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Stem Cell Therapy, Advantages and Uses

At the year of 1968, there was performance of doctors who 1st did successful transplantation of bone marrow. The bone marrow has somatic stem cells which produces various cell types which make our blood. It is routinely transplanted for treating variety of bone marrow and blood diseases, immune disorders and blood cancers.

Few things to know about Stem Cell Therapy:

Presently, very few treatments of stem cells are proved to be effective and safe. You will lose something if you go for other unproven treatments. Different stem cell type serves different body purposes. Science behind disease must match science behind treatment. Cells from patients own body are not safe automatically when conducted treatments. Testimonials of patients and different marketing being provided by centres of clinics might be misleading. By this stem cell therapy science can become medicine that is designed for maximizing effectiveness and minimizing harm.

Somatic Stem Cell Therapy: By Usage of Bone Marrow Transplantation for Curing Leukemia:

Leukemia is cancer of WBC (white blood cells) or leucocytes. Alike different blood cells, WBCs develop from somatic stem cells. Leucocytes that are mature have to be released to stream of blood where they conduct fighting off body infections. Leukemia is caused when leucocytes function and begin growing abnormally thereby becoming cancerous. Abnormal cells do no fight infection and they start interfering with organ’s functions.

Treatment successfully of leukemia has factors of dependence on being rid of leucocytes that are abnormal in patient in turn allowing growth of ones that are healthy in its place. For doing this 1 way is chemotherapy. This uses drugs potent for killing and targeting abnormal cells. When chemotherapy does not suffice doctors go for transplantation of bone marrow.

In bone marrow transplantation, stem cells from patient bone marrow are replaced with matching healthy donor. All patient abnormal leucocytes and bone marrow existing is 1st killed by usage of radiation and chemotherapy combination. Next donor sample bone marrow that contains stem cells that are healthy is being introduced to blood stream of patient. If successful transplantation is done stem cell migrates to bone marrow of patient and then they begin producing healthy new leucocytes thereby replacing abnormal cells. New studies reveals that stem cells of bone marrow has ability of differentiating cell types which form tissues outside blood like muscle and liver. Scientist explores new uses of stem cells going beyond blood diseases.

Blood Stem Cells Peripheral: Whilst numerous stem cell of blood reside in bone marrow, few are present in blood stream. These PBSCs (peripheral blood stem cells) are used like stem cells of bone marrow for treating leukemia, other blood disorders and other cancers.  As they are got from blood drawn, PBSCs have easy collection when compared to stem cells of bone marrow because they are extracted from bones inside present. Therefore these PBSCs are less invasive option of treatment than stem cells of bone marrow. PBSCs are few in blood stream. So collection of enough for performing transplantation may become a challenging factor.

Blood Stem Cells of Umbilical Cord: Infants new-born do not need umbilical cords. Therefore these were discarded traditionally as birth process by-product. But recently, studies revealed that blood found in umbilical cord is rich in stem cells. This is proven very useful in treatment of same health problem types as like that treated by usage of stem cells of bone marrow and PBSCs.

Blood Stem Cells of umbilical cord transplantation are lesser prone to factors of rejection when compared to PBSCs or bone marrow. This is due to fact that cells are not developed recognition features and attack by immune system of recipient. As because blood of umbilical cord lacks immune cells that are well-developed, there are fewer chances of transplanted cell attacking recipient body.

Elliptical Trainer

Exercise is an essential factor in the modern lifestyle. In olden times people used to work that involved physical effort particularly in the field of agriculture. The sports and games during those times also had several physical activities that gave the impact of exercise. Special time was not spent alone for any physical exercise during those times. Later when people started seeking jobs that involved less physical activities the life style also changed to a great extend. The preference was given for government jobs or jobs confined to offices where opportunity for physical activities had lesser possibilities. As a result of lack of exercise or other physical activities due to improved lifestyle with more facilities, the new type of diseases that affect the external and internal process in people began to develop.

