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Fashion is Style or Trend

Fashion is Style or Trend

Fashion is Style or Trend

If the human history is traced back the desire of human to have good looks before the community or others is evident in many situations. From the ancient time onwards he used several methods to adorn himself to have a pleasant appearance before others. He made clothes and ornaments from different things available from the nature. With the dawn of civilization various type of dress codes were invented and each type of dress or attire signified the peculiarity of the community or class he belonged to. Later a style or trend was evolved that began the advent of fashion in people. An interesting factor about fashion is that it was phenomenon happened not only among a particular community but was spread all over the world with variations.

Fashion is simply defined as a style or trend that is followed by people in their clothing and accessories. To a certain extend fashion also denotes the behavioral pattern of a person. A person who follows the norms in fashion is always conscious about the way he present before others or society. A good style or fashion is always subject to appreciation that definitely boosts the confidence level in him. At the same time a bad fashion invite harsh criticism that may decrease the personality of a person. Often experiments of fashion are done in the clothing and accessories including foot wares and ornaments. Fashion has a wider aspect of learning about clothing in general. Fashion has two major classifications with regard to gender. There are masculine and feminine fashions. The feminine fashion is highly recognized than the masculine fashion trends. Varieties of fashions are discovered day by day in the feminine fashion styles.

The western fashion is prominent in the fashion world. From the early centuries onwards new trends and styles were introduced in the western fashion culture. Through the western travelers the fashions prevailed in other parts of the world were adopted in the western fashion clothing. Fashions from Indian, Turkish, Chinese and Persian culture were adopted and new innovative designs were created from the inspirations form these cultures. By the 14th century there was tremendous change happened in the fashion of men and women clothing. Along with the fashion of clothing fashion hairstyles became more popular by the 18th and 19th century. Kings and Queens were in constant search of new fashions in the clothing and new hair styles. Exotic imported cloth materials were brought from different parts of the world exclusively for the royal and other families.

By the end o 19th century concepts of fashions had undergone different changes. Though of fashion in clothing and accessories changed to a new concept that a person’s fashion taste reflects his personality and behavior. Another important change was the use of clothes in two major categories- casual and formal. Casual dresses were begun to be worn by people from different classes without any discrimination in informal occasions. Formal dresses are worn by professionals, officials, diplomats and by Head of the nations. Several renowned companies and government institutions have strict dress code for their employees.

Fashion changes rapidly in the informal or casual wears in the fashion industry. Celebrities particularly movie actors and sports people are often considered as trend setters in the fashion world. The trend they introduce is “faithfully” followed by the teenagers to grab the attention of others particularly during grant occasions.

One of the remarkable features of fashion industry today is the fashion shows or “fashion for a cause shows” that is conducted with the motive of collection of fund for cancer patients, child education or for other charity purposes. . Today fashion industry is one of the major industries that has huge amount of revenue than any other industry in the world.

Proper Clothing is Essential for Human Being

One of the basic essentials of man is clothing. Today clothing is an important factor in a everybody’s life. The history of clothing can be traced back to the history of man. During pre historic age man used the bark and leaves of the trees as the clothing. But the real origin of clothing cannot be easily defined. Some historians quote that clothing was invented and used for more than 650 thousand years ago. Another theory states that clothes existed between 42,000 and 72,000 BP. It is again recorded by the historians and archeologists state that the primitive form of clothes include fur, leather and even grass were used as clothing. Later sewing needles made from bone and ivory were found in Russia in the year 1988 and the age of the needles traced back to 30,000 BC. The exact period of origin of clothing is yet to be resolved according to the scientists and archeologists. Even though there is dispute regarding the origin of clothing it was quite evident that man used different type of materials as clothing.

The objective of clothing is to protect the human body form extreme climatic conditions. It also reflects the culture and tradition of different societies. Mainly the clothing depends on geographical and climatic conditions. It helps the human body from the extreme heat from the sun, wind and extreme cold. Clothing form head to toe in a hot and cold terrain protects the body from the extreme heat and cold. Clothing of most of the regions is based on gender division and religious practices. Protection from all odd situations for the human body is the basic purpose of clothing. In addition to the protective factor of clothing it provides dignity and mark the individual style of a person wearing it. One of main difference in clothing is between the occupational clothing and religious clothing. Certain religions religious heads wear dress with specific dress code that conveys their rank or status in the religion.

There is a wide variety of clothing indifferent regions subject to historical, geographical and climatic conditions. People in the arctic, Antarctic regions and extreme cold regions wear clothes of fur, leather and skin of the animals. People in the hottest regions wear loose and light clothes that allow plenty of air flow.

Before the industrial revolution hand woven clothes were widely used. After industrial revolution textile industry emerged and mechanized form of fabric and cloth making became profession of several people. The fabrics are designed according to the need of the people. Some clothes are intended to drape and some others need special patterns and style. The cutting and sewing of the cloth is another important aspect of garment making. Today the fashion industry depends on the new style and fashion of clothing. Many fashion designers are inspired by the traditional or historical used by people in the Victorian era. Victorian era had given great contributions to the clothing industry. During that period people began to be conscious about their appearances. New patterns and styles were created and some of them were classic that is still an inspiration to the modern fashion designers.

Today garment making factories produce clothes of different varieties that include western, traditional and regional style of clothing. The future of fashion in garments or clothing is always subject to new trends and changes that mark the growth of the clothing industry in high graph all the time. Laundry, ironing and storage of the clothing come in the maintenance aspect of garments. The recycling option of clothing is a remarkable feature where the used garments are reused in other forms. A world without clothing or garment is beyond imagination in the modern world.

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