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Are innovative ideas are worth the risk

Innovation simply means having a novel idea or thought. The implementation of a novel thought or concept results in the innovation of achieving new requirements. Innovation is different from invention and improvement. Invention result in the creation of an idea. Improvement is doing a thing a thing better. Innovation in the context of improvement refers to do things differently rather than improving or doing things better. Innovation thus has inter changeable meaning in accordance with the context apart from the literal meaning. The word innovation owes it origin to the Latin language where the Latin word innovates is the noun form of the word “innovare” means to renew or change. Innovation has deep and wide impact in various aspects in the society. Innovation is closely connected with deep effect in various studies including business, economics, sociology, technology, entrepreneurship, automobile industry, and design technology consisting of fashion, interior design, building construction and textile technologies.

It is an inevitable part of business and economy or in any other industry that create new trends and fashions. The economic structure need to be innovated in accordance with the changes of any business. Here innovation plays vital role in business with regard to the economic infrastructure. The innovation of economic structure of any industry revolutionize the economic structure that result in better usage of concept for the growth of the business or economy to a great extent.

The transportation and communication field achieved great advancement due to the innovative economic structure and concepts. In the field of rail transportation the innovative idea of electric rail instead of old coal driven trains was a revolutionary innovation that is quite common in metro and international railways. The communication field had also undergone several changes form the conventional methods of communication. The innovative concept of mobile phone had remarkable impact in the telecommunication field replacing or reducing the fixed land phone connections. The basic computer systems were replaced by laptops and tablets. The internet system is also undergoing various innovations day by day that give rapid change in the field of communication. In the field of information technology the innovative concept of eight former employees of Shockley Semiconductor Company resulted in the establishment of 65 new companies in the capital of information technology in the Silicone valley. If they hadn’t dared to dream and implement their innovative thoughts, ideas and unique views the new enterprises that activated the Silicone valley boom in the information technology wouldn’t have happened.

Apart from the business and technological point of view innovations in the organizations are very important today. The efficiency and productivity of an organization are the two important factors that are the product of innovation in organizations. The innovative concepts initiate quality and advancement in the technological development creating healthy competitions in the organizational capacity of those who are involved in any organization. The most important organizations are hospitals, governmental institution and educational institutions including schools to universities. The hospitals promote innovative ideas in the care given for the patient right from the reception to the treatments until the discharge process. Many private hospitals give innovative promotions for the hospitals in having medical recording system sin electronic forms. Government institutions put forth innovative concepts to increase the efficiency and productivity of government institutions. Educational institutions particularly private institutions propagate innovative concepts in imparting education for students.

An innovation had two basic strategies, organizational and political standards. The organizational standards relate to individuals and private concerns. The political level attributes to the concepts put forward for countries or welfare of the state or region.

Today there are several innovation measuring indexes are available for the assessment of the infrastructure and strategy of any organization that promote constructive innovations. The innovation index, the global innovation index and the state and science technology index are the most popular innovation indexes.

The growth and the existence of any organization are undoubtedly depending on the innovative measures that improves the efficiency and quality.

Most important feelings every one wanted to have is happiness

It is defined that human being is a bundle of emotions. Depending on the circumstances human beings react with varied emotions or feelings. One of the most important feelings every one wanted to have is happiness. Creating or spreading happiness among people and every where is not an easy task. The positive energy in happiness never let down any one in the world. Even the worst criminal or a person with extreme cruelty in mind seeks happiness in one way or the other. There are several factors that promote happiness. The reasons for happiness vary from one another. It may be psychological, physical, biological, religious and philosophical. Happiness is defined as “mental or emotional state of ell being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”.

The importance of happiness is widely accepted by people everywhere in the world irrespective of any physical and emotional barriers. In the declaration of independence in United States state the importance of happiness as, “happiness is such of fundamental importance to the human condition that, life, liberty and happiness is deemed to be unalienable rights. The sustainability of human life is based on happiness. Many thinkers and philosophers emphasis on the importance of happiness, by stating it as the basis of any good life. An accepted fact about happiness is that it is the well being of any person. The other aspects relate to the concept of happiness is that of quality and contentment of life and the element of flourishing in the state of well being and joy. For attaining happiness it is important to avoid unpleasant experiences and events and to retain pleasant incidents.