The join pains and cardiac problems became a major health related issue in the society. The lack of fluid or cartilage resulted in joint pain and fat deposits in arteries resulted in heart problems. The life style of food intake with large amount of fat and artificial flavors and lack of exercise are the main reasons for grave health related problems. The smooth functions of joints are highly essential for the movements of hands and legs in a human body. The prevention of fats by burning them through the metabolic process is also an equally important aspect of exercise. There are several exercising machines available today for maintaining the body health. People who don’t have enough time to engage in the exercise depend on the exercise machines. One of most important and widely used exercise machines are elliptical trainers. A fitness institution is not complete with an elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer is used for simulating or enhancing walking and running without causing excess pressure to the body joints and heart functioning. The greatest advantage of elliptical trainer is that it reduces the pressure and pain in the joints reducing the risk of injuries. Even people with minor injuries in legs can use elliptical trainer safely as it reduces the impact of joint pain and helps them to stay fit through body maintaining. Cardio vascular exercise to improve the functioning of heart can be done in elliptical trainer without giving more stress and pressure to the heart

In 1990’s elliptical trainers were introduced in the body fitness market. The compact elliptical models that are widely used today were designed by Larry D Miller for “Precor”. In the year 2004 he patented his invention. He owes his invention to his daughter as he perceived the idea of this machine form her motion of legs. The elliptical trainers have parts works in accordance with the upper and lower body movements even though some machines do not provide upper body components. The working patterns of elliptical trainers are either self powered according to the body movements of the user or the machines that work on power with proper plug INS and power supply. For the power generated elliptical trainers there are specially designed electronic consoles and electric systems.

There are three types of elliptical trainers that are most popularly today. The very first and old elliptical designs are the “rear drive type.” The second generation is the “front drive design”. The current design most widely used is the “centre drive design”.

The elliptical trainers burns the high calories and fat deposit that helps to maintain the body figure and health that is made it the most popular exercise machines all over the world. It is similar to a treadmill that helps in the exertion of leg muscles and the heart.

It is an indisputable fact that elliptical trainers are great aid to the people who wanted to keep fitness without creating any trouble or further complications …

Diabetes is a Silent Killer Disease

Diabetes is a synonym for a silent killer. Among the gravest diseases diabetes is recognized as a silent killer disease even by the common people due to its silent yet grave characteristics that will be visible only at worsened stage in a diabetes patient. Diabetes is often considered as disease as a result of metabolic disorder in the human body. Proper functioning of internal organs is an important factor that controls the metabolic process of the body. The core reason for diabetes is the mal functioning of pancreas. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the produced insulin is rejected by the body cells. This results in the production of high blood sugar. The symptoms of diabetes are increased hunger and thirst. They are medically termed as polypahgia and polydipsia. The prominent symptom apart from excess hunger and thirst are excess weight loss and frequent urination. Simple diabetes is medically termed as diabetes mellitus.

There are several classifications given for diabetes mellitus. There are four major classifications for diabetes mellitus termed as type one diabetes, type two diabetes, gestational diabetes and other specific types. The diabetes without any proper classification is normally categorized as type two diabetes or diabetes mellitus.

One of the rarest classifications of diabetes is diabetes insipidus. The unique characteristics of this type of diabetes are that it does not show any symptom in the case of diabetes mellitus or the other classifications. Type one diabetes mellitus occur due to the insulin deficiency or the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin. Loss in beta cells that produce the insulin makes the pancreas the production of insulin to the lowest level or commonly stops the production of the insulin.

The insulin resistance is the characteristics of type two diabetes mellitus. The body tissues never respond or respond in a defective way in the insulin reception in type two diabetes mellitus patient. The body tissues mechanized as insulin receptors reject the insulin when it is not secreted adequately by the pancreas due to the absence or loss of beta cells.

Gestational diabetes normally appears in pregnant woman. In most of the cases this type of diabetes disappears after the delivery. Gestational diabetes has similar characteristics of diabetes mellitus in regarding the inadequate insulin secretion and its response of the body tissues. More than 90% of gestational diabetes is completely curable if proper medication and observation through out the period of pregnancy. In exceptional case even after the delivery the diabetes may continue in the form of type two diabetes mellitus. Risk factor gestational diabetes is it might affect the foetus that might affect the baby after birth through congenital cardiac disorder, high birth weight, skeletal muscle malfunctions and respiratory distress syndrome that makes the baby to be a diabetic patient through out his life. Perinatal death of the baby is also another high risk factor in gestational diabetes. In extreme conditions caesarian is opted for the delivery to reduce the risk of injury to the baby.

Excess insulin secretion, diseases like cystic fibrosis and chronic pancreatitis that affects the function of pancreas may result in diabetes that is classified as other type of diabetes. The higher sugar level that is not enough to constitute type two diabetes mellitus is also classified in the other types of diabetes.

