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Landscaping has potential in both individual and commercial aspects

Earth is a mystery to human beings. The survival of human beings on earth depends on various factors. During the dark ages or at the beginning of human race the earth he lived in was an inexplicable in various aspects. Early man always found mother earth to be his safest abode. By the passage of time he began to explore the secrets of nature. He was always amazed by the wonders that nature had in her. Ancient people were quite aware about the basic elements that promoted and sustained life on earth. The air, water and earth are the prime elements that are essential for the sustainability of life of people on earth. With the inherent curious nature man began to conduct several experiments on the air and water. He even became successful in transforming or altering the structure or form of air and water. The altered form of air and water are most commonly used for the several scientific purposes including as the inevitable components of space crafts. Many states of air and water are used in many experiments conducting for the benefit of man kind. The energy consumption of modern world is exploring the potential of these natural elements.

Man began to build his shelter on earth in different forms. He built huts to mansions on the earth making different modifications on the earth. He began to alter the structure of earth in many ways. From deep searching exploration to the inner core of the earth to make differences on the outer layer of the earth is done by man in a great number all over the world. For several reasons he restructures the land in many ways. Most commonly land is used for the construction of buildings. For this land is modified in different forms that always alters the natural structure and features of a land. During the early centuries man used land for cultivation and building purposes. But with the progression on the human life and life style man realized the value of landscaping. He found that landscaping has potential in both individual and commercial aspects. Landscaping is defined as any activity that is done on earth that modifies or improves the visible features of the land. The beautification of the land is main object if the landscaping is done for individual purpose. Many people use the landscaping to enhance the beauty of the surroundings they live in. Earlier the landscaping was done by the affluent people in the society. They preferably wanted to restructure that surrounded their residence or working place. Gardening was done for beautifying and enhancing the appearance of the place they live in. gardening is considered as the earlier version of landscaping in the medieval period. Later on the aspects of gardening had wider perspectives that in turn resulted in the landscaping in many parts of the world.

An artistic taste is the elementary criterion for landscaping. The land that has tough features or rough terrain requires more effort in modifying along with the artistic talent. A person who has an artistic perspective can indeed change a waste land to a “paradise”. Innovative thoughts and concepts are essential for the execution of a beautiful landscape. Anything including the flora and fauna can be altered for the perfect execution of a landscape.

Several factors need to be considered before landscaping. The texture of the soil, the nature of the terrain and the maintainability of natural resources are the fore most concern in landscaping. The suitability of the land is another important factor. An unsuitable land need restructuring or reshaping termed as grading before the landscaping. A sketch or the plan of landscaping is the other essential of landscaping.

Landscaping is commercially undertaken by different institutions today where the landscaping is done in accordance with the preference of the client or customers.

Various aspects of Hunting

Even in the pre –historic time it is presumed that man survived on food that he obtained from hunting. The tools he used during pre-historic and ancient times discovered through excavation by the explorers affirms that the very first method done by man in search of his food was hunting. He hunted animals as it was his main source of food. It is presumed that man imitated the predation among animals. He observed when strong animals hunted weaker ones for food. The predation of animals was purely for the source of food. Even though man hunted in early period for food later by the passage of time he began to hunt for recreational purposes and for trading. With the advent of civilization hunting for food in several communities began to be restricted. Some earlier communities relied on vegetarian food and never allowed or encouraged hunting animals. A sector of people who belonged to the lower strata of the society continued hunting for obtaining food and even today in many rural and remote places certain communities pursue hunting. Hunting was also pursued by kings for the sake of recreation.

Many historical evidences affirm that 18,000 years ago hunting was prominent and later on domestication of animals made a change in the hunting gatherer lifestyle style of nomadic tribes. The fossil evidence of spears and other sharp tools confirms that hunting was practiced more than 16,200 years ago. Many tribal societies all in many parts of the world still practice hunting for the source of their food. But soon after the advent of agrarian civilization that was spread in almost all parts of the world and the domestication of animals reduced the hunting. Even though the hunting was reduced as a source of food it was practiced for getting the fur and leather of animals for trade purposes. In the restriction of hunting various religions also played important roles.

The Hindu religion in India propagates the divinity and presence of god in every thing did not restrict hunting animals. According to Hindu mythology even the deities engaged in hunting. Hunting was also considered as kingly sport where valor of a king is assessed by the wild animals hunted. The kshtariya kings of India were quite famous for hunting wild animals. The Mughal kings considered hunting as a practice along with their retinue to affirm their superiority and competitions in hunting wild animals with other kings was a prestigious sport during the ancient time.

