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Various type of pollutions and its dangers

Danger of Air Pollution and need for a Purifier

Life on earth without air is beyond the imagination of living beings. Human beings and other living beings cannot live without the intake of oxygen from the atmosphere that is nothing other than the air that sustains the life. In Indian culture air is given prime importance and air is even depicted as deity or god in Hindu Mythologies and epics. A scared place is given for air in every religion and nature worshipers of ancient time worshiped air before the beginning of every ritual. During olden times people were very conscious about preservation of environment and they used to take measures not to pollute the environment. When the agrarian civilization changed due to industrialization and modernization many changes happened in the environment due to the exploitation of nature. The most affected element was air. The toxins particularly the smoke emitted from factories and vehicles increased the pollution level day by day. Every one is forced to breathe or intake the contaminated air that further resulted in many other grave diseases that is incurable even in the most advanced society. The unfortunate aspect is that the highly qualified or educated people in the society are not aware about the consequences of such dangerous level of pollution.

People who are aware about air pollution and who wanted to preserve natural resources and environment began to initiate steps to control this dangerous phenomenon. Children and majority of the population suffers from asthma and other respiratory related diseases.   Programs were conducted to create awareness in the society. In the modern society were technological advancement is the major concern major measures were taken to purify the contaminated air with new techniques and equipments. The major challenge before the making of devices is to eliminate the pollutants from the air. The pollutants include dust, minute toxic bacteria, viruses, allergens, dust mite feces and toxic smoke particles. Apart form this volatile organic compounds increase the risk factor of promoting serious health hazards that is a threat to life. The removals of toxic promoting micro organisms need to be removed with sophisticated devices for restoring fresh air.

Today air purifiers are available that removes the toxins and contaminated elements from the air. Air purifiers are produced in large scale and small scale with commercial grade.  Air purifiers are most wanted devices in commercial, Industrial and medical industries. The air purifiers are great boon to asthma and allergic patients as these devices remove the contaminated particles from the air and provide fresh pure air to the patients. Patients with respiratory diseases can use this device as the refreshed air will enhance their health condition.

There are several purifying techniques that are applied in air purifiers.  Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, filter, activated carbon application, polarized media electronic cleaning technique, Photo catalytic Oxidation, ionizer purifiers, ozone generated devices and Titanium Di Oxide technology are most popular air purifying technologies.

In Ultra violet germicidal irradiation passing of forced UV light rays in the air eliminates the microorganisms that contaminates the air. In activated carbon application the carbon extracts the impurities from the air. Filters install purification traps that physically capture the pollutants from the air. Photo catalytic oxidation oxides the air and degrade the air pollutants. Gas ions are used in ionizer purifiers. Titanium di oxide neutralizes acidic gases from the air.

One of the major draw back of air purifiers are their hazardous gaseous bye products. Ozone producing air purifiers are not recommended as they possess threat to the health. It is evident that technological devices even though helps in the process of air purification ultimately promotes hazardous elements that make the contamination from bad to worse.

Only through creation of proper awareness against air pollution for people even from the school level onwards may make a difference for ensuring a healthy environment for the forth coming generations.

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