Being content in the life with what a person has is another important aspect of finding happiness. Having deep satisfaction with every thing that comes to the life respective of good and bad things gives immense happiness to a person according to great thinkers and philosophers. Ancient sages and spiritual leaders state that eternal happiness is found by people who take good and bad thinks alike in their life. Another aspect of finding happiness is in finding equilibrium between cognitive ability and emotional capabilities. Even though there is cognitive element is taken for evaluating happiness prominence for evaluation of happiness is given for emotions. In the scientific methods and research conducted for evaluating happiness resulted in the finding that genetics or hereditary plays an important role in the element of happiness in a person. Sonja Lyubomirsky states that 50 percent of human happiness is contributed by genes, 10 % is the result of circumstances and the rest of the 40% is the contribution of self control. This condition is alike in human beings all over the world. The major factor that determines happiness is the value and intensity of relationships. The bond between relationships increases the level of happiness in every human being. The bond between parents and children are a good example for happiness. There are several definitions given to happiness in different contexts. Philosophical definitions given in the approach of happiness is that it is an eternal bliss that come form within an individual. According to various religions true and eternal happiness comes from the relation with the supreme power and human beings. All other physical and worldly happiness is only momentary.

In the modern materialistic world happiness is most commonly weighed in the economic status. Financial freedom is considered as the major aspect of happiness in the modern world. Apart from the definitions the state of happiness has great effect on the mental and health condition of the people. In any relation where unconditional love exists happiness occurs naturally.

Ways to achieve your Goals

Ways to achieve your Goals

Ways to achieve your Goals

Life without an aim or ambition is worthless. Every one has goals and aims even if they differ in nature. The desire to achieve something is inherent in everyone. The dream about the achievement is present even in a child. The methods or path that helps a person to attain his dreams or desires is termed as goal setting. The concept of goal setting is normally done for targets that are quite difficult to achieve. If a person has a vision about any wish he wants to fulfill leads him to the process of goal setting. Today many professionals put goal setting as an integral part for reaching greater heights in their career. Goal is a proven path to the road of success that was followed by great people to common man.

The goals may vary from person to person. Some have small challenges or targets to achieve and on the other hand certain persons have higher goals that require disciplined steps to be followed for the achievement of the challenge or goal. The achievement of goal through the goal setting process is the determining factor in the performance of a person within a specific period or time. From the ancient time onwards people were quite aware about the importance of goal setting. Ancient Greek philosopher and thinker Aristotle was a great exponent of goal setting. He firmly believed and propagated that an action is required for the fulfillment of purpose. Several researches and studies are conducted by many researchers about goal setting. The studies relating to the goal setting began form early 1930’s. Cecil Alec Mace performed the very first study about goal setting in the year 1935. During 1950’s and 1960’s several researches were conducted and in the year 1960 the theory of goal setting was developed by Edwin A Locke. According to him goal setting is a self motivation process for the achievements of goals and desires. The goal setting is closely connected to the performance for the completion of the predetermined task. The goals and performance are the two essential ingredients of achievements.

The goal setting is more important in business field. The goal setting is based on short term and long term goals. Goal setting is more important for managerial functions. In many business concerns specific goal settings are done by the managers. The new theory of goal setting in the fast life is termed as SMART goals. It indicates the goals to be achieved through specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time targeted measures. The principle of SMART is applicable to personal and community goals.

The personal goals are mostly connected with the financial achievement. Next to the financial achievement is the career achievement. In both financial and career the achievement of the goals can be effectively directed by the principle of SMART. When the short term goals are achieved the principle of SMART may be implied for achieving long term goals in a wider canvas.

