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Things you should know about Language

Ever since the history of man kind his desire to communicate with his fellow beings was inherent in him. Many historical evidences state that his first attempt for communication was made through the making of noises. He made sounds that carried specific meaning that was understood by his fellow members. The voices he made were the early form of language. Language is simply defined as a mode of communication. Language had undergone several evolutions. The distinctive feature of the evolution of language is that it had happened in many parts of the world even though one language was different from the other. The many languages today spoken and written all over the world are different from one another but still they are effectively used for communication all over the world. According to the statistics there are more 7,000 languages spoken all over the world.

Language in a wider aspect is defined as, “the human capacity of acquiring knowledge and using complex systems of communication.” The word language derives form the Latin word, “ lingua”, means language or tongue. Language also owes its origin to the old French word, “langage” means a specific language system. The study of language is known as linguistics. In linguistics language is studied on two basic concepts. According to the linguistics language has two basic meanings, the abstract concept and the specific linguistic system. The definitions regarding the language also have diverse nature apart from admitting the fact that language is essential for communication in any form, either in written or in the oral form.

The reference on the language of the pre historic man is not having any proper clarifications according to the historians. But many historians arrive at a common point regarding the advent of language is that man began imitating the voices produced by the animals. He understood that communication is possible through specific actions or sounds. He even used the sounds of several objects for communication. Later from the mere imitation of sounds like the animals man began to develop unique form of language pattern through the centuries. The human language began to acquire unique grammar and semantics that was quite different from the communication between the animals. The sounds he made later became words and sentences that carried specific meaning for communication.

Many historians state that human language is purely based on dual code. Dual code of language works in humans when countless number of sounds or gestures create unit of words or sentences that give meaning. After sounds and gestures human beings began to use symbols that gave the language the written form. Soon the use of language was used for pragmatic and interactive objectives. Language became prominent in effective communication in the socio-linguistic perspective. Universally language became an effective tool and factor even though it has diverse characteristics for communication. Human languages are quite distinct for its use for cognitive purposes. The frame work of language is used for cognitive functions with the language having meaning in every aspect for conveying the thoughts and ideas of a person. The language is said to be effective when it is properly communicated. The speech or the written form language has become the most powerful way of communication.

Today the communications of language are effective through different modes particularly through the audio and visual media. The blind are using the Braille system with specific codes for communication. The people who are having speech or hearing disability have specially developed sign language for communication. Even though there are different type of languages in the world another remarkable feature of any language is that it can be acquired or learned by people.

In the olden times or modern era a world without language is beyond the imagination of every human being.

A prudent investment is always an asset in present and future

Wealth creation is an important factor in life for the people living in the modern era. The main objective of wealth creation is for the smooth functioning of a life and to secure it for the benefit of the future generations. People know the value of wealth that gives them a valued position or status in the society. Wealth creation is has different socioeconomic aspects that is not only for the benefit of present but also for the strong investment for the future. The spending of the wealth is a determining and an important factor for the future savings. The savings of a person’s wealth or asset is equal to an investment. The saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned is quite apt in the context of investments. Even though investment simply means as a form of savings that is kept for future the definition of investment differs according to the contexts.

In economics and finance the definition of investment differs. In economics investment is termed as “saving and deferring from consumption”. In finance investment is termed as a share of money putting in for a venture with the expectation of gaining profit from it. The investments are related to the business management ventures and finance. A capital in a financial venture is considered as long term investment. The risk element is a sure factor in every investment. The investment in shares, equities, mutual funds, properties, fixed interest securities and in business have high risk factor element. In business the risk factor may be of short term and long term depending on the nature of the business. Investments are always subject to inflation and deflation risk. The value of investment in any business is based on the rise and sink of the money value invested.

