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iPhone SE will launches on 21st of March, 2016

Apple has sent officially invitation for forthcoming week’s event at company’s headquarters being in Cupertino in California. Here it has been expected for introducing quite fewer devices together with fewer updates. Highlights of events like always are rumoured upcoming 4 inches iPhone. There are rumours currently that it is known as iPhone SE.

Critics curious and fans eager desire for knowing what Apple shall offer in 1st launching events of 2016. Specifications rumoured of iPhone SE upcoming are: Device is known as SE and not iPhone 5se. Company dropped “5” from name. Meaning is that iPhone SE shall be 2nd iPhone after 1st original generation models with no numbers in names. Changes in names are for simplifying iPhone line-ups. It brings back iPhone 5 variants in iPhone 6 life cycles which confuses customers.

iPhone SE replaces iPhone 5s which can sell same pricing points. Designs: Devices are known to be same as models of iPhone 6. Reports are that there is sporting of power buttons on sides. It had been with only models of iPhone 6 that companies began opting for side powering buttons because of device lengths. Therefore smartphones upcoming are same as iPhone 6 fitting onto 4 inches forming factors. iPhone SE shall offer 64GB and 16GB storage capacities with 1642mAh batteries. Options of connectivity’s include Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, and Live Photos supports.

Facts or Hype is a Reason for LeEco Flagship Product Le1s

Le 1s offer user toughened branded glass protections. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is features only that flagship highly priced phones offer currently. One amongst recent launched smartphone is killer flagship LeEco’s product namely Le 1s. This makes true senses in market disruptors with best-in-class technologies, designs stunning, models unique and features compelling of content integration.

Le 1s has trendy fully metallic Uni-bodies. It is one amongst fewer brands which worldwide markets boast about. Le Superphone possibly is being crafted with aircraft graded aluminium’s featuring screwed lesser industrial designs with no trace visibilities of assembling industrially marking device aesthetics. Metallic designs enhance looks and strengthens capabilities of signals receiving also.

When compared with Redmi Note 3, Le 1s are 13 percent sleek and slim. It measures only 7.5mm. It has bezel less designs that are designing unique elements. In processor terms, Le 1s are on stronger wickets. It has been powered by octa-core 2.2 GHz CPU as opposed with hexacore 1.8 GHz processor which powers Xiaomi devices. LeEco’s Le 1s prices are Rupees 1000 lesser. It comes through USB latest Type-C connectivity’s ports.

Le 1s Type C revolutionary charger makes quicker charging. 5 minutes of charging gets 3.5 talk time hours. USB reversible Type-C connectors are ahead technologically of competitors in lots of ways. It has sealing additionally and protection PTC in-between wires. All makes Le 1s first amongst equals.

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini Launched official, comes with 4 inch display

Samsung has made attempts of stopping rumours by official announcement and declaration of launching of Samsung Galaxy J1 mini smartphones. These smartphones have been announced for Philippines markets. They currently are listed on Philippines websites of Samsung along with no information regarding availabilities and very importantly prices.

Packs of Samsung Galaxy J1 mini is in 4 inches LCD TFT displays with resolutions of 800*480 pixels. Behind 1.2GHz quad-core processors being coupled along with 768MB of RAM is hidden. Details regarding making of processors are not yet revealed to us. Packs of handsets are in 8GB built-in storages thereby supporting micro SD cards till capacities of 128GB.

On backs of smartphones are 5MP units whilst cameras which face fronts get 0.3MP sensors. Coming and arriving onto options of connectivity, we achieve GPS, usually Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options. But handsets skip on bands of 4G whilst offering simply 3G as most fast connectivity options. Powering all amongst above mentioned factors are 1500mAh removable batteries.

These are rated for delivering up to 8 hours of talk time 3G. Weight of handset is 120 grams. It is present in gold and black colours. Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone was launched in 2015 February for Indian markets. It is present on Amazon for Rupees 7190. It is very talked about smartphone.

