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Health or Wealth – Which one is more valuable?

Whenever a person is asked about health and wealth they just get confused as to which is more significant. Is it health or wealth? It is actually a question which needs an answer which can really justify it. Health and wealth as such cannot be separated but circumstances can independently prove their importance in life. In a man’s life health is an essential part which nobody would like to take away from their life. Wealth is also valuable in terms of adequacy. In order to live a contended life health and wealth becomes a requirement. But in certain circumstances a person feels the importance of health more than wealth because nobody can buy health for themselves even if they have enough wealth with them. To earn wealth one must have good health. Unless health is there he would not be able to earn enough wealth for himself. When a person confronts a situation where he has to select the more important thing from the two he would most probably choose health instead of wealth. It’s impossible for a person to pay money and get health for himself.

A person may have enough money but if he is unable to get a medicine for an illness for which no treatment is possible then his money would be of no use for him. People think that wealth is everything and they can buy everything in the world if they have enough money with them. But it is actually a wrong concept. A person who has enough money need not be physically fit or have contentment. They are on the other hand more insecure from inside. They always have a feeling that they would be harmed from others. Such an insecure feeling would slowly affect their well-being and condense their prolonged existence. Hence in such a condition one finds or discovers that it is really health which matters a lot than money. If one has good health he can easily achieve whatever he wants, even money. But as already said money can never buy a person his health or give him a happy life. Thus health becomes an imperative aspect in one’s life. To achieve a high position in life or become famous person money is not a criterion. But at the same time to achieve such a great position in life one needs to be in good health. Money will be a mere waste if one cannot achieve a healthy life with it. There are people who have enough money or very rich but if they do not have good health they would not be able to enjoy or take the pleasure of their money. That is one need to have healthy life in order to enjoy the money he has earned. Only good health can earn a good life. If one has good health he can earn as much money as he wants. It is a fact that no one can deny that money can never buy everything for a man and one such important thing that cannot be bought is healthy life for oneself.

If we go and observe the world around us we can find many people who are normally rich but are not happy because of their poor health. The lives of such people are not so happy when compared to those who have good health. The figures show that the life of a healthy person is more cheerful than those who are highly wealthy. It is mainly because those who are highly rich always have great pressure thinking about the safety of their wealth. Such tensions bring down their health and life becomes painful for them. Nowadays most of the youngsters are running after money. In the race of earning money they forget about their health .They think that they can earn healthy life with their money. For that they just spend most of their time earning money. Due to such a hectic schedule they end up with different kinds of health problems and the money they earn would only benefit treating such illnesses. If health is there wealth would automatically come to you. Money can be earned through work which can only be done if one is healthy.

Home is where the heart is

A home or a family is simply defined as a dwelling unit or place. In a wider aspect home is defined as a building for residence or refuge of an individual or a single family. Like the base or foundation of a building a home is the foundation stone of a society. A home of an individual is the considered as the safest abode. One of the main ambitions of a person of his life is to have home of his own or for his family. Food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities of a man and shelter in the form of home is an important factor. The daily activity of a person is normally done in a home. The assets or personal property of a person is safely stored in a home. In ancient period man found deep forest as his dwelling place. Later he began the search of having a place of his own as a protection form wild animals and other adverse climatic factors. Caves are considered as his first abode that provided him protection from all odds. With the change of time he began to construct home with mud and gradually through centuries he began to construct home that had all facilities for his safe survival. Sanskrit, the sacred language of India has given a great contribution to the term home. In Sanskrit the term“akam” is used to describe “self”. Home is eventually where the self of a person remains.