The history of investment can be traced back to the earlier centuries or even from the advent of civilizations. Money or wealth in many forms was used by the people in earlier periods. Before the medieval period coins of different metals including gold and silver were considered as precious investments. The code of Hammurabi in the 1700 BC described strict legal frame work and code for investments. Financial obligations in relation to the investments with the debtor and the creditor were codified in the Code of Hammurabi. Penalties or punishment for the breach of financial obligations were also mentioned in the code even though the punishments were not severe as for the death or injury.

With the invention and popular use of currency or paper money the all investments were made in cash forms form the 19th century onwards. In the 1900s the investment in bonds, shares and properties were propagated widely through media, advertisements and other viable communications during the 19th century. In the modern world investment are made in the share markets, banks and in many financial institutions with proper and solid security. The investments are normally invested through intermediaries and in very rare occasions investments are directly done between the debtor and the creditor.

For pension funds, shares, bonds and other form of investments banks, brokers, insurance companies and other financial institutions play the role of intermediaries. These intermediaries collect the investment money from the people in regular intervals and deposit it in their respective accounts of investments. Every individual investor has direct claim over the investment even if it is pooled by the intermediaries.

The investments are always made for long term investments that have legal validity. Investments in speculation games including gambling and betting do not come under the purview of legal investments. In every legal investment system according to the market hypothesis the returns in an investment is equal.

Interior Design – A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Any thing attractive is always appreciated. The Quote, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is quite relevant in the making of any design. Designs are mostly the pictorial presentation of an idea or thought of a person. There are several types of designs begins from simple designs to intricate designs of various size and shape. Designs are mostly used in the textile, fashion and entertainment industry. The trend setting fashions are the result of new and innovative designs. During early period textile industry concentrated on new designs in the fabrics. Later the concept regarding the beauty had undergone several changes and people began to implement several methods that enhance the beauty of anything beyond any distinction. From the personal beauty concepts to the beautification of place they live in had a very important role in an average person’s life.

The modification of place or building through designs became a popular trend among people during the modern era of globalization. Normally the interior of a house was not done with any professionalism during early period apart form the affluent families. According to the modern concept of interior design of a building is done with the concept of executing the design creating the interior space of building adaptable for the smooth functioning of other human activities. The prime and important stages that involved in the interior design are development of a concept of a design in a project till the management and execution of the design. The person who undertakes the execution of an interior design project is termed as an interior designer in the modern period. Earlier during the medieval period the architect used to do the interior design of the building along with the construction. According to Hindu mythology in India “Viswakarma” the deity was termed as the God architect who built the world with great beauty.

In the 12th century the architecture became prominent in the western culture where the gothic style and architecture attained fame through its interior and architectural beauty. By the 17th and 18th century home making or decorating or designing the interiors of a home gained popularity among people of every class. Women were more interested in changing the style of the house through interior designing.

Later during the 19th century in the western world interior designing became a profession. Women concentrated more on the interior designing as they had already proven their success in the home interior designing. Soon several books that included useful directions for the home decorating process were published in umpteen numbers that was a source of encouragement for many for pursuing the profession of interior designing. In the earlier state interior designing was considered as a secondary profession to the architecture. But people began to give preference for interior design even from the initial stage of construction of a building. Soon interior design became an inevitable part in all process of architecture, engineering, building, and industrial designing. The US National Society of Interior Designers was established in the year 1957. In UK the Interior Decorator and Designers association was established in the year 1996. In the year 1994 the International Interior Design Association was established providing all guide lines for professional interior designers and aspiring designers.

Through the communication field the interior designing had got wide attention and acceptance from people all over the world within a short span of period. In many US based popular television shows were mainly based on interior designs. The impact of these shows made people to think that interior designing is a necessity rather than luxury in modern life. The appreciation and recognition given to the best interior designs had given importance to the profession of interior design.

Today interior design is widely used for residential and commercial purpose for a fine finish or execution of a good concept of an interior design.

Why a good number of people like radio in today’s world?