Windows 10 Mobile Update for Lumia Smartphones

Microsoft begins rolling out software of Windows 10 Mobile updating ranges of smartphones of Lumia. This includes Lumia 520 affordable late in March month. Internal emails have laid allegedly baring on plan of companies. 3 months after companies had supposed originally beginning updating selections of smartphones of Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobiles. Then VentureBeat cites emails in between partners and Microsoft.

Report is that Microsoft’s are ready finally for rolling out latest operating systems for mobile. Rollout supposedly shall begin through releases on updates monthly to Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950. Report conducts claiming that Microsoft’s rolling out upgrade in 2 distinct ways. Rolling out begin passively. But in few points Redmond which is company based in Washington picks up paces.

Reports separately cite Vodafone Italy claiming that carriers begin up gradation of ranges of Lumia smartphones along with Windows 10 Mobile immediately in forthcoming week. It is not known as to which device shall be amongst 1st batch for receiving updates from statement previous to Microsoft. Company intend seeding updating all smartphones of Lumia. This includes Lumia 920, Lumia 520, Lumia 735 and Lumia 635. This is along with software of Windows Phone 8.1. There is 4GB inbuilt storages. Microsoft told previously that it shall release Windows 10 Mobile updating for selection of smartphones of Lumia beginning December.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Launched in India

Samsung has launched officially Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 smartphones in nation, India. Pre-bookings of phones flagship of Samsung that had been unveiled in February opened on Wednesday along with Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 being available from 18th of March. Ones who conducted pre-booking of smartphones by 17th of March shall receive Samsung Gear VR headsets free of costs.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge had been costing Rupees 56900 in nation. Samsung Galaxy S7 had been costing Rupees 48900 in nation. Both the price was for 32GB variants. Prices for 64GB variants have no longer been revealed at this front. Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 come along with newer services of Samsung Concierge which is present inside My Galaxy App.

There are 4 important benefits of Samsung Concierge: My Assistant being powered by Haptik. This lets customers for ordering flowers, doing web check-ins, setting reminders and using different services. Fast track accessibilities at servicing centres of Samsung. Phone dropping and picking up along with accessibilities to standby devices in case Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy S7 requires repairing. Chatting with Samsung’s customer supports which answers daily questions related to devices.

Queries could be as to how one should enable Hotspots. Samsung sais that all services must be present for Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 customers being not expensive at all.

HTC 10 smartphone features and release date details leaked

HTC will launch successor to One M9 in current economic scenario. Smartphone’s launch date has not yet been told to us. Image of smartphone has been released and has been described as having a tinge of shiny metal bezel. There have been extreme amounts of rumours about leaks concerning functionalities and features of handset.

The Flagship smartphone of HTC has been named at a function as having left the “One” to be named as “M”. This was told by Evan Blass who is otherwise known as @evleaks. The monicker HTC is now named as “M” and has been called the power of ten hence the name HTC 10 monicker is appropriated.

Another source @Onleaks signalled the live images as well as some important specifications to be leaked out. The teasers – images as well as specifications are in lieu with both the sources information be it line or length. These are also in sync with each other.

All of the above mentioned facts show that HTC 10 stands a huge chance to gain popularity in the various developed as well as the developing markets of this world. Also the product will be a huge success amongst people given the mass enthusiasm as well as it will prove a game for its competitors. The product has already set high expectations for itself all over the globe.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

Series of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is gaining widened popularities in near past. Reasons are good. Features are good. Prices are low. These factors set really such models being separated. Different Chinese players are facing hard competition from it. Acknowledgement is to be given to competition.

Feel and Look: Time you get it into your hands, Redmi Note 3 feels and look premium incredibly in gold especially. Full- metallic bodies get matte smoothly finished which does not attract fingerprint. It is easy whilst keeping clean also because grime and dust comes off along with simple wipes.

Software: Phones ship along with Android Lollipop forks known as MIUI 7. It is reworked through ground ups. When compared with early MIUI versions, 7th version is more certainly better and likely polished. It is interfacing single layered. It does let customization of users feeling and looking with themes and effects of transition.

Performance: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 software and hardware comes nicely together for delivering excellent pleasing experiences of Android. Interfaces are fluid barely with stutters noticeable when multi-tasking. Call qualities are good.

