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Why to Know American History

Irrespective of opinion of differences the most developed and advanced nation in the world is still considered as the United States of America. The history of America is the most eventful one that inspires people from every sphere of life. The American history depicts how a race of people fighting against all the odds and adversities became the powerful nation in the world. Today the administrative and economic strategy of several nations in the world is controlled by the US. In the year 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered American states that was inhabited by native people and this nation was disclosed to the world. Ever since the discovery of this nation European colonists gradually began to invade this nation. Inhabitants from England began to settle and they established thirteen British Colonies by 1770’s. The British Parliament made new rules and regulations in imposing tax on these colonies that ignited the spark of a great revolution. The Historical tea party in Boston in 1773 was the first protest against Tax imposition by the British on tea. The inhabitants of America protested against this as they didn’t have any representation in the parliament.  The result of this protest was the war that broke out in the year 1775.  After one year long war America became an independent nation from the autocratic rule of the British Empire.

Under the Article of confederation 13 states at the time of war fought against the British Empire under the great leadership of Sir George Washington and with the support from France. After achieving independence a new constitution was framed in the year 1778 and later incorporated Bill of Rights that became the strong foundation of United States Federal Government. George Washington became the United Nations first president and Sir Alexander Hamilton the chief advisor to the president. Again the nation had to face a war in the year 1812 with Great Britain to have an end to the attacks on westerners by the Indians or earlier inhabitants of America.

During the beginning of the 18th century the national witnessed great historical changes. The abolition of slavery was the greatest reformation happened in the socio- political scenario.  In the year 1804 slavery in the northern states of America was abolished. But due to the colonial impact on the Southern States the African Slavery existed. Nearly century slavery continued as a conflicting issue. At the time of reconstruction from 1863-1887 abolished the entire slavery system by the declaration of the President of United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. After 1887 the slaves or the Afro- Americans were given all access to enter in administration, social, legal, political, religious and cultural spheres. Voting and legal rights were given to them unconditionally. The northern and western regions gradually began to prosper in every aspect where Afro- Americans were given freedom and at the same time the southern parts remained backward in all aspects until half of the 20th century. In the middle of the 19th century the industrial revolution resulted in the emergence of America as the industrial power. That was the beginning of the emergence America as the world’s powerful nation. Even after the economic progress the nation faced a huge economic crisis after the Wall Street crash. After the Second World War US and Soviet Union emerged as the great powerful nations and competition and cold war existed between these two nations until when the Soviet Union was dissolved in the year 1991. During 21st century major conflicts occurred between the Middle East and US. The recession during 2000 put the nation into great economic crisis after 1929.

In the year 2009 Barack Obama became the nations first Afro American President and even the great recession period through his diplomatic administrative policies made the nation over come the crisis. In 2012 he was again re-elected as the President of United States.

The growth of United Nation from repeated invasions and different types of crisis is truly inspirational to all other countries in the world.

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