Radio was first introduced to send telegraphic messages linking the land area and the ships. In the First World War radio was used as a medium of communication to interact and give instructions to the military forces. In the nineteen twenties broadcasting started extensively. In the modern world the radio has transformed into different appearances. It is used in wireless networks, mobile communications, etc. Radio is a very good means of communication even though their place has been replaced by the television. Today where most of the people choose television as a best medium of communication radio is still a lively medium for those who live in the remote regions where television is not so common. The importance of radio has not been reduced till date. It is a good medium of entertainment worldwide. A very good number of people like radio in today’s world too. It is mainly because one can take pleasure of radio at any place and at any time. It can be at one’s abode or at his workplace. Such a medium can also be enjoyed when one is at drive. When compared to television or any other medium most of the people like to hear radio at one time or the other. Radio is really a nice medium for marketing one’s object too. In this medium sound is a big thing which can really market one’s product without any difficulty. A person can utilize the medium of radio for their trade and business as the influence of the sound used is truly effective for their marketing. The open and easy accessibility of innovative assistance makes it more remarkable. In such a medium it is easy to discuss about charges. Nothing is usually overblown here. Things are only little puffed up. In contrast to other media radio charges have gone very low.

Though there are many advantages of a medium like radio there are its own disadvantages too. Since there are many different stations available in the radio and each person has his own liking towards one particular station it becomes very important for advertisements to reach people through all these stations. Only if advertising is done through the entire stations one can market his product or make his thoughts reach all persons living in different parts of the world. It is fact that nobody would like any of his programs to be interrupted by an advertisement. Since radio is a medium of sound one can only listen to it. Therefore when marketing is done of a product through radio the advertisement needs to be repeated several times so that it can easily penetrate through the minds of the listeners. Only if it is frequently heard it can remain in the minds and thoughts of the listeners otherwise it would just go away like a small wind. Unlike television no body sits in front of a radio and listens to the programs that are aired on it. They move and most of them listen to radio when they are at work. Therefore one must make a supreme effort in order to get the attention to their ads. One must try hard to make the listeners eavesdrop and comprehend what their advertisement is about. The advertisements are charged according to the areas. Understanding through radio is not as simple as one speaks through their phone. It is slow comparatively. It is also not sometimes as clear as we hear from one’s telephone. Frequencies of stations are different and therefore it need not be always clear. The listeners of radio come under different categories. Each person has different taste and radio is able to get in touch with each and every listener through their special programs. Since radio can personalized it is able to touch people living at different parts of the world at diverse time. One can say that radio is the perfect medium which is able to touch people at work and at home. Radio proffers litheness to advertisers. If we look at the other media we can surely say that one of the cheapest media is the radio. Airtime expense is comparatively less than other media and hence advertisements can be repeated any number of times in a radio. It is therefore a first-rate sustaining means of communication.

Health or Wealth – Which one is more valuable?

Whenever a person is asked about health and wealth they just get confused as to which is more significant. Is it health or wealth? It is actually a question which needs an answer which can really justify it. Health and wealth as such cannot be separated but circumstances can independently prove their importance in life. In a man’s life health is an essential part which nobody would like to take away from their life. Wealth is also valuable in terms of adequacy. In order to live a contended life health and wealth becomes a requirement. But in certain circumstances a person feels the importance of health more than wealth because nobody can buy health for themselves even if they have enough wealth with them. To earn wealth one must have good health. Unless health is there he would not be able to earn enough wealth for himself. When a person confronts a situation where he has to select the more important thing from the two he would most probably choose health instead of wealth. It’s impossible for a person to pay money and get health for himself.

