy option in the preparation of foods and at the same time it possess serious threat to the health. There are toxins released during the process of frying due to the chemical occurrence of chemical reaction. Boiled or steamed foods are considered as the safest method of cooking that are good for health. Through steaming or boiling bacteria and virus present in the raw food will be eliminated. The steaming of food is considered as the best method to sterilize food especially for the food to be preserved for long time. The steamed or sterilized food can be preserved through deep freezing process. But another draw back of frozen foods is the growth of bacteria that occur in deep cold condition. If the raw food particularly meat is cooked by the frying process additional fat and toxic materials will be released from the oil that are quite harmful to the metabolic and digestive process in the body.

It is quite an evident fact that properly cooked food promotes good health condition by providing adequate nutrition to the body and there by increasing the immunity. It is always better to stick to the home cooked foods rather than using factory or commercially produced processed foods. A healthy diet always consists of properly cooked food and fresh fruits and vegetables that do not require cooking.

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