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Geography and its contribution to the Service of Man

Most of the people consider geography as an interesting area of discussion. Geography is a subject that tries to disclose the amazing transformations and events that have been taken place on our earth from the moment it came into existence. A person is able to discover everything regarding different countries and also about their geographical areas. In short he is able to get much information regarding the earth and its physical features. Geography helps us to know about the animals, plants and other organisms which been wiped out from the crust of the earth due to some reason or the other. It also gives information about the changes that have occurred in the physical features as well as the organisms on the earth from the last many years. In a word we can say that due to the girth and diversity of the subject, geography has always remained a motivating subject among the youngsters. It is believed that the existence of the earth is mainly based on the geological aspect of the earth. The life has been possible on the earth mainly due to the air, water and the food that existed here. In their absence it would be impossible to envisage the existence of life on earth. The physical fundamentals are very important for the existence of life on earth and hence the significance of the subject has been recognized by many people.

Farming is basically connected to making of food and those who are involved in this area mostly spend their crucial time in understanding the basic aspects like irrigation and soil so that a great change could be brought in the field of production. Through different studies it has been proved that for a continued existence, every plant and animal entail a different environment. It is a general observation made that a plant grown in a particular area need not grow properly in another place. This is mainly due to the difference in the environment or the physical condition of that place. People related to farming are very keen in making such observations. Such studies have indeed helped these people to make an increase in their food production. Most of the farmers learn and collect much information regarding the place they are going to cultivate. They choose only those places for their cultivation which are appropriate and convenient for the purpose. Discovery of new supplies of power like coal and mineral oils is also the gift of geography which has helped to modernize the life of humankind. Various machines are properly functioning due to coal and mineral oils. These have also proved to be a great help in a variety of other works too. There are many other minerals other than coal and mineral oils which have indeed changed the lives of the mankind on our earth. A very good example in this context is the use of iron which is used for various construction works. The lifestyle of people has changed a lot due to the invention of automobiles with the help of iron. In this modern world man is enjoying a more comfortable life having more free time for himself. This is made possible only because of the new inventions and developments that are taking place today. Man is able to reach their destinations more swiftly and effortlessly. Great thanks to the development that has been taken place in the mode of transportation which has made it true. More or less the credit for all these changes and developments can be given to the science of geography. Industrialization is the result of the utilization of the natural resources of the earth and hence can be called as a reason for bringing a great progress in the world of today. Mainly due to all these explanations the importance of geography cannot be neglected in this modern world by anyone. As a result more and more people are interested to study this subject and making great offerings towards the subject. They have accomplished great achievements and are able to impart much information in the development of the society. Hence it cannot be denied that studies of geography can make a great contribution to the service of mankind.

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