In Roman Catholic Christians hunting is prohibited through catholic clergies even from the early centuries. In accordance with the belief of Protestants, Bible does not restrict hunting as per the verses in Act of Apostles and Timothy and hunting has no religious restrictions for protestant community.

The Jewish hunting law based on the Torah, also does not restrict hunting but the category of animals to be hunted is specified. Non preying animals or herbivores can be hunted only for food and not for sports or recreational activity. The Islamic law also follows the principles of Jewish law for hunting non-preying animals and hunting is not considered as sport. Non preying animals can be hunted for food and such food need to be shared to the poor in accordance with the Islamic law.

There are several techniques adopted for hunting including shooting, archery, netting, baiting and battue. The hunting is mostly restricted in many parts of the world mainly for the conservation of environmental balance and to prevent cruelty against the animals.

Many organizations for prevention of cruelty against animals strongly oppose the practice of hunting and as a result of their relentless effort in many countries hunting is banned through legislation and laws.

Importance of Hobbies

The importance of hobby has very wide aspects in the modern world. The definition of hobby states that hobby is “something done for pleasure in one’s spare time”. It is considered as a leisurely activity done for relaxation by a person. The most distinct and remarkable features of hobby is it has no age limit or any other specific criteria. Even from a child to an adult one way or the other involve in some kind of hobby. The most important positive attribute of hobby is it brings in great energy and relaxation from the hectic lifestyle that everyone pursues today in the modern world. The hobby is done as regular activity.

The origin of hobby is traced back according to the historical evidence is during the 13th century. In the 13th century hobby was used for describing a small horse or pony. The term hobby horse was used to mimic a real horse and later this term was used for civic and religious activities during the 15th century. In the year 1816, the derivative word “hobby” from hobby horse was introduced for any leisurely activity done regularly by a person. By the passage of time the term was purely used for all recreational and leisurely pursuits. Hobby is thus became an activity that is done for pure entertainment or enjoyment purpose. It always relates to a childish activity that does not intend any serious pursuit. A hobby followed by one person need not be interesting to another person. An interesting hobby followed by a person may be found as a boring activity by another. The hobby in the early centuries has given immense contribution to the scientific and research field. The hobbies of wealthy in the ancient period later developed in to scientific research that had given great contributions to the human race. Astronomy is an example of branch of science that developed from a hobby originated from curiosity of celestial bodies. Hobbyists have given contributions to other professions relating to many professions such as different types of racing. In earlier centuries horse racing was the costliest hobby that prevailed among the rich people. Collection of rare coins, stamps and car racing today are the result of hobbies pursued by people in the olden times. During early times hobby was considered by conservationists or orthodox community as a childish or frivolous activity without any worth.

From a mere leisurely activity in the modern world hobby is considered as an aspect of personal fulfillment. Today there are several types of hobbies practiced by people all over the world. The most widely practiced hobby in the world comes under the collection of various objects. Antiques are the common collectables comes under the collection category. Collection involves various steps of seeking, finding or locating, possessing, charting, organizing, categorizing, displaying and maintaining of the collectable. The most widely used collectables are rare coins, stamps, portraits or paintings, curios, literary work by famous writers of earlier centuries. Children used to collect labels, feathers and pictures of different size and shapes.

The outdoor hobbies include fishing, trekking, climbing, walking, hiking, gardening, sculpturing, photography, water sports and snow sports. Indoor hobbies include cooking, reading. Singing, listening to music, dancing and creative activities include jewellery making, toy making, learning musical instruments, magic card games and pottery making. In computer photo shopping, video games, music or video production are the most popularly followed hobbies in the modern time. The continued pursuance of a hobby enhances the skill and knowledge of a person in that area. The person who is engaged in a hobby for pure pleasure is termed as an amateur and a person obtaining remuneration from a hobby is termed as a professional.

It is an indisputable fact that a hobby enhances the total personality of a person by providing pure relaxation and enjoyment.

Gardening is a Good Option for Relaxation

Earth without plants and trees is beyond imagination. The survival of the living beings on earth depends on the vegetation on the earth. Plants are the main source of food for animals and human beings. The growing and cultivation of plants and trees are traced back to time immemorial. The origin of plants has an earlier history than the origin of other living things including human beings. Deep forests were the first form of vegetation that was the main food source of living things. By the passage of time man found different forms of cultivation. He began to grow and cultivate plants and trees for his benefit. The tradition of gardening began when man started cultivation of plants and trees that gave him yield. The oldest form of gardening is the forest gardening. The history of forest gardens are traced back to the prehistoric times near river banks and foot hills of monsoon regions.

