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EcoSport’s price has been slashed by 1.12 lakhs

Ford India has slashed price of EcoSport by 1.12 lakhs with immediate effect in comparison with SUV Vitara Brezza from Maruti Suzuki. Petrol version starts from Rupees 6.68 lakh and diesel version start from Rupees 7.28 lakh available in the ex- showroom in New Delhi as was said in a Ford statement.

Anurag Mehrotra who is Executive Director of Ford India at Marketing, Sales and Service division has been quoted as saying that Ford EcoSport is recognised entirely for its value proposition which is extra-ordinary. This car in premier segment appeals to one and all. With a 40 per-cent increase in and after 2013, a strong re-alignment in price goes still further to assess Ford India’s position in the Indian market.

Its competitor Maruti Suzuki has kicked started a cost war in SUV compact segment, taking off to 5,600 bookings in the first few days of its launchings. Both the cars have their own pros as well as minor cons in the SUV segment and are a force to reckon with in the Indian sub-continent.

All these features are extremely important for the Indian taxpayer as well as it says a lot about the lifestyle of the be-holder. The healthy competition is vital in re-affirming the style statement of the owner which proves a great beneficiary in the long run of things.

Doodle or sweeping gestures unlock your smartphones

The smartphone can be logged into with doodle or sweeping gestures using your fingers. Scientists from Rutgers University of USA have done a study for free form passwords based on gestures in the smartphones field. Gesture password which is free form allow passwords of different shapes as well as number of fingers.

These results show that serious alternatives to other login methods as well as text logins are available for smartphone and other mobile device like tablets. These free form passwords based on gesture is extremely suitable for a touchscreen as it is fast to use, difficult to guess and extremely easy to remember. Such gesture passwords can prevent others from hacking our smartphone because everybody carries the smartphone everywhere now-a-days.

This finding will be discussed at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in the month of May 2016. 91 people participated in the survey and it was a huge success for people experimenting doodling. 2 different sets of accounts were created, 1st set social network and online banking, 2nd set shopping, gaming, dating, courses and music. It was a great finding for both the sets and goes a long way in defining the right kind of life for people.

These features can be expanded to services by internet, laptop and tablet combos, key locks, swipe cards and many more issues.

BSNL Launches Wi-Fi Free Services at Srinagar International Airport

4G, state-of-art, free Wi-Fi Hotspot has been started at Srinagar International Airport by BSNL such that digital divide amongst the people of Kashmir can be bridged. This service by BSNL is free for 15 minutes in the beginning of the service and was started by Asgar H Samoon, the Divisional Commissioner for Kashmir.

Mohammad Salim Beg, the general manager of BSNL, Kashmir had announced its launch in order to enable consumers to access internet service while on the go and to continue working even while having their pleasure trip. A one-time password is generated for the consumer’s smartphone or laptop which is accessed by a personalized service for login into their systems.

When the passenger logs into his/her system a registration link for the Wi-Fi service is prompted. After background verification is completed the consumer can browse free for the first quarter of an hour. The tourists to the valley will be greatly benefitted from the service and it will also be a boon for the localites.

Such facilities will be available in all other major public places like hospitals, schools bus-stops and many others like Press Enclave, Lal Chowk, Boulevard Road, SKIMS along the banks of Dal Lake by June end hence proving to be a major place of tourist attraction for the entire valley of Kashmir and neighbouring regions.

Beta Messenger for Facebook listed for Windows 10 in the store, but not yet available

Facebook messenger beta is not as yet reachable for Windows 10, even though it is listed in Windows Store. This has been revealed by and has no confirmation officially about availability it for smartphones. For personal computers and tablets, the Facebook messenger is available as said by the above mentioned site. A set of screenshots as well as a video (leaked) also came to the fore demonstrating new application features.

With the use of emoticons the user interface is explained and demonstrated in details in the leaked video which is of 4 minutes video in a language presumed to be Italian. Windows 10 design pattern is very similar to the new app and several modules of MSN Messenger for a long length of time. Being in testing stage for five months, the new app will be inaugurated in Build 2016 conference.

As per Windows store, Messenger Beta version for Windows 10 allows us to send content alongside links images as well as videos. It also helps us to access messages as well as notification in live tile. There can be engaging conversation with sticker and also the facility to know when others read or see your messages. By tagging, you can see to it that friends groups can be searched, also those friends who have not participated in the conversations.

Nuclear Power is too costly and unsafe: told by Ex-PM of Japan

Nuclear Power is very much expensive and unsafe for justifying newer plants building in any place around world. This was told by Naoto Kan, Ex-PM of Japan at times of 2011 Fukushima disasters and nuclear accidents. He cautions planning over building of newer UK plants. To speak related with 5th anniversaries of disasters, Naoto Kan told that he had been against ideas of manufacturers Japanese like Toshiba and Hitachi to build plants in UK.

His warnings was brought about as nuclear planning of Britain have been hanging in balances since there are delays over go-ahead for EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C project in Somerset. There are concerns related with financial viabilities of project. Whilst EDF French companies are in centres of Hinkley schemes, Toshiba and Hitachi are at back of initiatives similar developed for newer reactors at Sellafield in Cumbria, Wylfa on Anglesey, and Oldbury in South Gloucestershire.

