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Health or Wealth – Which one is more valuable?

Whenever a person is asked about health and wealth they just get confused as to which is more significant. Is it health or wealth? It is actually a question which needs an answer which can really justify it. Health and wealth as such cannot be separated but circumstances can independently prove their importance in life. In a man’s life health is an essential part which nobody would like to take away from their life. Wealth is also valuable in terms of adequacy. In order to live a contended life health and wealth becomes a requirement. But in certain circumstances a person feels the importance of health more than wealth because nobody can buy health for themselves even if they have enough wealth with them. To earn wealth one must have good health. Unless health is there he would not be able to earn enough wealth for himself. When a person confronts a situation where he has to select the more important thing from the two he would most probably choose health instead of wealth. It’s impossible for a person to pay money and get health for himself.

A person may have enough money but if he is unable to get a medicine for an illness for which no treatment is possible then his money would be of no use for him. People think that wealth is everything and they can buy everything in the world if they have enough money with them. But it is actually a wrong concept. A person who has enough money need not be physically fit or have contentment. They are on the other hand more insecure from inside. They always have a feeling that they would be harmed from others. Such an insecure feeling would slowly affect their well-being and condense their prolonged existence. Hence in such a condition one finds or discovers that it is really health which matters a lot than money. If one has good health he can easily achieve whatever he wants, even money. But as already said money can never buy a person his health or give him a happy life. Thus health becomes an imperative aspect in one’s life. To achieve a high position in life or become famous person money is not a criterion. But at the same time to achieve such a great position in life one needs to be in good health. Money will be a mere waste if one cannot achieve a healthy life with it. There are people who have enough money or very rich but if they do not have good health they would not be able to enjoy or take the pleasure of their money. That is one need to have healthy life in order to enjoy the money he has earned. Only good health can earn a good life. If one has good health he can earn as much money as he wants. It is a fact that no one can deny that money can never buy everything for a man and one such important thing that cannot be bought is healthy life for oneself.

If we go and observe the world around us we can find many people who are normally rich but are not happy because of their poor health. The lives of such people are not so happy when compared to those who have good health. The figures show that the life of a healthy person is more cheerful than those who are highly wealthy. It is mainly because those who are highly rich always have great pressure thinking about the safety of their wealth. Such tensions bring down their health and life becomes painful for them. Nowadays most of the youngsters are running after money. In the race of earning money they forget about their health .They think that they can earn healthy life with their money. For that they just spend most of their time earning money. Due to such a hectic schedule they end up with different kinds of health problems and the money they earn would only benefit treating such illnesses. If health is there wealth would automatically come to you. Money can be earned through work which can only be done if one is healthy.

Health is Wealth

The old saying, “health is wealth” is a saying of timeless worth. For any human being life devoid of health will be miserable thorough out and till the end of his life. Health of a human body s related to several vital factors. Psychological and physical conditions are the two prominent factors that relate to health. Physical or bodily conditions involve the metabolic process and stamina of the body. Emotions affect the state of mind of a person. The emotional variations have prominent effect on the physical and psychological conditions of the human body that will affect the overall health status of a person. Having a harmony or balance of both physical and mental condition promotes absolute health in a person. For having a healthy life health fitness is an important factor. The awareness for health fitness is of vital importance among people today than ever before. The changed life style and fast food diet have adverse effect in the health condition of people. The realization of these facts makes people today to concentrate more on their health condition.

The concept of health fitness evolved from the thought of improving the health status of an individual. Normally the health condition is defined as the state of a person who is free from illness, injury and pain. The World Health Organization, (WHO) has defined health in a broader sense in the year 1946. WHO defines health as, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is quite evident from the fact that health fitness or taking care of health is important to control or eliminate diseases or any other cause that weakens the health condition. Health problems occur due to various factors. In order to avoid health problems several remedial measures are taken to stay fit. These measures are important for the health fitness.

Exercise and diet control are the two major health fitness measures observed by millions of people all over the world to have health fitness. Exercise is an important factor that determines the lifestyle of a person. Exercise is basically the maintenance of body or physical fitness. It involves self control and discipline that eliminate the cause of several diseases. A person who follows a regular exercise regime rarely fell ill. It improves the lifestyle of a person with a healthy body that helps him to do all physical activities with high level of energy and ease.