A person may have enough money but if he is unable to get a medicine for an illness for which no treatment is possible then his money would be of no use for him. People think that wealth is everything and they can buy everything in the world if they have enough money with them. But it is actually a wrong concept. A person who has enough money need not be physically fit or have contentment. They are on the other hand more insecure from inside. They always have a feeling that they would be harmed from others. Such an insecure feeling would slowly affect their well-being and condense their prolonged existence. Hence in such a condition one finds or discovers that it is really health which matters a lot than money. If one has good health he can easily achieve whatever he wants, even money. But as already said money can never buy a person his health or give him a happy life. Thus health becomes an imperative aspect in one’s life. To achieve a high position in life or become famous person money is not a criterion. But at the same time to achieve such a great position in life one needs to be in good health. Money will be a mere waste if one cannot achieve a healthy life with it. There are people who have enough money or very rich but if they do not have good health they would not be able to enjoy or take the pleasure of their money. That is one need to have healthy life in order to enjoy the money he has earned. Only good health can earn a good life. If one has good health he can earn as much money as he wants. It is a fact that no one can deny that money can never buy everything for a man and one such important thing that cannot be bought is healthy life for oneself.

If we go and observe the world around us we can find many people who are normally rich but are not happy because of their poor health. The lives of such people are not so happy when compared to those who have good health. The figures show that the life of a healthy person is more cheerful than those who are highly wealthy. It is mainly because those who are highly rich always have great pressure thinking about the safety of their wealth. Such tensions bring down their health and life becomes painful for them. Nowadays most of the youngsters are running after money. In the race of earning money they forget about their health .They think that they can earn healthy life with their money. For that they just spend most of their time earning money. Due to such a hectic schedule they end up with different kinds of health problems and the money they earn would only benefit treating such illnesses. If health is there wealth would automatically come to you. Money can be earned through work which can only be done if one is healthy.

Various aspects of Hunting

Even in the pre –historic time it is presumed that man survived on food that he obtained from hunting. The tools he used during pre-historic and ancient times discovered through excavation by the explorers affirms that the very first method done by man in search of his food was hunting. He hunted animals as it was his main source of food. It is presumed that man imitated the predation among animals. He observed when strong animals hunted weaker ones for food. The predation of animals was purely for the source of food. Even though man hunted in early period for food later by the passage of time he began to hunt for recreational purposes and for trading. With the advent of civilization hunting for food in several communities began to be restricted. Some earlier communities relied on vegetarian food and never allowed or encouraged hunting animals. A sector of people who belonged to the lower strata of the society continued hunting for obtaining food and even today in many rural and remote places certain communities pursue hunting. Hunting was also pursued by kings for the sake of recreation.

Many historical evidences affirm that 18,000 years ago hunting was prominent and later on domestication of animals made a change in the hunting gatherer lifestyle style of nomadic tribes. The fossil evidence of spears and other sharp tools confirms that hunting was practiced more than 16,200 years ago. Many tribal societies all in many parts of the world still practice hunting for the source of their food. But soon after the advent of agrarian civilization that was spread in almost all parts of the world and the domestication of animals reduced the hunting. Even though the hunting was reduced as a source of food it was practiced for getting the fur and leather of animals for trade purposes. In the restriction of hunting various religions also played important roles.

The Hindu religion in India propagates the divinity and presence of god in every thing did not restrict hunting animals. According to Hindu mythology even the deities engaged in hunting. Hunting was also considered as kingly sport where valor of a king is assessed by the wild animals hunted. The kshtariya kings of India were quite famous for hunting wild animals. The Mughal kings considered hunting as a practice along with their retinue to affirm their superiority and competitions in hunting wild animals with other kings was a prestigious sport during the ancient time.

In Roman Catholic Christians hunting is prohibited through catholic clergies even from the early centuries. In accordance with the belief of Protestants, Bible does not restrict hunting as per the verses in Act of Apostles and Timothy and hunting has no religious restrictions for protestant community.

The Jewish hunting law based on the Torah, also does not restrict hunting but the category of animals to be hunted is specified. Non preying animals or herbivores can be hunted only for food and not for sports or recreational activity. The Islamic law also follows the principles of Jewish law for hunting non-preying animals and hunting is not considered as sport. Non preying animals can be hunted for food and such food need to be shared to the poor in accordance with the Islamic law.

