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Things you should know about Language

Ever since the history of man kind his desire to communicate with his fellow beings was inherent in him. Many historical evidences state that his first attempt for communication was made through the making of noises. He made sounds that carried specific meaning that was understood by his fellow members. The voices he made were the early form of language. Language is simply defined as a mode of communication. Language had undergone several evolutions. The distinctive feature of the evolution of language is that it had happened in many parts of the world even though one language was different from the other. The many languages today spoken and written all over the world are different from one another but still they are effectively used for communication all over the world. According to the statistics there are more 7,000 languages spoken all over the world.

Language in a wider aspect is defined as, “the human capacity of acquiring knowledge and using complex systems of communication.” The word language derives form the Latin word, “ lingua”, means language or tongue. Language also owes its origin to the old French word, “langage” means a specific language system. The study of language is known as linguistics. In linguistics language is studied on two basic concepts. According to the linguistics language has two basic meanings, the abstract concept and the specific linguistic system. The definitions regarding the language also have diverse nature apart from admitting the fact that language is essential for communication in any form, either in written or in the oral form.

The reference on the language of the pre historic man is not having any proper clarifications according to the historians. But many historians arrive at a common point regarding the advent of language is that man began imitating the voices produced by the animals. He understood that communication is possible through specific actions or sounds. He even used the sounds of several objects for communication. Later from the mere imitation of sounds like the animals man began to develop unique form of language pattern through the centuries. The human language began to acquire unique grammar and semantics that was quite different from the communication between the animals. The sounds he made later became words and sentences that carried specific meaning for communication.

Many historians state that human language is purely based on dual code. Dual code of language works in humans when countless number of sounds or gestures create unit of words or sentences that give meaning. After sounds and gestures human beings began to use symbols that gave the language the written form. Soon the use of language was used for pragmatic and interactive objectives. Language became prominent in effective communication in the socio-linguistic perspective. Universally language became an effective tool and factor even though it has diverse characteristics for communication. Human languages are quite distinct for its use for cognitive purposes. The frame work of language is used for cognitive functions with the language having meaning in every aspect for conveying the thoughts and ideas of a person. The language is said to be effective when it is properly communicated. The speech or the written form language has become the most powerful way of communication.

Today the communications of language are effective through different modes particularly through the audio and visual media. The blind are using the Braille system with specific codes for communication. The people who are having speech or hearing disability have specially developed sign language for communication. Even though there are different type of languages in the world another remarkable feature of any language is that it can be acquired or learned by people.

In the olden times or modern era a world without language is beyond the imagination of every human being.

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Ever since in the history of mankind man wanted to express his thoughts and feelings. He found many ways to convey his emotions to others. He realized that communication is the essential factor to interact with his fellow beings. Through the voices in various pitch and tones he began his communication which was the earlier form of languages. Later he made sounds through the primitive instruments he invented for far away communications. By the change of time man and his communication skills had also undergone different changes. The languages developed through Grammar and language began to be considered as the effective mode of communication among human beings compared to the symbols and signs he used earlier. The word communication derived from the Latin word “communis” means share or to share. The word communication is defined as the conveying of thoughts, expressions, information and knowledge through the methods of writing, speaking, signs, behavior and visuals. The two basic ingredient of communication are giving or passing and reception of information or thoughts form one person to other. For an effective communication a message, sender and the receptor are the three main constituting elements. Today with the help of most modern technology communications are possible between people in far away distances. The communication is said to be completed or effective when it is properly received by the person form the sender.

Today communication is basically done through languages in different forms. Languages are set or patterns of gestures. The language has different forms including writing, speaking and actions. The gestures or movement of body is a language form termed as body language. The body language is based on the behavior of a person. An illiterate or a person who can’t speak can communicate with others through the body language. The body language is a favorite subject of researchers as it forms the part of behavioral science. The communication based on speech is termed as verbal communication that is practiced by human beings all over the world. The verbal communication is practiced from child hood onwards by a person. Dialect plays an important role in the languages. They are most consciously used in formal communication. In informal communication among group of people or community dialect is not given extreme attention. In informal communication the effective exchange of ideas or information have more concern among the people who share the information.

The non verbal communication includes sign language, writing, eye contact, pictures sounds and signs. There several forms of communication pertained to disabled people. The blind people effectively communicate through the Braille system and large prints. Those who are unable to speak communicate through the sign language. Each sign has specific meaning that makes them easy to share their exact thoughts through these signs and actions. For the unfortunate disabled people sign language is the only effective mode of communication. The body language and sign language is considered as the most effective non verbal communication after writing and pictures. The body language is effectively conveyed in direct communication between the people.

The body language is used by the fashion industry. Through various postures and gestures a model can convey the idea of the product to the viewers. Another arena where communication is effectively used is in the business field. In business formal communication is used through speech and writing. Most of the messages are communicated in the written or visual form.

The common hindrance in the effective communication is the reception of ideas or language barrier. If an idea is not properly conveyed the result of effective communication do not happen. It is an undeniable fact that without proper communication the survival is difficult. Irrespective of all physical and mental barriers people wants to communicate that helps him in the long run of life.

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