The diet of a person today consists of artificial flavors and other synthetic food materials the triggers the deterioration of metabolic process in the human body. Exercise and diet control are important in health fitness as a proper exercise and diet system eliminates the toxin deposits in the body that enables the body to have a stable health condition. Another important factor is to take safety measures against the health hazards. Safety measures are commonly taken against the diseases that occur from the occupations. The occupational health related problems originate from different type of occupation or jobs. Asthma or other respiratory disorders occur in the people who work in the environment where the supply of oxygen or in the environment where there air is polluted. Pain in the joints, skin problems, internal problems are to a great extent is a major result of environmental factors that may lead to physical stress and pressure that will affect result in the internal and external health of the body. Different modes of relaxation technique like meditation, prayers and travel helps to improve the health condition.

The exact state of balance of physical, mental conditions in an individual determines the health fitness quotient in a person and having control in the environmental and social factors also play a prominent role in health fitness.

Importance of Fitness Equipments

Fitness Equipments

Fitness Equipments

A healthy and fit body is an asset of a person who is health and beauty conscious. In modern time men and woman want to have attractive and pleasing personality. In many professions particularly in the entertainment field looking fit and healthy is an important factor. Most of the celebrities are quite conscious about the value of their personality particularly in their physical appearance. Earlier the concept of body or physical fitness was among the elite class but today even a child is quite aware about body fitness and the methods to be adopted to stay fit.

In olden times people most of the people were engaged in occupation or work that required physical activities. Today many professions particularly in the IT field physical activities are less when compared to other professions that require physical efforts. Due to the working environment where there are less time and opportunities for exercise people rely on mostly on exercise equipments. In certain companies fitness equipments and work out space are provided for the employees. Apart form the professionals patients also need to do moderate exercise for proper functioning of the body. Fitness equipment plays a great role in exercise for every one. There are several types of fitness equipments that are suitable for people according to their need.

The fitness or exercise equipments are defined as the apparatus or devices for the enhancement of the physical activity. The exercise equipments strengthen and condition the exercise activity for extracting the maximum benefit from the exercise to the person who is doing it. An exercise routine helps to improve the body functions by eliminating body toxins and there by ensure health. If followed regularly it will bring great changes in the appearance of the person. The proper usage of an exercise or fitness equipment is an important factor in following the exercise routine. An improper usage of these equipments may have adverse effects. Mishandling the equipment may result in injuries from simple to serious injuries. Extreme injuries occurred from the improper usage of fitness equipments might result in the death of the person.

There are several types of fitness equipment used for various purposes. The most popularly used fitness equipments are strength training equipment, cardiovascular equipment, abdominal equipments, weights, exercise balls and rowing machines.

The strength training equipments are normally used by men who are conscious in body building. The equipments used for strength training are barbells, dumbbells, resistance bands, weight machines, kettle bells, flexion machines. The most used flexion machines are Bow flex. For body strengthening along with the use of these equipments special diet need to be followed for the desired result.

Cardiovascular equipments are having a great category of fitness machine not only for the health conscious people but also for patients who are having cardiac problems. For the improvement of cardio vascular health most widely used equipments are elliptical machines, exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, stair steppers and stair masters. These machines are used to improve the upper and lower body parts. The work pattern of each machine differs in accordance with specific functions. The treadmills, stair steppers, stair masters and bikes are designed for enhancing lower body part functions. Elliptical machines and rowing machines having a work pattern for full body work out.

Abdominal equipments are designed for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Abdominal exercise that include stretching machines need to be done in addition to the normal work out. For toning the abdominal muscles medicine balls are also used. Rowing machines include hydraulic resistance and water resistance rowing machines. In hydraulic rowing machines pistons are used as resistance. In water rowing machines water is used as resistance.

An excessive rate of work out using fitness equipment may be harmful. The fitness equipments are boon to a fitness cautious people if used in the proper form.

Importance of Exercise

Do Exercise and Be Healthy

Do Exercise and Be Healthy

Human body undergoes complex body process when compared to the most modern man made technological devices. Every organ in the human body has its own functions that help to maintain health. Health is an important factor in human body function that promotes and maintains life. Food, air and water are the basic essentials for sustaining life in a human body. In addition to these factors there are several other activities that promote health in human body. Exercise is one of the important physical activities that improves and maintain body health. Through exercise physical or body fitness is ensured and there by it enhances the entire wellness of the body.

There are different methods of exercises performed from athletes to common house wives. A regular exercise improves not only the physical fitness and health but also improves skin and hair texture that are the essential qualities for people in the show business or in the entertainment field. Exercise related body building or physical fitness boosts the immune system of the athletes or sports persons. The exercise for them focuses on the strengthening of muscles. People with diseases engage in light natured exercise for physical fitness. Patients with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, obesity do the exercise not only for the physical fitness but also for the improvement in mental health. A simple exercise will enhance the wellness and self confidence and self esteem in a patient that empower them to face the crisis. Celebrities in the entertainment field rely on exercise for maintaining body figure and physical fitness. Weight management is an important aspect of exercise done by teenagers and beauty conscious people. Today even children are aware about the benefits of exercise and in many schools and colleges exercise regimes are structured for children and college going students. Practicing exercise ensures wellness for kids and teenagers in their growing periods that in future help them to maintain good physical health.