Community goals or group goals are done by a team or by specific group of people. In a group the measures for the achievement will be divided and assigned tot team members. This will help to achieve bulk or higher goals within the specific period. The group efforts even though in different forms aim at the achievement of the goal with in the stipulated period. The goal setting need to satisfied with the four elements of choice, effort, persistence and cognition. The commitment level will be higher in people who have set the goals. This will improve their efficiency in persistence to the goals.

The goal setting is important in a person’s life irrespective of professional and personal life that helps him to improve self efficacy, cognitive abilities and above all the total commitment to the work to others and towards himself.

Factors Constituting Creativity

Creation is the most significant word in the history of mankind. Many religions propagate the theory of creation as the inexplicable work done by the almighty or the creator of the world. According to religious beliefs creativity of God is responsible for the creation of human beings in the world. Any thing that is produced with novelty is termed as creativity or creation. Creativity cannot be tailor made. There are several factors that constitute creativity in a person. The basic ingredient of creativity is the novelty in a thought or imagination. A simple spark from a thought will result in a great creative work. Normally art forms are the creativity of brilliant imagination. A thought that is quite different from an artist gives a creation. It will be unique and distinct from the thought and actions of others or the society. For a unique creation mental and physical factors play an important role. The intellect and fantasy in a person produces a good creation particularly a great artistic creation. An exploratory or investigative mind in a person also has equal importance in a creation. In the art forms literary work is also another major area of creativity. Great authors, painters, musicians, actors and world leaders are first recognized as creative persons. A true imagination gives originality to any type of creative work. It is an interesting factor to notice that the correct blend of imagination and reality always produce a classic creative work.

The definition or thought of creativity had undergone several changes from the ancient time onwards. Great philosophers gave definitions to creativity in different perspectives. Even the definition of creativity did not give any common conclusion. The diversity in the definition itself is a creation. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato had a unique and different concept about creativity. He opposed theory of creation as novelty. According to him there is nothing new or creative in this world. Every thing is only repetition and imitation. The divine spark and the enlightenment are only certain factors that contribute the imitation or repetition of a thing that already existed. Another ancient concept regarding creativity among Roman philosophers and thinkers was that the creativity is extremely linked with genius. According to them the sacred or the divine spark is always linked with the genius. The divine inspiration always sparked the genius. The creativity is always considered as the internal abilities in a person. These abilities forms creativity when intelligence and thoughts comes in the equal proportion.

In the modern period after the renaissance the theory of creativity had undergone several changes. Today the four prominent factors that promote creativity are identified as the four P’s. They are process, product, person and place. The cognitive aspect in a person is described as the process. Product defines the parameters to measure the creativity. The place denotes the essential circumstances or situations that promote the growth of creativity. All these factors contribute the person who indeed produces a good creation in the artistic field. The exact blend of these four ingredients constitutes creativity according to the modern theory. Today creativity is applied in almost all profession. Even in educational systems there are several projects are put forward to know the creativity in students. These projects involve several talent research programs that bring out the creativity in students. Modern technologies also adapt creative thoughts, in many organizations creative teams are an integral part of the organizations. Creativity is an integral part not only for artists but also in a common mans life. The beauty of life is in the discovery of creativity in every moment by a person that gives him new hopes to lead a happy and content life.

Coaching forms the part of our Life

Coaching fundamentally focus on creating a disciplined way of living that is meant for the achievement or success in a particular profession. Another aspect of coaching is the personal development of physical, mental and psychological perspectives. The progress of skills in social and organizational capacity of an individual is conditioned for obtaining best results is done through coaching. A real coaching helps to activate the self motivation in a person convincing him about his positive qualities that ensure more productivity from him in the respective field he is under coaching. Today coaching under different names in different professional fields is an inevitable factor. Corporate firms provide coaching under the term of intern or apprenticeships were the enrolled candidates are given coaching by the seniors or experts in the field. This comes under the professional coaching. Coaching primarily teaches a person about a thing that he doesn’t know. He will be put in to different learning process by the coach to do the thing that is quite new to. Through different process the person will identify the skills he will be able to use and adapt in different situations. The unseen skills and capabilities of a person will be revealed through the process of coaching. A proper coaching gives a person an enlightened vision about his unseen capabilities. The communication skills that are required for the particular profession will be highlighted during the period of coaching. Coaching is also highly beneficial for physical and mentally challenged persons to face the hindrances and crisis in the life like normal people. Through various sessions of coaching the physical or mentally challenged people will get a focus in their life that creates positive energy within them that make them energized for positive and normal life.