Gardening is a Good Option for Relaxation

Gardening is a Good Option for Relaxation

During the evolution of civilization man began to grow and cultivate beneficial species form the forests and non beneficial species were left in the forest to grow as wild plants and trees. Along with the growth of culture where the concept of family was evolved he began gardening within his living space. Gradually gardening began as a process of growing and cultivating plants as a part of horticulture. In gardening plants have two broad classifications. One is the ornamental plants that are grown for decorative purpose for its flowers and foliage. Ornamental plants are basically used for colorful appearance and decorative purposes. The flowers from the ornamental plants are used for several occasions of celebrations. Other category is the useful plants that include plants that produce vegetables and fruits that are commonly used as food source. Gardening is done according to the taste and creativity of a person.

People involved in gardening normally do ornamental gardening in the courtyard or the front space of a house. It is done basically for the visual appearance of the house and its surroundings. Kitchen gardening is done in more space and usually at the backyard of a house. Kitchen garden is often termed as vegetable garden where plants that produce vegetables are cultivated and grown. Root vegetables, fruits and leaf vegetables constitute a good kitchen garden.

Ornamental gardening is a typical residential gardening that is done near a home. The place of gardening has no hard and fast rules. It is done in the place according to the convenience of planting. Today many ornamental and kitchen gardening are done on the roof top, balcony, window box, atrium or vivarium.

Other types of gardening include indoor gardening, native plant gardening, water gardening, container gardening, community gardening and garden sharing.

  • Indoor gardening is the gardening of house plants that is normally done in building, conservatory or green house. It is normally incorporated in heating systems.
  • Native plant gardening is done for the creation of wild life habitat and there by reducing water usage and fertilization usage. This type of gardening improves the native faunal interest.
  • Water gardening is done on pools and ponds. The water plants like water Lilly ad lotus are the most used water plants in water gardening.
  • Container gardening is another convenient mode of gardening in containers or bags in the indoors. Pots and hanging baskets are the other accessories used for container gardening.
  • Community gardening is done as a group activity by the people of a particular locality.
  • Garden sharing is done between two parties who agree to share the portion of land to be cultivated.

Gardeners are referred to people who engaged in the gardening as an occupation or hobby. Gardening is a good option for people who are fond of plants and trees that give them plenty of time of relaxation.

Gambling is the Wagering of Money

Gambling is the Wagering of Money

Gambling is the Wagering of Money

Man found several types of games for their recreation. Many games include physical and mental efforts. Gambling was introduced as a game without any physical or mental effort and as form of time pass. Gambling is mainly based on predictions or guessing on the uncertain outcome of an event. Later on the guess work on an uncertain event was made on betting or wagering. Soon gambling lost the image of a game and became an activity that is purely based on wagering money or for any material object that has value. Earlier gambling was popular among kings or other influential people in the upper strata of the society. Later common man also found interest in gambling. Gambling include three essential elements:- consideration or money or any valuable object, chance and the prize or the wagering amount.

There are several references to gambling in many religions. If the history is traced back many religious texts contains several contexts of gambling. The great epic of Mahabharata, according the Hindu religion contain the incident of gambling between the kings that later resulted in the great Mahabharata war. It shows the influence of gambling among ancient Indians. Another Indian text Arthasastra written in the 4th century BC has reference of gambling and it indicates the necessity of control over gambling and remittance of tax gambling. Other religions like the Christianity, Islam and Jews ever found any moral value in gambling. In many Islamic nations gambling is prohibited and considered as illegal. In some nations gambling have restricted legal validity and strict regulations imposed on gambling. Due to the far reaching consequences of gambling many countries have specified legal jurisdictions in gambling.

On the other hand gambling is recognized as a commercial industry in many parts of the world as an international commercial activity with many gambling centres. Many of these gambling centres conduct gambling not for real money but for the materials that has value. There are specific collectable game pieces for gambling centres that do not involve money in gambling. There are several types of gambling played for the sake of fun in many casinos. Some of them are table games, electronic games including slot machine, video poker, pachinko, bingo and keno. The types of gambling that takes place outside casinos are pull tab, lotteries, dead pool, mahjong and scratch cards. Non casino games include card games such as bridge, basset, piquet, put, liar’s poker, teen Patti and lansquenet. Carnival games include hanky pank and the razzle. Confidence trick category includes shell game and three card monte. Dice games include liar’s dice, hazard, threes, pig, Mexico, Passé -Dix and backgammon. Coin tossing game like head and tail and two up are recognized form of official gambling in some of the Australian Casinos.

