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Fruits and Fruit Bearing Trees

Fruits and Fruit Bearing Trees

Fruits and Fruit Bearing Trees

One of the important factors about the survival of human beings relates to fruits and fruit bearing trees. One of the classifications of the human beings relate to their food habit. People who eat meat and fish are classified as non- vegetarians and those who follow staple vegetarian food are termed as vegetarians. Even before this classification of the history of man is traced back to the beginning of human life, man survived by depending on nature and natural products. There umpteen number of historical evidence that show earlier man depended on the fruits as his very first food. He ate fruits he got from the thick dense forests and by the passage of time he developed several eating habits that resulted in the division of vegetarian and non vegetarian class among human beings. In early age man in different parts of the world found the sole source of food from the fruits. It is apt to term the ancient man as “fruitarian”. Even today most of the vegetarians strictly follow fruit diet along with other vegetarian dishes. Man was knowledgeable about the benefits of fruits form ancient time onwards. Fruits are in fact the boon form mother nature for survival so living things.

A fruit is defined as an edible part of a flower bearing plant or tree. Scientifically defined fruits derive from the particular tissues of the flower. They are one or more ovaries of the flower and or in certain cases the associated tissues of the flower. Not only human beings there several animals and birds have the source of food from the fruits. Any tree or plant that bears fruits specifically edible fruits are defined as fruit bearing trees. The common fruits trees include apple tree, orange trees, jackfruit trees and mango trees. There are fruit bearing plants like plantain, berries etc. The main difference between fruit bearing plants and trees are the fruit trees take long time to bear fruits. At the same time fruit bearing plants give fruits within a short period in comparison to fruit trees. There are different types of fruit termed as simple fruit, aggregate fruits, stone fruits and multiple fruits. Simple fruits are fruits with flesh, aggregate fruits are fruits formed from single flowers that have multiple carpel, multiple fruits form from cluster of flowers, stone fruit contain single seed and berry form simple fleshy fruit originates from single ovary.

The high nutritional values of fruits are absolutely beneficial for the health. The fruits are advisable for its easy digestion. The body absorbs the nutrients of the easily digestible fruits. The nutrients in the fruit help the proper body functions including easy digestion and improved metabolic process of the human body. Many dieticians and doctors prefer and advise fruit diets for patients and health conscious people. People who follow naturopathy strictly follow fruit diet. The fruits from the fruit tree were considered as divine food by the sages in ancient India. Many of the Indian religious rituals include wide variety of fruits. The fruit bearing trees were cultivated in large scale in all most all parts of the world because fruits are consumed in highest rate in the world by vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

Many government organizations today promote fruit tree cultivation in large scale as the majority of export and import market in food industry comprise of the production of fruits. Fruits are the most acceptable variety of food all over the world as it can be consumed by babies to elderly people. Famous people particularly the celebrities are the majority of fruit diet followers as they are quite convinced about the qualities of fruits. The cultivation of fruit trees need to be promoted in large scale as the fruits are the most suitable form of food on earth for human beings .

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