There are different causes that constitute diabetes including hereditary traits or genetics, life style excess use of drugs and sugar or sweets and anxiety. There are several mode of treatments are available for various type of diabetes. The treatment may help to control the disease to certain extent if it is properly diagnosed but complete cure to diabetes is not possible even with the advanced treatments. Through proper control in diet and life style are the best way to keep diabetes away instead of falling for it and having life long treatments and other diabetic related diseases.

Depression and its Adverse Effects

One of the most complex creations in the world is the human being. The physical appearance is not the way to analyze or assess human beings activities. One of the core factors that promote the life of a human being is his mental and emotional condition. A person with sound mental condition will have a balanced way of life and it reflects in his body and behavior. If a disorder in the psychological or mental condition happens in an individual that will result in changes in the behavior, feelings, thought process and in his or her overall well being. Depression in a person has adverse effects that the term is defined in a wider perspective. It is often termed as dejection or despair in a person that makes him rejects many things he enjoyed or found pleasure earlier. The thought process in a depressed person is gravely affected than the physical condition. He will find negativity in every thing he do and will not be satisfied by the act others. He will be subjected to sadness, forgetfulness, loneliness, emptiness, hopelessness, anxiety, guilty, worried and above all being restless and irritable.

These are some of the emotional symptoms of depression in a person. Energy drop, digestive problems, head ache including acute migraine attack, excess sleep or sleeplessness, fatigue or obesity, lack of concentration, suicidal tendency excess eating or loss of appetite are the physical symptoms of depression. Depression is mainly divided as melancholic and non melancholic. Even though depression is not considered as absolute psychiatric disorder majority of the disorder are due to psychic problems. The psychic problems are often referred as clinical depression.

There are several factors that constitute depression. The change in the life pattern that is difficult to cope or get along by a person may result in depression. Major event in the life of a person that gave only intense mental or physical pain are the most common factor seen in patients who are having depression. Crisis in various forms including financial crisis, complex relationships, complex, troubles in relationship, lack of mental and emotional attachment between family members, lack of good and healthy friendship, lack of opportunities to share or discuss problems, unemployment, pressure and stressing profession and family, separation and catastrophic injury are the most identified causes that make a person fall in to depression. Depression occurred from intense pain, Addison’s disease, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis are counted as non-psychiatric depression. Hypothyroidism or reduction in the activity of the thyroid gland also promotes depression that most commonly mistaken as psychic disorder.

The psychiatric disorders that constitute depression are anxiety disorder where an individual is over anxious about everything, bipolar disorder that gives elevated and fluctuated energy levels, difference in cognitive ability and mood swings and borderline personality disorder resulting in depressive mood. The use of alcohol, drugs, cigarette smoking, and addiction to particular things or people are some of the external factors that contribute depression or traits of depression in an individual. In professionals stress and anxiety related disorders are most commonly found later ends in high stage of depression that requires proper medication and therapies.

Today there are several therauptic interventions are used for the recuperation of depressed people. Holistic treatment is another form of therapy that focuses on absolute cure of a patient avoiding the use of medicines. Treatments with medicines are available in the extreme disorder case in the hospitals.

Form various researches conducted all over the world the medical practitioners and therapists agree to one common factor that create depression. The mental illness originated from various mental and physical factors definitely changes the mental equilibrium of an individual that will result in depression irrespective of age, class or any other social status.

Need for Dental Hygiene

One of the most important yet neglected organs in the human body is teeth. Oral care is a prime concern of any health conscious person. In olden times oral care was limited to brushing teeth. Every where in the world people follow oral care as a part of dental hygiene. An interesting fact about the oral care is it is done twice in a day by any one in any part of the world irrespective of the methods they use for dental care. There are different methods from traditional to contemporary technological methods are used for dental hygiene. Several historical facts prove that man used leaves and stems of certain medicinal plants for cleaning his teeth. In India the Ayurveda or the science of treatment through methods using herbal or plant extracts gives certain standards and rules to follow in oral care. Brushing teeth, massaging the gums and hot water treatments for gargle are the basic methods used for maintaining oral care. Measures to avoid dental diseases were given special importance by Ayurveda. Earlier the teeth were cleansed with twigs of neem or margossa tree. Mango tree leaves and twigs were also use for the cleansing process. Later with the introduction of tooth brush and tooth paste the use of these medicinal leaves and twigs for oral cleaning came to an end. Brushing teeth with tooth brush take away the dirt and minute food particles that are caught between the teeth. These particles if not properly brushed out will create cavities, fissures and gum problems that in turn will result in the tooth decay and loss of tooth.