Another category of gambling includes several types of betting. The most types of betting are fixed-odds betting, pari-mutuel betting and sports betting. Fixed –odds betting are done during sport events, interactive prediction market in trade and shares and in political elections. Pari-mutuel betting is related to the racing fields. Pari-mutuel betting is normally done in horse racing and greyhound racing. Wagering is done through pari-mutuel pools or through bookmakers. A sport betting is a common form of betting done in sports competitions. The foot ball tournament, tennis and cricket are the major sport forms on which sports’ betting is done. Arbitrage betting is done on the prediction of the outcome of an uncertain event. There are other forms of casual betting among common people on certain events for money or other valuable materials to know the outcome of certain statements relating to ay subject.

According to the statistics in the year 2009 legal gambling market had an estimated value of $335 billion. Gambling may be an activity for time pass for certain class of people who least think about the less fortunate persons who may have a better future with the money squandering under the name of gambling.

Good Craft Works

Human nature always has the quality of finding or creating new things. He is always attracted to new forms and discoveries. His ability to investigate or search resulted in several inventions that always promoted the growth of mankind. The invention of simple safety pins to the mighty space ships is some of the good examples of his craftsman ship. One of the major element that constituted several creations are the imagination. From the thought of a minute idea resulted in great works that still remain as classic works in the history of mankind. The birth of many inventions was the crafting of ideas and thoughts. The basic ingredients required for a craft work is imagination and the skill to recreate the idea in to an object or thing. Many crafts are the result of skilled labor and effort. During the medieval period people began to do certain skilled works as a means of livelihood. The skilled work that required imagination was considered as hobby or past time work in certain sector of people in affluent families while it became sole income source of people in the lower strata of the society. The production of craft materials soon turned to be small scale industries that became the prime source of income of many families. A skilled work is the basic of a good craft work. The person who do the craft work is normally termed as artisans or craft people. Earlier they were known as craft man or craft woman. The profession of an artisan is requires education in the creation of craft like any other profession. Even though the imagination and skill or talent to create a craft art need to be inherent in a person he can improve his work pattern through getting technical education in the making of a craft piece. In a place where the prospective craft man can get the technical education about the different aspects of his work he can be an apprentice until he becomes a skilled person in his work.

Any good craft will speak of its quality if it is done by an expert crafts man. Such good creative work will have the higher demand in the market. The expertise of such work requires extreme talent and hard work. A person who successfully completed his apprentice ship can put up his own shop to display and sell his work. Only by a person who mastered the art of craft with precision and quality can be termed as a master of the craft. The perfection is the main criterion in defining craftsman ship. A talented person with innovative thoughts and ideas can create a quality piece of craft even from a single piece of wood or stick. When this simple piece comes in the hands of a gifted crafts man it will be formed in to different shapes. The figures of deities are often done by good craft man from a simple piece of wood or stone. Only through constant practice and learning skills a good piece of artwork can be obtained form materials that are very common. A craftsman with an intuitive power and imagination combined with the learning skills and practice results in the production of a good craft work.

The first category in the craft is the handicrafts. The making of traditional art pieces by hand work without the help of any machine or mechanism is termed as handicraft. The time spent for the making an art work with skilled labor determines the quality and the value of the art work. Crafts man work in groups is termed as studio craft. A tradesman is a person where his manual labor is required for the production of a craft piece. It is a fact that the dedicated work and talent required in a craft piece makes it a piece of classic work.

Cooking is an Essential thing in Life

One of the basic needs of man that promotes his survival on the earth is food. A world without food is unimaginable for everyone. In all parts of the world irrespective of all kinds of barriers among people or place food is the basic element that connects them. When the history of food is traced back it is quite evident to know that the nature provided the food in the form of fruits and man entirely depended on nature for food. He found fruits as the prime source of food. By the passage of time several changes occurred in his life style. He began to hunt for food in the dense forests. Later he invented fire and found that he can cook food in the fire. Gradually cooking or cooked food prepared with the help of heat or fire became his staple food. There is no historical evidence to prove the first cooking but some researchers believe that cooking might have started between 1.8 million and 2.3 million years ago. In early times the fire was used to cook tubers and meat. Soon cooked food became an integral part of cultures that existed in the world. During the 16th and 17th century cooked food or culinary became a prestigious symbol of palaces and affluent families. Soon each nation has developed unique tradition in the preparation of food. Along with the migration the culinary tradition also began to travel from one part of the world to another. People began to do experiment in cooking that resulted in the invention of several culinary delicacies.