A home is also considered as a physical location. The modern households are the best examples of physical amenities. In many modern household most modern kitchen facilities and sanitary facilities are available. Modern homes in comparison to the primitive homes constructed from bricks, stones and wood are having extreme luxurious amenities. Today the modern homes have two major classifications as single family and detached home. A single family is normally owned by one house hold or family. It does not provide any short term accommodations like hotel, motel or inns. It also does not provide long term accommodation facilities on rental basis in apartments, boarding house or condominiums. A detached house is another form of house that has only outside walls and does not share any inner walls with other houses or dwelling. The old English homes are always built detached from other surroundings or building as separated buildings. Most of these houses have courtyard and garages. Many homes are built in alleys in a row but each house is detached from one another with separate compound walls.

In many societies people used to live in a multi family structure. Different families dwell in the same building mostly and each family was assigned to particular number of rooms. After radical change in the thought and lifestyle of the people the undivided or multi families were reduced to nuclear or single family comprises of parents and children. The rise of nuclear family is the remarkable feature of families in the modern era where privacy and personal space for family members are considered as the most important factor than any other relationships. In urban area and cities consists of apartments or flats where each family has their own private space in a building. In rural and remote areas some of the undivided families still exist even though most of the people prefer single home. Today there are different types of homes including cottages, bungalow, villas and large houses termed as mansions.

A home is much more than a dwelling place to everyone. Other than the physical access a home is place where nostalgic memories and emotions are attached to. The saying is quite all the time, “Home is where the heart is.”

Most important feelings every one wanted to have is happiness

It is defined that human being is a bundle of emotions. Depending on the circumstances human beings react with varied emotions or feelings. One of the most important feelings every one wanted to have is happiness. Creating or spreading happiness among people and every where is not an easy task. The positive energy in happiness never let down any one in the world. Even the worst criminal or a person with extreme cruelty in mind seeks happiness in one way or the other. There are several factors that promote happiness. The reasons for happiness vary from one another. It may be psychological, physical, biological, religious and philosophical. Happiness is defined as “mental or emotional state of ell being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”.

The importance of happiness is widely accepted by people everywhere in the world irrespective of any physical and emotional barriers. In the declaration of independence in United States state the importance of happiness as, “happiness is such of fundamental importance to the human condition that, life, liberty and happiness is deemed to be unalienable rights. The sustainability of human life is based on happiness. Many thinkers and philosophers emphasis on the importance of happiness, by stating it as the basis of any good life. An accepted fact about happiness is that it is the well being of any person. The other aspects relate to the concept of happiness is that of quality and contentment of life and the element of flourishing in the state of well being and joy. For attaining happiness it is important to avoid unpleasant experiences and events and to retain pleasant incidents.

Being content in the life with what a person has is another important aspect of finding happiness. Having deep satisfaction with every thing that comes to the life respective of good and bad things gives immense happiness to a person according to great thinkers and philosophers. Ancient sages and spiritual leaders state that eternal happiness is found by people who take good and bad thinks alike in their life. Another aspect of finding happiness is in finding equilibrium between cognitive ability and emotional capabilities. Even though there is cognitive element is taken for evaluating happiness prominence for evaluation of happiness is given for emotions. In the scientific methods and research conducted for evaluating happiness resulted in the finding that genetics or hereditary plays an important role in the element of happiness in a person. Sonja Lyubomirsky states that 50 percent of human happiness is contributed by genes, 10 % is the result of circumstances and the rest of the 40% is the contribution of self control. This condition is alike in human beings all over the world. The major factor that determines happiness is the value and intensity of relationships. The bond between relationships increases the level of happiness in every human being. The bond between parents and children are a good example for happiness. There are several definitions given to happiness in different contexts. Philosophical definitions given in the approach of happiness is that it is an eternal bliss that come form within an individual. According to various religions true and eternal happiness comes from the relation with the supreme power and human beings. All other physical and worldly happiness is only momentary.

In the modern materialistic world happiness is most commonly weighed in the economic status. Financial freedom is considered as the major aspect of happiness in the modern world. Apart from the definitions the state of happiness has great effect on the mental and health condition of the people. In any relation where unconditional love exists happiness occurs naturally.