The basic purpose for oral care proposed by dentists is cleaning the mouth and teeth to free from bacteria and other germs that create oral diseases. The basic process of cleaning mouth is to clean the teeth through brushing to remove the dental plaque, tartar and cavities. Other methods followed to clean teeth involve flossing. A proper method observed for dental hygiene controls and prevents tooth decay and cavities that is faced by people all over the world. Dentists prefer oral hygiene for the regeneration of oral tissues that will help to improve the health of dental condition. The oral hygiene need to be observed from the early age of child hood. Children need to be given proper guidance in the following dental hygiene through proper brushing twice a day. Not only for children, have adults also needed to take proper care of teeth and mouth.

Tooth decay is the most common dental problem faced by people around the world. The best remedial measures to avoid dental problems are to clean the mouth every time after the intake of food not only for the main meal course but also after every munching or intake of snacks. It is a trend to wipe the mouth with tissue after food for the sake of convenience instead of giving a wash. To gargle the mouth with plain water after food is the most inexpensive and easy remedial measure to control tooth decay that is not done by majority of people due to several reasons. Tongue cleaning is another way to take oral care. Cleaning tongue takes off the dirt and other micro organisms that promote bacterial and fungal infections in the mouth. Flossing can be done with the help of a dentist initially and later it can be done at home. Through flossing plaque and other dirt deposits between the teeth can be removed.

A decayed tooth can be removed with the help of dentist. There are several modern advanced technological process are used for dental treatment like root canal, fixing of dentures and surgeries are even conducted for grave dental problems. A total oral hygiene includes brushing, tongue cleaning and consulting with the dentist in proper intervals to ensure proper dental care.

Contact Lens to Enhance Vision

Vision is the true gift given to the human beings by the god almighty. Every one will accept that the vision is the gift of some unknown power. The survival without eye sight or vision is the real struggle or crisis in a person’s life. It is always advised to take care of the eyes or vision. The thought of loosing eyesight by a person who has clear vision is equal to death. The strange fact is even if everyone from child to an adult is conscious about taking care of the eyes majority of people neglect due to various the care of eye sight. The lack of eye care starts from the unhealthy diet. The food or diet that restores and enhances the vision is avoided by people due to fast life style they follow today. The constant reading habit is another factor that reduces the eyesight. The use of computers and television watching is another major factor in the reduction of eye sight particularly in children from a very tender age. Accidents or lose of eyesight from birth onwards are the other major reasons for the vision lose. Minor reduction in the eyesight can be rectified through the use of spectacles with suitable power. If the vision blurring or reduction in the eye sight if detected earlier, the use of spectacles or power glass in certain cases will help to improve the vision. Wearing spectacles was considered as the only available remedy for improving and having clear vision till the advent of contact lens.

The idea of inventing the contact lens is traced back to 1508 by Leonardo Da Vinci who first proposed the idea of correcting the corneal power of the eye through insertion of devices in the eyes for better vision. Then many experiments by several scientists and ophthalmologists through several years at last resulted in the successful invention of contact lens that could be inserted in the eyes for giving better vision. In the year 1887 the German Ophthalmologist Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick invented the very successful pair of contact lens that was fixed correctly to the eye balls. The major drawback of this pair of eye lens was that they could be worn only for a couple of hours. In 1888 August Muller in Germany made a pair of lens that rectified his myopia. These lenses were glass blown scleral contact lens. The first plastic or the combination of glass and plastic lens were introduced in the year 1936 by William Feinbloom. In the year 1949 the first corneal lens was introduced that was smaller and convenient than the earlier versions of contact lenses. In 1960’s and 1970’s the corneal contact lens became an expensive adornment of rich people. Through 1980’s and 1990’s oxygen permeable rigid materials were introduced with short time wearing capacity. These lenses were termed as rigid gas permeable or “RGP” lenses. In the year 1998 the introduction of silicone hydro gels replaced the rigid lenses. The comfortable wearing of these soft lenses made them popular among the people all over the world. The contact lenses were begun to be worn for several purpose in addition to the main function of rectification of eye vision. It had been used for therapeutic purpose, fashion and for cosmetic use.