Camera: Rear cameras have 16 megapixel sensors. It has wide f/2.0 apertures. Macro and landscape shots both being captured in light of days have excellent detailing. Reproductions of colours are also good. Life of battery: There are 4050mAh non-removable batteries being managed for getting us by means of hours 12 and minutes 21.

Know excellent secret features of Samsung Galaxy S7

In last weeks, owners of Galaxy S7 prospective had been dealt doubling blows. Presently Samsung confirms that it has created U-turns quietly that solves just such concerns. Samsung presently backs up findings fascinating by Droid Life early in week. Well-respected Android sites manage obtaining pre-released Galaxy S7.

There are discoveries that it can do fewer very crucial things like safe installation of apps on microSD expandable storage of phones. It interestingly runs direct counters as what is told by Samsung to journalist at Mobile World Congress last week. Phandroid cited that Samsung says functionalities like these were disabled.

Reason is that it has no desires of damaging installation of apps or confusing owners. This happens in case microSD cards are removed whilst phones are ON. Screenshots of Droid Life show that it is non-issue. Once apps are installed users could go to settings through storage. There is location of apps individually thereby changing installation locations from internals to externals (SD cards) storage.

This does data exporting. In case, furthermore, microSD cards are removed whilst phones are ON, then installation of apps on cards being greyed simply out. This is case, provided “SD” tags shows accessibility only once cards are reinserted. These are brilliant features. In new issues Samsung decides selling 32GB entrance leveled versions of Galaxy S7 only. In old issues Galaxy S7 has 25GB internal storage.

Lava launched Smartphone Fuel F2 in India costs Rs 4444

The product portfolio of Lava which is of Indian origin has been enlarged by launch of smart-phone Fuel F2. It costs Rs 4444 with options of white and black in eBay exclusively. Fuel F2 has FWVGA which is of 5 inches; display resolution is 854*480 pixel screen resolution. RAM size is 512 MB coupled with 1.3 GHz processor which is quad core. With 8 GB storage onboard, using microSD card, it is expanded to 32GB.

Fuel F2 runs on 5.1 Android Lollipop along with functionality of dual SIM is available. A rear camera of 5 mega-pixel and LED flash is there with a front snapper which is VGA equipped, best for a selfie. Fuel F2 has 3000 mAh battery with GPS, 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facilities.

The Li-po battery is a major feature and USP of the above-mentioned smart-phone where we can talk for 15.5 hours alongside connectivity of 3G. 300 hours for 2 SIM cards in standby mode. The FWVGA screen is having a pixel density which is high at 196ppi.

The Fuel F1 was priced at Rs 8700 and it was launched in October 2015 which was its predecessor. The Fuel F2 in its new version is definitely a commodity worth possessing as well as it enhances the lifestyle issues of the holder and the beholder.

Excellent Phablet of Budget: Xiaomi’s 2016 flagship, Mi 5 launched India

In country China, Xiaomi conducted unveiling of flagship latest Mi 5. It showcased then smartphones at preview of media in place Barcelona. After launchings were conducted, speculations regarding as to when Xiaomi Mi 5 shall reach our nation begun round corners. At Redmi Note 3 India launches on 3rd March, 2016, Hugo Barra, Global Vice-President of Xiaomi told flagship of Mi 5 shall be launched in our nation “in months’ time duration”.

At MWC 2016 side-lines Barra made confirmation that company had no plans of unveiling smart-phones in countries of western sides. Rather it shall focus on Indian typing markets. Jai Mani who is Xiaomi’s Product Lead MIUI further said that Xiaomi began Mi 5 smartphone’s sales this Tuesday only. He stressed facts that Indian markets are 1 amongst very crucial globalized market for Xiaomi.

He promised that phone’s releasing would occur in weeks of launching in China, though he did not say anything regarding globalized launches simultaneously in futures. Mani whilst talking regarding Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 launched newly designs, said about importance of smartphone’s detailing. He provides examples as to how speaker grilling being placed on device’s back that are flushing with surfaces actually could be disadvantageous for it. This is 1 amongst reasons as to why Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 hold raised bar of 1 millimetre for making sure that sounds do not get muffled.

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