Different type of exercise methods are practiced by people that is suitable to their needs. Exercises are mainly classified into three divisions. Flexibility exercises, aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises are the three popular categories of exercises. To improve the efficiency of muscles and joints stretching exercise termed as flexibility exercise are done by athletes and sports persons. For ensuring cardiovascular health aerobic exercises are done by people in different walks of life that include swimming, cycling, hiking, running and skipping rope.

Anaerobic exercise includes high intensity interval training, sprinting, weight management training, eccentric training and functional training for enhancing muscle strength. These physical exercises are designed to provide stamina, strength, power, accuracy, balance, co ordination and respiratory endurance and efficiency.

 A daily routine of exercise provide healthy functions of external and internal body organs. Sleep disorders or insomnia that is quite common in people today is controlled to a greater level through proper exercise. Depression is also prevented through regular exercise as the exercise increase the serotonin and endorphins that gives improvement in the mood. When the mental condition or mood is stabilized it improves the body weight balancing. One of the important benefits of exercise in depression state is that it gives high self esteem feeling to the patient. Aerobic exercises are good source of cognitive improvement. They are often considered as cognitive therapies that improve brain function by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the brain and in the creation of new nerve cells. Any type of exercise improves the immune system in the human body that helps to shield against several diseases.

Even though there are different benefits for proper exercise an excessive or exercise done like an addiction causes many health hazards that relate to health related problems. Engaged in exercise in regular and moderate period are true health and fitness enhancer.

Elliptical Trainer

Exercise is an essential factor in the modern lifestyle. In olden times people used to work that involved physical effort particularly in the field of agriculture. The sports and games during those times also had several physical activities that gave the impact of exercise. Special time was not spent alone for any physical exercise during those times. Later when people started seeking jobs that involved less physical activities the life style also changed to a great extend. The preference was given for government jobs or jobs confined to offices where opportunity for physical activities had lesser possibilities. As a result of lack of exercise or other physical activities due to improved lifestyle with more facilities, the new type of diseases that affect the external and internal process in people began to develop.

The join pains and cardiac problems became a major health related issue in the society. The lack of fluid or cartilage resulted in joint pain and fat deposits in arteries resulted in heart problems. The life style of food intake with large amount of fat and artificial flavors and lack of exercise are the main reasons for grave health related problems. The smooth functions of joints are highly essential for the movements of hands and legs in a human body. The prevention of fats by burning them through the metabolic process is also an equally important aspect of exercise. There are several exercising machines available today for maintaining the body health. People who don’t have enough time to engage in the exercise depend on the exercise machines. One of most important and widely used exercise machines are elliptical trainers. A fitness institution is not complete with an elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainer is used for simulating or enhancing walking and running without causing excess pressure to the body joints and heart functioning. The greatest advantage of elliptical trainer is that it reduces the pressure and pain in the joints reducing the risk of injuries. Even people with minor injuries in legs can use elliptical trainer safely as it reduces the impact of joint pain and helps them to stay fit through body maintaining. Cardio vascular exercise to improve the functioning of heart can be done in elliptical trainer without giving more stress and pressure to the heart

In 1990’s elliptical trainers were introduced in the body fitness market. The compact elliptical models that are widely used today were designed by Larry D Miller for “Precor”. In the year 2004 he patented his invention. He owes his invention to his daughter as he perceived the idea of this machine form her motion of legs. The elliptical trainers have parts works in accordance with the upper and lower body movements even though some machines do not provide upper body components. The working patterns of elliptical trainers are either self powered according to the body movements of the user or the machines that work on power with proper plug INS and power supply. For the power generated elliptical trainers there are specially designed electronic consoles and electric systems.

There are three types of elliptical trainers that are most popularly today. The very first and old elliptical designs are the “rear drive type.” The second generation is the “front drive design”. The current design most widely used is the “centre drive design”.

The elliptical trainers burns the high calories and fat deposit that helps to maintain the body figure and health that is made it the most popular exercise machines all over the world. It is similar to a treadmill that helps in the exertion of leg muscles and the heart.

It is an indisputable fact that elliptical trainers are great aid to the people who wanted to keep fitness without creating any trouble or further complications …

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