There are several techniques adopted for hunting including shooting, archery, netting, baiting and battue. The hunting is mostly restricted in many parts of the world mainly for the conservation of environmental balance and to prevent cruelty against the animals.

Many organizations for prevention of cruelty against animals strongly oppose the practice of hunting and as a result of their relentless effort in many countries hunting is banned through legislation and laws.

Need for Home Security Systems

Home is considered as a safest abode of a person to live. In the ancient period the safest places man found to live was caves. The caves provided him shelter from wild animals and unexpected climatic changes. He began to store his food in the caves and later found it provided him every comfort from all odds. The security and comfort he got from the caves made him think about constructing new forms of abode. Gradually he began to build huts with the help of mud and wood from the nature. With the advent of civilization he learned to construct house with bricks and other materials. Soon the concept of own house and communities began to develop. The concept of home also had undergone various changes through the centuries. In the earlier times homes were constructed for safety and for basic security. The facilities were minimal in early centuries for serving the purpose of safety for prevention of intervention from strangers. In the modern era the concept of home form minimal necessities has spread to wider aspects that give prominence for luxuries and added comforts.

A good home form its physical structure itself became an exclusive identity of a person who lives in that house. The appearance of the home became the prime concern of a person. A home form its appearance reflects the status and identity of the inmates in the house. While constructing a house people give importance to several factors that ensures security and safety to the members of the family. Home security is primarily concerned with the prevention of unauthorized or unexpected intervention of strangers to a home. According to the historical evidence during the reign of kings the palaces had several guards who prevented the entry of outsiders or strangers. The affluent families of early period also had home guards that restricted unauthorized entry of strangers. In those times the challenges before the implementation of the proper security was the attacks from strangers and wild animals. In the modern era the concept and home security has total new concept for the new challenges to be sorted out. The most popular or widely accepted home security method practiced form olden time is to lock up the entrance or door of the house. This was sufficient during past days that could be practiced by any of the family members in the family. With the growth of modern lifestyle atrocities against people had also increased to great rate. House breaking, theft and burglary became a common thing particularly in the urban and most densely populated area. The safety measures to be taken against these intruders became a necessity. Several technological measures ensuring the home security had been introduced within a short span of time. The methods adopted by the attackers or intruders are with high technological advance. The preventive or security methods to curb such hi-tech methods need to be competent enough ensuring absolute security.

Several technological devices that ensure home safety had been introduced by various technological institutions. The security engineering field has developed several technological devices to resist the new threats and challenges against home security. House breaking and theft is commonly done when the family moves away to other places for short time. The new home security measures of detection systems are most widely used home security systems. The surveillance system including burglar alarm, closed circuit television cameras, security guard and security lighting are the most popularly used home security systems.

All these security systems commonly have personnel identification system, intrusion detection system recognizing the intruders, mechanical and electrical procedure access control and the design of the system that suits the surroundings where they are fixed or attached to.

In the modern era where no body cares for any human values and only focus on the material possessions these security systems serve better than a human being in ensuring the safety of a family.

Home Improvement Ideas

Home is defined as a dwelling place of a person. Apart from the literal meaning home has various aspects in perspective of people all over the world. The perspective may differ from person to person about home. The most admitted fact about home is that it is the safest abode of a person and his family. Home is not a building or physical structure for a person. It is more than that where he has emotional attachments. A home where a person has been brought up from the child hood onwards is a precious factor that always has a nostalgic element through out his life. Even if a person leaves his house and moves to some other parts of the world for any reason can never devoid the recurring nostalgic feeling about his home. The construction of own home is the ambition of an average person in his life. The safety and security provided by own house cannot be replaced by any other luxurious alternative. People invest their life incurred assets in many forms for the construction of own house. Many people construct house as an asset for their future generations.