Prepare Family Budget to Control Expense

Prepare Family Budget

Prepare Family Budget

A budget is an estimated financial plan. A financial plan is statement that gives accurate information about the income and expenses. Financial institutions and organizations from the beginning of the financial year make budget plans for estimating the debits and credits for the entire year. Companies and larger organizations make budget plans in order to asses the income and expenditure of the organizations. A budget for family or personal assessment is also a mandatory requirement in many modern families. If the family members having an earning capacity make a family budget in almost every family to know the exact amount of money spent and incurred. Usually monthly budget is prepared in the beginning of every month in many families. Through the preparation of family budget the estimate in the past and future income and expenditure can be ascertained and planning for future income can be made from the past budget. The main factor in ascertaining budget is to get a clear vision about debts and liabilities and the amount spent in the past. From the past spending savings for future can be estimated. A budget is basically estimated from the income incurred by the person who wanted to prepare a budget.

There are several methods or tools to ascertain a family budget. The calculation from the income of the person who has the higher income in the family is to be ascertained before the preparation of a family budget. For ascertaining a budget in a family the most common and simple method used is to write down the plan in a paper or book with pencil or pen. For the preparation of a current budget the verification of the past budget is an important factor. An old budget that does not contain accurate information about the income and expenditure does not give any accuracy in the current budget. Another option to calculate the figures instead of using pen and paper is to use a calculator for easy and more accurate calculations. The use of calculator helps in easy book keeping format in the budget plan. File cabinets or three ring binders are normally used for book keeping format of budget. The family is always done in the book keeping format in households.

Another method of budget preparation is based on computer programs. There are several pre formatted computer programs designed for budgeting along with general formats. Today the book format is replaced by computer based programs for easy calculations and corrections. Corrections in the figures or plans are easily done in computer programs than in the written format. There are several types of computer software available for budgeting. Most commonly used software is the spread sheet software. The spread sheet software include Microsoft excel, i work numbers or open etc. Spread sheets are often used for complex budget planning. The information relating to income and expense can be more accurately done in spread sheets. The only drawback in the spread sheet is that the date cannot be shifted or reentered at the end of the month.

There are money management software designed for checking the saving status, balance statement, individual account information and money market expenses. One of main characteristic of money management software is the categorization of past expenses that will in turn help the maintenance of future accounts. Spending management software gives the information regarding the balance amount in the account and gives exact statement on the spending of balance in an individuals account. Most of the spending management software is connected to online bank account for producing an exact current account status report.

In written or in a computerized form a family budget is an important and determining factor in assessing a families total income and expenditure that enable the family members to have a more accurate family budget in the future.

Importance of Elderly Care

Importance of Elderly Care

Importance of Elderly Care

One of important characteristics that differentiate human beings from animals is the strength of relationships. Unlike animals that rare their offspring to a particular stage of growth human beings have strong bonding between the relations till the end of the life. The relationship between the parents and children is the most valuable human relation in the world. The emotional bonding between parents and children or the elders to the younger ones are beyond explanation. In earlier time these relations were considered as sacred or with purity. Grown ups believed that it is their duty and responsibility to look after their younger ones till they became capable of doing things independently. The younger ones believed that it is their duty to give back care and security to the elder one at their old age. Unfortunately in the modern world people are so self centric and they lack in giving care to the elderly people. Most of the youngsters focus only on their future and believe that it is not their responsibility to look after the elders.

