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Is Home Schooling more effective than conventional schooling systems?

The education is one of the important factors that laid the foundation for the progress of human beings in the society in every aspect. The education system had given ample contribution in every civilization and culture. Even though the methods of education vary from one another the main objective of education is to impart knowledge. There are several historical evidences that show the importance of education during the early centuries. People were curious in acquisition of knowledge from scholars or masters. During ancient times master used to teach in a selected place where they taught group of people. These were the earlier form of schools. The necessity of education was realized during the middle of 17th and 18th century. Schooling and its importance were begun to be realized in a wider aspect by people of every class in a society. The power of knowledge was recognized by every one and education became the priority of people in every society. Soon schooling from a young age became an inevitable factor to lead a cultured and civilized life. Several schools were established where students were taught by teachers in various subjects. The unique feature of Indian system of education was the students had to live with their teachers till the completion of their course. Ancient universities in India promoted this type of educational system.

In many parts of the world particularly in the western countries the education system flourished through schools where teachers and tutors taught students. Formal school settings were began to be established. The elementary education became a compulsory criterion for formal education. Even though formal education intended for everyone, during the early phase of 17th and 18th century children belonged to the elite class were tutored at home. The royal families entrusted private tutors to teach children and other royal family members. In some affluent families learned elderly members taught other members and children. This was the very first concept of home schooling. During the 18th century majority of the European people were devoid of formal schooling. Most of them preferred and practiced the home tutoring or home schooling in the comforts of their homely atmosphere. By 19th century public schooling became a recognized popular practice in imparting education. During 1960’s public school movement had to face oppositions from the people who preferred home schooling. According to them formal schooling ruined or was harmful for the children as it affects their effectiveness and potential socially, physically and mentally. They argued that the unique thought process of a child is adversely affected by the group educational system at school. In 1960, Rousas John Rushdoony began to oppose public school system and strongly advocated the home schooling system. He became an apostle of home schooling and became a strong witness in Home School Legal Defense Association in court cases. Soon home schooling got a legal exception or option in many of the developed countries where the parents can give home schooling for their children as an alternative education system.

Home schooling is more effective for children who are specially challenged where they get more attention and preference unlike public schools. Several statistics and research show that home trained children are equally or at times more competent than the students who got standardized education from conventional schooling systems. Home schooling is also considered as parenting style. In remote place or rural areas home schooling is more beneficial than the school system. Today home schooling is popular like e- learning courses. It practiced not only by the specially challenged students but also by the students who wanted to have education in a different aspect. One of the basic problems faced by home schooled students is at the time of higher education or at the time of college entrance. More specifications need to be clarified by as home tutored student in the admission formalities in higher education.

Even among these odds home school is a boon to students who can’t afford today’s expensive education systems.

Importance of After School Activities

Child hood is the most valuable period in a person’s life. Child hood memories are the golden memories that are to be treasured and cherished in life. Old generations are nostalgic about their school life. Many grand parents share their child hood memories with their grand children. They are always great full to their school days and give the entire credit to those lovely days that helped to mold them to be better human beings who were concerned about their fellow beings. Unfortunately they were the glory of the past of the fortunate older generation. From the system of Gurukul when student resided with his teacher for education in ancient times to the school system several changes had been happened. The English education system in schools created a radical change in the educational system. Students were always focused for learning subjects in the school. Learning inside the class rooms improved the academic quality of a student but at the same time he got less opportunity to know the real practical life in the world.

After independence the school system during 1950’s- 1980’s was based several activities other than learning subjects in the class rooms. There were interactive sessions of teachers and students. Those time students always had an opportunity to mingle with people and nature. They were quite aware about the harsh realities of life from the very young age. Physical activities were an important factor during olden school times. Children used do small house hold jobs after their school time. That always made them physically and mentally fit. The games they used to play were so close to nature that made them realize the value of nature they live in. They always valued the life of others and had an empathetic attitude towards the fellow beings and animals. They were taught in school in a manner that made them every living thing has its own space in this world.

After 1980’s and contemporary education system always wanted a child to excel in all competitions that comes before him. He was taught that academics is the most important thing in the life and earning money and securing a respectable job to have a good position in life matters the utmost. Interaction between students reduced to a considerable level and only competition for securing top grade existed. Soon after the class hours they are shifted for tuitions classes. This monotonous routine never spared most of the students of present generation other than the time they spent for sleep, food, limited indoor games or video and internet games. The natural immunity and thought process of an average student is affected by such a system.

In order to have a change for this scenario many school authorities are taking initiatives to promote after school activities. Foundation for molding the character of a child need to be began from a young age at schools. Like olden times children may be given ample opportunities for interaction with people and society. After the hectic school hours of today with heavy syllabus, children may be occupied with activities including games that keep them mentally and physically active. In olden times hide and seek was a common game that gave children physical and mental exercise. Today a child is limited to video games or TV programs that make them lazy not even allowing them to move from one room to another. Children who are interested in artistic pursuits may be allowed to follow that. They should also be allowed to take part in activities that involves charity programs and other social service activities. They should know the nature they live in. Environmental protection measures need to be taught at an early age.

The values that were taught to the older generation in their school days can be brought back by giving activities close to nature and society for students and there by making their after school hours at home more fruitful.

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