There are several types of coaching that serve the purpose of therapies that helps a person to shape his personality and profession. Business coaching, career coaching, financial coaching, personal coaching, health coaching sports coaching, conflict coaching and victimization coaching are some of the coaching imparted today in different sectors of society. Business coaching relates to the human resource development in the corporate and technical field. Business coaching provides the methods to develop and maximize the resources of persons in the business field to extract optimum results. A positives support, recognition, good working ambiance and positive feed back through coaching enhance the quality of people. Financial coaching for financial management, personal coaching for personal growth and executive coaching are part of the corporate sector coaching.

Sports coaching help to develop the mental and physical growth of the players. Health coaching focus on maintenance and perseverance of health against various ill and health related issues. Conflict coaching is related to marital and family issues. Victimization coaching helps the victims of disasters to recuperate their normal life.

Coaching in different aspects improves the life of a person to have a focused positive life with mental, emotional , psychological and physical discipline or control.

Why to control your Anger

Many renowned psychologists without difference of opinion agree at one point about human being that is, human being apart from the physical appearance is a bundle of emotions. Emotion truly controls an individual. Most of the people are always acts according to the emotions. Some of them are able to control their emotions as per the requirement of the circumstances. They belong to the category of individuals with higher degree of intelligence and thought process. They are able to manage any situation or crisis in their life. Another major aspect of emotions is that there are mainly two types of emotions – Negative and Positive. The negative and positive emotions create positive and negative energy in human being. The positive emotions include love, care, charity, commitment, concentration, positive attitude, nonviolence, helping nature and any act that does not harm others or any living things. As there are two sides for everything, there is an opposite dimension to the positive emotions. They are the negative emotions of hatred, anger, jealousy, violence, murder, exploitation, harassment and any action that make chaos and crisis. The vibes of positive emotions are sometimes subsided by negative force or energy. The most prominent negative emotion is anger. It is a difficult task to mange anger by a common person. Another interesting factor relating to anger is it is happens usually from a small spark of word or action and grows into a great disaster.

In olden times great wars occurred as a result of negative emotions. Today according to psychologists the rate of problems occurs due to intolerance and anger is at a higher level. The changes in the life style promote anger in several ways. People have no time for proper interaction with others. Everyone is self centered and selfish and conscious only about the profit and returns of own benefit or for the welfare of their own families. To achieve higher heights in the profession by professionals, to secure high scores in competitive exams and studies by students, differences between culture, communities, countries etc are some of the after math of negative emotion particularly by anger. The root cause of anger is the lack of patience and tolerance in human beings. Most grave problems including murder and torture are the undoubted result of anger. The anger between the members in the same family for several reasons, perhaps not having a proper reason for anger results in the total destruction of many families as well as the society.

Another category who is easily subject to anger is the professionals particularly the professionals in the IT field. Many psychologists today create anger management programs for professionals and students. These two categories require more attention according to anger management councilors because they follow a heavy stressful life style and profession. The main constraint of people who are angry towards simple or silly things is that they are not getting any opportunity to share their problems. The stresses within them do not have a way to be flushed out and ultimately it comes out as anger towards any thing. If they have a way to share their problem and get a solution the anger could be controlled to a greater extent. Anger management is indeed a great problem to be solved among the youth as most of them are not aware about the consequences of their action results from anger.

That does not mean that anger is an emotion that to be erased completely. Anger in a mild degree is good for everyone as it gives the person the ability to respond to illegal activities. But when the anger is beyond the level that becomes a threat to the society it needs to be effectively controlled. The anger management systems includes the process of meditation, stress relieving activities including music, other artistic arts helps to calm down the mind that makes an individual to control the anger within him that is need of today.

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