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Need for Home Security Systems

Home is considered as a safest abode of a person to live. In the ancient period the safest places man found to live was caves. The caves provided him shelter from wild animals and unexpected climatic changes. He began to store his food in the caves and later found it provided him every comfort from all odds. The security and comfort he got from the caves made him think about constructing new forms of abode. Gradually he began to build huts with the help of mud and wood from the nature. With the advent of civilization he learned to construct house with bricks and other materials. Soon the concept of own house and communities began to develop. The concept of home also had undergone various changes through the centuries. In the earlier times homes were constructed for safety and for basic security. The facilities were minimal in early centuries for serving the purpose of safety for prevention of intervention from strangers. In the modern era the concept of home form minimal necessities has spread to wider aspects that give prominence for luxuries and added comforts.

A good home form its physical structure itself became an exclusive identity of a person who lives in that house. The appearance of the home became the prime concern of a person. A home form its appearance reflects the status and identity of the inmates in the house. While constructing a house people give importance to several factors that ensures security and safety to the members of the family. Home security is primarily concerned with the prevention of unauthorized or unexpected intervention of strangers to a home. According to the historical evidence during the reign of kings the palaces had several guards who prevented the entry of outsiders or strangers. The affluent families of early period also had home guards that restricted unauthorized entry of strangers. In those times the challenges before the implementation of the proper security was the attacks from strangers and wild animals. In the modern era the concept and home security has total new concept for the new challenges to be sorted out. The most popular or widely accepted home security method practiced form olden time is to lock up the entrance or door of the house. This was sufficient during past days that could be practiced by any of the family members in the family. With the growth of modern lifestyle atrocities against people had also increased to great rate. House breaking, theft and burglary became a common thing particularly in the urban and most densely populated area. The safety measures to be taken against these intruders became a necessity. Several technological measures ensuring the home security had been introduced within a short span of time. The methods adopted by the attackers or intruders are with high technological advance. The preventive or security methods to curb such hi-tech methods need to be competent enough ensuring absolute security.

Several technological devices that ensure home safety had been introduced by various technological institutions. The security engineering field has developed several technological devices to resist the new threats and challenges against home security. House breaking and theft is commonly done when the family moves away to other places for short time. The new home security measures of detection systems are most widely used home security systems. The surveillance system including burglar alarm, closed circuit television cameras, security guard and security lighting are the most popularly used home security systems.

All these security systems commonly have personnel identification system, intrusion detection system recognizing the intruders, mechanical and electrical procedure access control and the design of the system that suits the surroundings where they are fixed or attached to.

In the modern era where no body cares for any human values and only focus on the material possessions these security systems serve better than a human being in ensuring the safety of a family.

Television and its Uses

The term television is a mix of Latin and Greek language. The term means Far sight. Tele is a Latin word meaning far and visio is Greek which means sight. Television is a means of telecommunication where all types of images particularly moving one, either neutral or colored can be sent and received. Such images may come with or without sound. Television came into existence in the market in the late nineteen twenties. Slowly television occupied in every home, establishments, etc. It became a part of life of man in every aspect. People started recognizing television as a big medium of marketing. It was also a great source of amusement. It helped in imparting information and various reports too. By nineteen fifties television proved to be a means of bringing all kinds of open outlook. Soon television was utilized for screening recorded matters in addition to transmitting matters. Such a change was in nineteen seventies due to the accessibility of video tapes, DVDS, etc. In the modern world one can watch television even through iPlayer and Hulu with the help of internet. Closed circuit television is also another form of television. But broadcast television is universally under usage. Broadcast television is a transformed form of radio broadcasting systems where television signals are transmitted to independent TV receivers’ through high powered radio frequency transmitters.

Earlier television was just a source of entertainment. But gradually it turned out to be a very good source of acquiring knowledge regarding various things or matters on world. It has become a part of our daily life which is indispensable from us. There are many good things about television. Its uses are also many. Disadvantages also exist. Television has made it possible for a person to see and get information about many things or events which occur around the world. In olden it took many days, months or even years to know what happened in a particular corner of the world. Sometimes people even remained unaware of things which took place around them. They were ignorant of many things that surrounded them. In the modern world man is able to view things or events on live through television with the help of artificial satellites. Thus a person who is sitting in one country is able to watch live events happening on other part of the world. The most interesting part of television is that a person need not go out or move around to watch events. He can very well sit in his home and watch the events live irrespective of climate or seasons. Television is helpful in conveying different matters in a much better than a radio. A person can not only hear the sound through the television but he can also watch the objects too. Things are clearer to him now. Television makes people aware of many things which they were ignorant of. It also helps in conveying different type of information to young people as well as older generations. Through television one can telecast useful and informative programs.

Television is actually a source of information as well as entertainment for all kinds of people. The young generations as well as the older ones enjoy television equally. Programs are available for all generations. Programs are categorized under different categories. There are science oriented programs, programs of historical importance, and other programs which emphasize on trade and business. One can even utilize television as a medium of advertising. Such advertisements have indeed helped in marketing products and eventually led to development of trade and commerce. There are also Political based programs in television. Such programs have made people to understand about their leaders and their activities. It is highly important to know that such programs must be telecasted on televisions which do not destroy the feel, quality and spirits of people. Programs must help a person to understand his nature and information and transform himself into a person of quality. Watching too much of television is also not good for health. It has its bad impacts too. Children are badly affected by the uncontrolled use of television. It has been observed that children watching more television often become aggressive for small things. Television has both advantages and disadvantages. Television can be used for our needs in a proper way. Only then it would prove to be useful for us rather becoming a harmful thing for us.

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