Kan told that it is baseless for constructing newer atomizing plants due to costs. This is particularly case in that country in which there is no longer terms storages facility for wastes being highly levelled radioactive. It includes Japan and Britain. Nuclear powers have no safety. In worst cases scenarios till 50 million masses were being evacuated. Renewable powers are excellent. Ex-PM insisted he had no desires of telling Britain conducting ways.

Updates of Google Docs makes Navigation Easier

SAN FRANCISCO: General masses utilise Google Docs for chores daily. Presently services got just updated with newer handy “outlining” features. This lets jumping by you into various document sections in snaps. This does away with scrolling requirements. Features come essentially in handy when one browses through documents lengthy like thesis or case studies.

This lets one hop from one section onto other thereby saving times valuable in process. Updates are available presently on desktops and Android both. On desktop, user sees newer Outlining panels on left. This shows sections of header of documents. This is very same as to what contents tables look. You can click onto headers particularly in documents.

You are in turn taken to sections particularly with clicks singly. Users could enable features for going to Tools > Document outline. Updates of outlines are in real times. It is immediately case when you conduct addition of newer headers to documents of yours. You could conduct items removals from outlines by your cursor’s putting across them. They click X buttons.

Features are available on devices of Android. It pops up when you begin scrolling across documents. Needed factor is conducting tapping on smaller navigations button for seeing outlines of documents. Sadly, users of iOS are deprived of these features. Reason is that Google has not announced as to when features are present on Apple’s mobile device.

Google hits roads for feedbacks by users literally

Google is ready for embarking on old schooling searches. It swaps its algorithm of Internet for vans customised built which cruises through US. It finds out as to how masses use services online and reacting to newer features. White vans being emblazoned with colourful logos of Google. It invites for “shaping futures” of most important Internet Company of world (Google) being scheduled for pulling out 6 week road trips from Monday.

Google shall use vans for helping it breaking out Silicon Valley bubbles. Vans shall make multi-day stoppages in 7 states. It shall stop near parks, colleges and libraries. It will stop in some of regional offices of Google with hopes of discovering as to how Americans averaged use multitude of company for offerings digitally.

Nearly 500 volunteers walking up are invited for stepping inside vans being designed for serving mini versions of Silicon Valley laboratory of Google. In these most user studies of companies are carried out. When being inside, scientists shall record, watch and question as to how volunteers utilize apps and different services on smartphones session-wise which lasts 15 to 90 minutes.

Volunteers shall get Google t-shirts and gift cards returning for times which they spent. Fewer get glimpses at the ideas which engineers of Google refine still. It is conducted before decision is taken by company for releasing it like product to masses in general.

iPhone SE will launches on 21st of March, 2016

Apple has sent officially invitation for forthcoming week’s event at company’s headquarters being in Cupertino in California. Here it has been expected for introducing quite fewer devices together with fewer updates. Highlights of events like always are rumoured upcoming 4 inches iPhone. There are rumours currently that it is known as iPhone SE.

Critics curious and fans eager desire for knowing what Apple shall offer in 1st launching events of 2016. Specifications rumoured of iPhone SE upcoming are: Device is known as SE and not iPhone 5se. Company dropped “5” from name. Meaning is that iPhone SE shall be 2nd iPhone after 1st original generation models with no numbers in names. Changes in names are for simplifying iPhone line-ups. It brings back iPhone 5 variants in iPhone 6 life cycles which confuses customers.

iPhone SE replaces iPhone 5s which can sell same pricing points. Designs: Devices are known to be same as models of iPhone 6. Reports are that there is sporting of power buttons on sides. It had been with only models of iPhone 6 that companies began opting for side powering buttons because of device lengths. Therefore smartphones upcoming are same as iPhone 6 fitting onto 4 inches forming factors. iPhone SE shall offer 64GB and 16GB storage capacities with 1642mAh batteries. Options of connectivity’s include Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, and Live Photos supports.

Facebook brings Popular Face Swapping App Masquerade

Become ready for seeing more selfies silly. Facebook purchases companies behind one amongst very well-known apps in App Stores namely Masquerade. App of Masquerade lets a person overlaying animated playful filters over faces by utilizing selfie cameras of phones. Effect ranges from Leonardo DiCaprio at Oscars to monkey’s. It is factor of fun for playing with.

You could record videos in apps or take stilled photos for sharing on different socialised networks. You could expect face of Masquerade for filter’s swapping for showing up eventually in Facebook apps. Socialised networks plans also keeping operational Masquerade’s as free standalone apps with its integrations onto technologies in Facebook.

Effect joins lines of tools creative that Facebook have added to apps already. It could be like filters of photos, doodles of fingers and stickers. Masquerade is a hit in shorter times on App Stores. It has ratings averaged of 5 stars. It consistently has stayed at tops nearly of charts of App Store. This is as per App Annie. It is present also in phones of Android.

At Masquerade there is hard working for making videos more engaging and funny by creation of filters thereby altering and enhancing appearances. This was told by start-up couple-month-old in blog posts. There is excitement of joining forces with Facebook’s. It brings technologies to more masses. In Facebook there are abilities of reaching out to people at higher scales.

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