Industrialization gave new dimensions to the culinary experiments in the 19th century. The processed foods were begun to be made in mass quantity. Processed foods in canned or packages forms became popular among the working class due to its easy consumption. The processed food in fact gave birth to new food culture that got mass appeal from every section of people from the society. Different methods of cooking were introduced. Ever since the invention of fire food was directly put in the fire for cooking. Later with the invention of vessels and other cooking accessories food began to be cooked through various processes including boiling, steaming, smoking, frying, roasting, grilling, barbequing, braising, baking and preserving food in the freezing mode. Among these methods of cooking frying foods is an easy option in the preparation of foods and at the same time it possess serious threat to the health. There are toxins released during the process of frying due to the chemical occurrence of chemical reaction. Boiled or steamed foods are considered as the safest method of cooking that are good for health. Through steaming or boiling bacteria and virus present in the raw food will be eliminated. The steaming of food is considered as the best method to sterilize food especially for the food to be preserved for long time. The steamed or sterilized food can be preserved through deep freezing process. But another draw back of frozen foods is the growth of bacteria that occur in deep cold condition. If the raw food particularly meat is cooked by the frying process additional fat and toxic materials will be released from the oil that are quite harmful to the metabolic and digestive process in the body.

It is quite an evident fact that properly cooked food promotes good health condition by providing adequate nutrition to the body and there by increasing the immunity. It is always better to stick to the home cooked foods rather than using factory or commercially produced processed foods. A healthy diet always consists of properly cooked food and fresh fruits and vegetables that do not require cooking.

Coin Collection as a Hobby

Money is an important factor in the life of people. Ever since man thought of wealth he wanted some solid material that represented the wealth he made. The introduction of coins made a radical change in the society. In ancient time coins were made out from the metals. They had different size and shapes that denoted the value of each coin. People of different sector in the society have hobbies. Some people are interested in the hobby of coin collection. They are very much fascinated by the ancient type of coins that prevailed during the early centuries. The old coin collection is done by people who have an inherent interest in arts and aesthetics. They believe that coins of different eras depict the history of a particular period. Ancient Rome and Mesopotamia had variety of coins that were discovered by historians and archeologists. The rulers of these countries were conscious about engraving their picture or any other symbol that related to their ruling and kingdom. The ancient coins helped archeologists in the research of kings and queens from the pictures that engraved in the coins. During this medieval period scholars and state treasuries took the custody of gold coins other than the rulers. The common man had metal coins particularly copper coins for transactions. Silver and gold coins were the privilege of upper strata of the society.

During the 14th century the coin collection began as a trend among the upper and privileged class. Italian poet and scholar Petrarch is considered as the first known personality who pursued the hobby of coin collection. Till the 17th and 18th century coin collection remained as an exotic class hobby of high class. Some of the famous coin collectors during the medieval period were Emperor Maximilian of the ancient Roman Empire, Louis XIV and Henry IV of France, Pope Boniface VIII was the famous personalities who pursued this hobby. Elector Joachim II of Brandenburg began a coin cabinet that always created the impression that coin collection could be affordable and pursued by the wealthy and influential.

The coin collection was termed as “Hobby of kings”. There was a tremendous change after the industrial revolution that gave a new face to the society. The middle and lower class of people had emerged as new strong class in the society. The coin collection became a common leisurely activity among the middle class. They were eager to show the wealth and influence they have in the society. The 19th and 20th made the coin collection a popular hobby among the common people. The very first convention of coin collectors was held in Detroit in 1962. The American numismatic association and Royal Numismatic association promoted the convention.

The objective behind the coin is different from the nature of persons. Children pursue this hobby for the sake of fun. Most of the coin collectors are collecting coins as a hobby and as apart of curiosity. Profit making is not a criterion for people who consider this activity for mere sake of hobby. Some find coin collection with profit motive and do this with an investment perspective. Some purchase old coins and acts as hoarders. They will sell the rare coins when there is a high demand for huge values.

Coin collection has different disciplined classifications. Country collection is the collection of coins from a single country. Year collection signifies the coins produced during a particular year. Composition collection indicates the metallurgical compositions of coins. Copy collection includes the collection of copy of an existing coin. The coin condition is major criterion that gives suitable grades to the coin collection. Today coin collection is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and termed as “King of Hobbies” form “Hobby of Kings.

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