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Dogs are Lovable Pets

A true and genuine animal lover can’t avoid a dog in his pets list. The companionship between man and dog is evident from the stories in the history. The bond between them can be traced back from time immemorial to the modern world. Even in the dark ages when man found his way of survival through hunting in thick dense forests dogs were his faithful companions. With the advent of civilization dogs became the pets and were given a place almost equal to the family members in the family. Dogs were the very first domesticated animals by human beings. The domesticated dogs were mainly used for hunting and as pets. The evolution of dog is from the family of Gray wolf. The domesticated dogs belong to the subspecies of the gray wolf with the scientific term as “Canis Lupus”. The word dog derives from the Middle English word ‘Dogge’ indicating as a powerful dog breed. During the 14th century in England dogs in the hound category was used for hunting. By 16th century the word dog began to be referred to all species of dogs. Studies suggest that the first domestication of this wild species happened in Siberia and Europe. In extreme cold regions they were used as sled dogs.

It is quite evident form the history that dogs were mainly used for hunting in the earlier centuries. Later the cognition and adaptability to the surroundings made the man to domesticate these wolf descendants. The ability to adapt, playfulness and high train ability made them a pet in many house holds. The trend of keeping pet dogs at households became a trend after the Second World War. During 1960’s people of elite class kept high bred dog species as their pets. The easy taming, loyalty and train ability made the dog after human beings the best friend of man. The watch fullness of the domesticated or pet dogs made them the best companions of children. The versatile work pattern of dogs in different fields earn them the title as the “man’s best friend”. They play with the kids and at the same time act as the protector of children from strangers and enemies. Trained dogs are used in professions were dog squads are used in the defense and police forces. Sniffer dog squad is quite common in the police and investigation forces. The trained Sniffer dogs help to trace the criminals form the crime spots. Bomb squads of different countries use Sniffer dogs to detect the hidden bombs. Specialized trainings are provided to the dogs for detection of concealed bomb planted in densely populated areas. Dogs are great swimmers who during war times used to follow the soldiers to carry things through waters. The versatility in the nature of the dogs helps them to do almost any work along with the human beings. There are several sports and pet dogs shows are organized in many countries.

Ancient kings used to keep watch dogs and hunting dogs. Certain category of hounds and mastiffs were used for pulling cart for distances as a mode of transportation in olden times. In some countries dog meat is also used as exquisite cuisine. In some of the East Asian countries like Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam dog meat is used as a normal cuisine and the breed reared for dog meat is different from the pet breeds. In western countries and in Islamic nations dog meat is banned. In Middle East, except some part in the Eastern regions in India and Africa dog meat use is against religious standards and rules.

It is an undoubted fact that companionship of dogs are accepted world wide because of their several outstanding qualities that distinguish them from other animal species.

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