There are several factors that constitute the completion of a home. The idea in the construction of a house differs from one another. Form rich to poor the first preference for the construction of a house is given for the facilities rather than luxury. Safety measures are given priority and prominence in a house. The ample spacing, number of rooms, other amenities including water supply, electricity, food storage , work space, parking lot, well defined boundaries for construction of walls, accessibility to educational institutions, hospitals above all the privacy factor for the family members are main concerns before a person during the construction of a house.

The improvement of a house is as important as the construction of a house. The maintenance of the house is an important factor for the endurance of the house. Right from the simple thing of changing a single piece of furniture or a show piece in the house gives a new impact for the house. There are various factors that contribute the house improvement. The home improvement is purely the renovation or remodeling of house for the appeal of its appearance and amenities. The basic of home improvement relates to the alteration of the existing building structure. There are several projects that offer home improvement in the aspect of renovation in outdoor structures, gardens, garages and lawns. The main purpose of home improvement is the repair or maintenance for the lasting of the house form odd factors including climatic changes and wear and tear form the constant use by the members of the family.

There are several priorities given for home improvement. The comfort, maintenance and repair, additional space, saving energy and safety measures are the most important concerns in home improvement. Comfort level includes ventilation, plumbing, painting, water proofing basements and sound proofing rooms. The masonry work, replacement and maintenance of roofing, repairing of electrical structures, repairs in foundations, roof tops and chimneys come under the maintenance. The enlargement of rooms, adding additional spaces inside and outside the house, extension of house, adding new space for garage and store rooms are important in having additional space in home improvement. Saving energy through energy efficient thermal installation, renewable energy sources, proper lighting, usage of wind turbines and solar panels are the additional feature in home improvement.

Safety measures including burglar alarm systems, fir extinguishing systems, security doors, windows, storm cellars, backup generators and bomb shelters are the most important aspect in the home improvement projects.

The home improvement tasks can be done with professional help from home improvement project undertakers for having a professional outlook. A person who is so concerned about renovation can even do it by himself and can implement his own ideas in the home improvement task. A renovated home is always an asset for a “proud” house owner.

Holidays and its importance

Holidays are always welcomed by everyone irrespective of any physical, mental, regional, age or any other barriers. All over the world holidays are taken by people in different occasions. In many countries holidays are given as a part of several celebrations. In the professional arena employees consider holiday as refreshing interval before resuming to the regular work pattern. Even though everyone likes and wanted have holiday under the label of several occasions, holiday is most important for children all over the world. The enthusiastic waiting for holidays and spending holidays are true celebration to children.

Holiday is aptly defined as “a period of recreation.” The origin of holiday is believed to have derived from religious attributes in the ancient time. In the ancient period the religious occasions or celebrations were considered important than any other functions. Taking an interval form the daily chores and work for fulfilling religious rites and customs were the initial form of holidays. The emphasis on, “Holy” in holidays refers to the observance of religious rituals with sanctity and purity. Holidays refer originally to the special religious days. According to the historical evidences holidays were observed in accordance with religious rituals and customs. By the passage of time man discovered the recreational element in holidays and according to the prevailing law and systems holidays were began to be created in addition to religious ceremonies and celebrations. Normally holidays in the modern times are designated for the recreational purpose of an individual more than the religious observances. In the modern world holiday is referred as special day for rest and relaxation or recreation. For children it’s a relaxation form from monotonous studies and school activities. For working people it is the time for relaxation and time to restore recuperate the energy drained during the work schedules. Today in many countries holidays are scheduled by the government, religious organizations and institutions.

Today in many institutions and organizations holidays are scheduled for different purposes. Personal leaves, religious holidays, national or governmental celebrations, national holidays in association with the memorial of historical events of a nation or state and secular holidays are some of the major types of holidays observed. Holidays are also given as a tribute to national events, paying homage at the demise of national leaders and relief from unexpected disasters or events.

