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Interior Design – A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Any thing attractive is always appreciated. The Quote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is quite relevant in the making of any design. Designs are mostly the pictorial presentation of an idea or thought of a person. There are several types of designs begins from simple designs to intricate designs of various size and shape. Designs are mostly used in the textile, fashion and entertainment industry. The trend setting fashions are the result of new and innovative designs. During early period textile industry concentrated on new designs in the fabrics. Later the concept regarding the beauty had undergone several changes and people began to implement several methods that enhance the beauty of anything beyond any distinction. From the personal beauty concepts to the beautification of place they live in had a very important role in an average person’s life.

The modification of place or building through designs became a popular trend among people during the modern era of globalization. Normally the interior of a house was not done with any professionalism during early period apart form the affluent families. According to the modern concept of interior design of a building is done with the concept of executing the design creating the interior space of building adaptable for the smooth functioning of other human activities. The prime and important stages that involved in the interior design are development of a concept of a design in a project till the management and execution of the design. The person who undertakes the execution of an interior design project is termed as an interior designer in the modern period. Earlier during the medieval period the architect used to do the interior design of the building along with the construction. According to Hindu mythology in India “Viswakarma” the deity was termed as the God architect who built the world with great beauty.

In the 12th century the architecture became prominent in the western culture where the gothic style and architecture attained fame through its interior and architectural beauty. By the 17th and 18th century home making or decorating or designing the interiors of a home gained popularity among people of every class. Women were more interested in changing the style of the house through interior designing.

Later during the 19th century in the western world interior designing became a profession. Women concentrated more on the interior designing as they had already proven their success in the home interior designing. Soon several books that included useful directions for the home decorating process were published in umpteen numbers that was a source of encouragement for many for pursuing the profession of interior designing. In the earlier state interior designing was considered as a secondary profession to the architecture. But people began to give preference for interior design even from the initial stage of construction of a building. Soon interior design became an inevitable part in all process of architecture, engineering, building, and industrial designing. The US National Society of Interior Designers was established in the year 1957. In UK the Interior Decorator and Designers association was established in the year 1996. In the year 1994 the International Interior Design Association was established providing all guide lines for professional interior designers and aspiring designers.

Through the communication field the interior designing had got wide attention and acceptance from people all over the world within a short span of period. In many US based popular television shows were mainly based on interior designs. The impact of these shows made people to think that interior designing is a necessity rather than luxury in modern life. The appreciation and recognition given to the best interior designs had given importance to the profession of interior design.

Today interior design is widely used for residential and commercial purpose for a fine finish or execution of a good concept of an interior design.

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