Senior citizens or people who are above 60 years are unfortunately neglected by their family members or younger ones. The elder care or the elderly care is the complete fulfillment of special care for the senior citizens. The special care includes the fulfillment of special requirements that an aged person cannot complete without an external help. When a person reaches at his 60’s the health condition differs from his younger age. Right from the vision to loosing strength of internal organs are the signs of ageing that make the person weak doing even the daily routine. Giving special care for health related problems is the prime concern for an elderly care. The assistance given for the elders differs depending on the cultural and geographic differences. Even in the same country there are regional variations in providing elderly care. It is a pathetic condition were the elderly care once extended by the family members at their old age is now provided by charitable institutions and by the government in many countries. The concept of atom or small families that include only parents and children decreased the value of big families where elder ones were given proper care and attention in their daily needs. The dissolution of marriages, broken families and single parenting are some of reasons that did not extend or ensured elderly care. The lack of elderly care is quite common and prominent in western nations were people like to have a liberated and independent life without any ties of responsibility. Today even in developed nations including Asian countries were relationships are valued most is not giving proper care to the elder ones. In India family relations were valued with sanctity is now diminishing to a considerable level as the graph of abandoned elderly people rise to a higher level. Most of the people who are pursuing pressurized carriers do not get enough time to spend for their elders. Majority of them are compelled to leave their parents or elders to old age homes or for other alternative accommodations. Another category is those who send the elder people to institutions or organizations meant for old has the concept of not taking up any burden as their responsibility.

Another aspect of elder care is the women at an old age need more care and security. Unfortunately the major sections of people who are neglected at the old age are women if the statistics world wide is taken. Today elderly people are given training to take care of them independently. In many countries legal aid are available for the senior citizens to get maintenance through legal procedures form their children or any one who is liable and bound to take care of the elder ones. True value of relationship happens only in applying unconventional love to family relations.

Divorce and Kids Psychological Problems

Divorce should be avoided

Divorce should be avoided

The family life is an important factor that determines the character of a person. A good family system constitutes a good society that will promote the progress of a nation. In every society marriage is approved an invisible license to live together by a man and woman with legal capability and validity. Marriage is the recognized institution that promotes family life. In many religions marriage is considered as a sacrament. It emphasis the purity and sanctity of a family relationship. A valid marriage always has the legal approval of the society. A legal marriage can be terminated through a divorce if the partners don’t want to continue a marital relationship. Through the divorce the legal responsibilities and duties of the partners will be discharged for ever through the process in the court. Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage through legal process dissolving every tie of the marital relation.

There is no uniform cause for a divorce. There are several reasons that end in the divorce. The reason may vary from silly differences between the couple to complex mental and physical harassment. Unlike in the earlier centuries divorce rates are higher in the 21st century that has become as global phenomenon. Divorce happens in developed and developing nations with increased rate. It is happening among couple with high education and social status and at the same time among the partners in middle and lower strata in the society. Even though the ultimate aim of divorce is the legal separation of the couple the law relating to divorce varies from country to country. In United States, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Scandinavia and United Kingdom the divorce rates are higher than any other countries in the world. In some countries the one spouse or the party who filed petition for divorce need to pay the attorney’s fees and other litigation expenses for the other spouse. At the time of divorce the settlement or division of property and other assets are also done under strict legal procedures according to the direction from the court as per the existing laws. In every country sufficient and genuine grounds has to be raised by the spouse before the court for divorce. The grounds for divorce in western law system are termed as faults. The faults or the ground had to be proved beyond the benefit of doubt for getting a proper divorce among the spouse.

There is another provision for uncontested divorce in western courts when the spouses agree to separate without the aid of any lawyers or mediators. They can directly approach the court for dissolution of the marriage on agreed terms between them. In Indian law the provision for mutual divorce is similar to uncontested divorce. The only difference is the couple needs to engage a lawyer to present the agreed terms in a legal format before the court. The only advantage of a divorce is that after the separation the family conflicts will come to an end forever. At the same time the adverse effect of divorce are many if the marital relationship involves children. A child from a divorced parents or broken family will have to go through several psychological and physical problems that will create problems in his life. The inferiority complex, criminal attributes at young age are higher in children of divorced parents. If these children are not given proper caring the possibilities of them being anti social elements is higher. If the track records of criminals are traced back majority of them come from broken and divorced families. Studies show that children of divorced parents have lower academic interest and achievements.

It is the duty and responsibility of partners to make the family life a better one for children, society and themselves through love, caring and other humane qualities.

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