Even though holidays are given and taken by individuals for various reasons, most of the holidays are given in many countries on basis of religious functions even today. In some countries with extreme climate change holidays are designated according to the climatic changes.

In many western nations holidays are assigned with Christian faith and religious customs. Christmas and New Year holidays are mostly celebrated with long period of holidays observing in accordance with Christian belief and culture in relation to the memory of the Jesus Christ birth and the advent of New Year with new hopes. The Middle East countries were Islam religion is prominent holidays are based on Islamic faith and customs. The two important holidays observed by Islamic nations are, “Eid –Ul –Fitar and Eid –ul –Adha.

Among the holiday celebrations India has the large number of holidays due to the diverse religious celebrations in India. The different cultures and religions in India have different celebrations through out the year in different states. Even though the time of these diverse celebrations vary holidays are assigned to every celebration that consolidates the secularism in the Indian republic.

In places were extreme cold climate during winter season winter holidays and celebrations are observed. In places with extreme hot climate desert festival holidays are conducted.

A holiday observed under any reason is truly a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience for an individual that helps him to face the life with new vision and hope.

Fashion is Style or Trend

Fashion is Style or Trend

Fashion is Style or Trend

If the human history is traced back the desire of human to have good looks before the community or others is evident in many situations. From the ancient time onwards he used several methods to adorn himself to have a pleasant appearance before others. He made clothes and ornaments from different things available from the nature. With the dawn of civilization various type of dress codes were invented and each type of dress or attire signified the peculiarity of the community or class he belonged to. Later a style or trend was evolved that began the advent of fashion in people. An interesting factor about fashion is that it was phenomenon happened not only among a particular community but was spread all over the world with variations.

Fashion is simply defined as a style or trend that is followed by people in their clothing and accessories. To a certain extend fashion also denotes the behavioral pattern of a person. A person who follows the norms in fashion is always conscious about the way he present before others or society. A good style or fashion is always subject to appreciation that definitely boosts the confidence level in him. At the same time a bad fashion invite harsh criticism that may decrease the personality of a person. Often experiments of fashion are done in the clothing and accessories including foot wares and ornaments. Fashion has a wider aspect of learning about clothing in general. Fashion has two major classifications with regard to gender. There are masculine and feminine fashions. The feminine fashion is highly recognized than the masculine fashion trends. Varieties of fashions are discovered day by day in the feminine fashion styles.

The western fashion is prominent in the fashion world. From the early centuries onwards new trends and styles were introduced in the western fashion culture. Through the western travelers the fashions prevailed in other parts of the world were adopted in the western fashion clothing. Fashions from Indian, Turkish, Chinese and Persian culture were adopted and new innovative designs were created from the inspirations form these cultures. By the 14th century there was tremendous change happened in the fashion of men and women clothing. Along with the fashion of clothing fashion hairstyles became more popular by the 18th and 19th century. Kings and Queens were in constant search of new fashions in the clothing and new hair styles. Exotic imported cloth materials were brought from different parts of the world exclusively for the royal and other families.

By the end o 19th century concepts of fashions had undergone different changes. Though of fashion in clothing and accessories changed to a new concept that a person’s fashion taste reflects his personality and behavior. Another important change was the use of clothes in two major categories- casual and formal. Casual dresses were begun to be worn by people from different classes without any discrimination in informal occasions. Formal dresses are worn by professionals, officials, diplomats and by Head of the nations. Several renowned companies and government institutions have strict dress code for their employees.

Fashion changes rapidly in the informal or casual wears in the fashion industry. Celebrities particularly movie actors and sports people are often considered as trend setters in the fashion world. The trend they introduce is “faithfully” followed by the teenagers to grab the attention of others particularly during grant occasions.

One of the remarkable features of fashion industry today is the fashion shows or “fashion for a cause shows” that is conducted with the motive of collection of fund for cancer patients, child education or for other charity purposes. . Today fashion industry is one of the major industries that has huge amount of revenue than any other industry in the world.

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