In the entertainment industry the color cosmetic lenses are mostly used by the celebrities. Teenagers also wears color cosmetic lenses in accordance with the changing fashion trends. The most amazing factor regarding the users of the contacts lenses is that they are mostly used by women. Contact lenses other than the fancy purposes are regarded as medical devices that could be easily inserted and convenient to use to correct vision disorders.

Colorectal Cancer commonly known as Colon Cancer

Cancer is a major threat to the human race. Even though there are advanced treatment available for cancer the survival of a cancer patient depends on various external and internal factors. Cancer is a disease that may occur in any parts of the body. The internal growth or the tumors in most cases are diagnosed at a very late hour. Most of the cancers are curable today if it is properly diagnosed at an early stage. Earlier a cancer patient was considered as a curse in certain communities. With the advent of new treatments and awareness about curing of cancer this superstitions were kept aside by the majority pf educated sector of people. The characteristic of cancer that makes it the most dangerous disease is its fast spreading nature. If a body part or organ is affected it will begin to spread to other organs rapidly. At the initial stage if cancer is traced the spreading can be effectively controlled.

One of most form of cancer found today is the colon or colorectal cancer. It is also known as bowel cancer that affects the rectum or appendix of the large intestine. The cells in the rectum or appendix multiply at an uncontrollable level those results in the tumor growth. There are two prominent factors that are recognized as the root cause of the colon cancer. The genetics and life style are commonly recognized as the reason for colon cancer. The symptoms of bowel cancer are the loss of body weight, rectal bleeding and anemia. The rectal bleeding, constant fever, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting are the major symptoms occur in persons above 50 years of old. The intake of heavy fats, red meat obesity, alcohol consumption, lack of physical exercise activates the colon cancer particularly in male gender.

Another major factor of colon cancer is genetics. If a person’s first degree relatives or those have close blood relation is affected by this disease there is a three fold greater risk factor for him to get affected by the colon cancer. There are other genetic syndromes that promote colon cancer. Gardener syndrome, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) is found at least in 1% and hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC or Lynch syndrome) is found in at least 3% of people who are affected by the colon cancer.

The initial diagnosis of this cancer can be identified from PET and MRI scans. The biopsy of tumor is done through colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. The spread of the tumor can be detected through CT scan of abdomen, pelvis and in certain cases the CT scan of the chest. Later the colon cancer staging is done based on the TNM system to analyzing the exact spread of the tumor. Tumor that is confined in the bowel wall in most cases is curable through surgery. If the tumor is spread to other areas of internal organs there is least chance of cure through surgery. If there is no possibility to cure through the surgery the next option is to make the patient undergo Chemo therapy and other palliative method to control the life style of the person to have an improved quality of life. The radiation or chemo therapy is given for shrinking the size of tumor and there by reducing the pain. Even if there is reduction in pain the side effects of chemo therapy results in vomiting and other uneasiness in the bowel movements.

The colon cancer rate is high in developed countries. USA is having higher rate of colon cancer patients compared to other countries like Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The lowest rate of colon cancer patients are seen in Africa and South Central Asia. It is an accepted fact that colon cancer may be prevented through proper lifestyle with a healthy diet with more fiber content food, exercise and avoiding diet rich with fats, fried foods and meat.

Beware of Breast Cancer

breast cancerHuman body is a wonderful creation even the latest scientific technology can’t find or reveal the exact functioning of human body and mind. The development in the field of medical science to a certain extent had found the function of body parts in a human body. Disease that are affecting the body parts are also found today and the cure for most of the diseases are available even though the treatment for grave diseases has side effects after the survival of the patient. Cancer is one of the gravest diseases that possess threat to human life. It can be affected to any human body part. There are highly advanced treatments are available today for the cancer.

Several studies show that female body parts are easily subject to cancer.    One of the most common types of cancer seen today is the breast cancer. The origin of breast cancer is from two sources. It originates from the lobules and milk ducts. Breast cancer originates from the tissues in the inner lining of milk ducts are categorized as Ductal carcinomas. Cancer occurs from the lobules is termed as lobular carcinomas.

There are several types of treatment are available for the breast cancer depending on the nature and intensity of the cancer. There are several symptoms appear on the breast including color change in the skin, formation of lumps, skin dimpling, clear or colored fluid leaks from the nipples, change in the looks of the nipple one breast began to enlarge than the other, constant pain on the breasts, constant in the arm pit, swelling or lumps in the arm pit, swelling in the collar bone are recognized symptoms of breast cancer. Constant pain is the main determining factor of breast cancer. Not only breast cancer the pain in the breast may be a symptom of other health relating problems of breasts.

When any one of these symptom appear through a mammogram test the breast cancer can be detected earlier.

There are several types of breast cancer that includes inflammatory breast cancer, Paget’s disease and Metastatic breast cancer

 The latest treatments available for different types of breast cancer are different therapies. Hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, radiation ad chemo therapy falls under the medications. In the most dangerous conditions when the stage of the cancer becomes dangerous and affect the life of the patient the single alternative is the surgery. Additional chemotherapies are given for the speedy recovery of the patient.

 From different researches and studies it is proved that life style is the main cause of breast cancer. The food rich in fat content accelerates the cancer growth. Women who consume plenty of meat particularly red meat are mainly subject to breast cancer. The fried food also increases the possibility of the breast cancer. Meat when consumed in fried form with oils and fats for a long time is the main cause detected for breast cancer in countries where meat consumption is at a high rate. Another possibility is the hectic life style with exercise for the body is not given properly. The lack of exercise leads to fat deposits that eventually turns out be the breast cancer in women. Other factors that contribute to the breast cancer are the genetic conditions, hereditary, psychological factors including stress and strain.

Today it is found that breast cancer ratio is 22.9 compared to other cancers in women.  There are several campaigns are awareness programs are organized through medical camps, media and by organizations and institutions against breast cancer. The pink ribbon is accepted as breast cancer awareness symbol. The survival rates are very low even after treatments. The old saying prevention is better than cure is highly applicable in preventing breast cancer through healthy diet, exercise and proper diagnosis once in three by the women.

Autism – a behavioral disorder in Human Beings

According to various beliefs in world a human beings life is the most valuable life than the life of any other living beings on earth. A healthy and prosperous life of a human depends on various factors. Physical appearance without any deformity to the organs in a human body helps a person to have confidence in every thing he does. Mental health is also equally important or sometimes more important than physical health. Since mind and body are interconnected the thoughts in a person’s mind influence the actions of him. The thoughts and actions in a human being is basis of his communication. Internal organ function in a body is very vital in promoting the thoughts and actions in a person. The central nervous system in the human body controls the brain functions. If any disorder occurs in the central nervous system it affects the entire function or the systematic rhythm of the mind and body function in a human body. One of the serious Neuro disorders that affect form the infancy of a human being is termed as Autism. This disorder mainly affects the communication ability of a person. Leo Kanner in the year 1943 defined the term Autism.

 Autism mainly affects the neural development. The main symptom of this disorder appears in baby before the age of three years. The disability to communication and repetitive nature of behavior are main symptoms of this disorder. Unfortunately these symptoms are ignored or taken in a lighter manner by the parents of a baby. Most of the parents take the disability of the baby to communicate as a part of his growth or take it as an immature way of behavior of the baby. Only when this behavioral disorder reaches its advanced stage many of the parents consult doctor and confirm this disorder. Autism mainly affects the information processing of the brain by affecting the nerves cells and synapses. The symptoms of this disorder began to appear before six months in a baby gradually and this gradual process attains its completion by the age of three. Once this disorder affects a baby it becomes dominant through the life time.  The major drawback of this disorder is that the symptoms cannot be recognized easily. Only through constant observation the disorder symptoms can be recognized. Many doctors about the mention of this disorder states that from a single character disorder autism cant be detected. There are basically four classifications of behavioral disorders for the detection of autism. Impairments in social interaction, restricted interests, repetitive behavior and impairments in communication are the four spheres that help to identify the autistic symptom. There are specific autistic spectrum disorders that come under the classification of autism but not established as autism. A child affected by autism show less attention and response to social development. Autistic infants have strikingly strange behavior pattern towards the society. They never tend to react even when their own names are called. They have less eye contact and deficiency to point out things they require. Another major symptom is the repetitive and restricted behavior that confines them in social interaction and communication. Their speech and action is restricted unlike normal kids. They give repetitive action for getting something they needed. They are more attached to one person who had been taking care of them form the stage of infancy rather than any body from outside.

There are several causes found out that are responsible for this disorder. The basic root causes relating to autism are genetic, cognitive and disorder in the neural levels. The most pathetic side of this disorder is that there is complete cure is identified till today. Only through alternative therapies an autistic person can be conditioned to a certain degree that makes him capable of doing things of his own without any dependency from others.

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