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Golf – A Game for Elite Class People

Golf - A game for elite class

Golf – A game for elite class

Games are played by the people all over the world for the sake of relaxation and entertainment. Normally games are played by individuals without any profit motive or remuneration. But there are certain games played by the players for remuneration or for recognition. The most popular games played by people all over the world are different types of ball games including foot ball, basket ball, tennis, hockey, rugby and golf. These games are played for both recognition and remuneration purpose. All these games have world famous celebrities that motivate common people to play the games not essentially for any recognition or profit. Among these games golf is considered as a classic game played by the elite class of people form medieval period till date.

 The most important characteristics of golf are that it requires vast amount of land or ground. Golf is defined as a game that, “playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground in to the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the rules”. Hence golf is always considered as a game that involves clubs, holes and balls. The golfers or the players use clubs to hit the holes in the grounds with different types of strokes. The strokes must be fewest in numbers when hitting the balls in to the holes. The golf is played in ground that has several holes arranged in the progression of 9 or 18 holes.

 The history or the origin of golf is still a topic of dispute between the historians. Some trace back the history of golf to the ancient Roman period. Chinese also claim about the origin of the game during the reign of Ming Dynasty in China. Persians also claim about the origin of golf form a game of Persian descendent namely Chaugan. Later it is believed that the game was brought to the European continents in the medieval period by the travelers. A primitive form of modern golf were existed in England named as Cambuca and in France named as Chambot.

Some certain evidence about the game is traced back to the 15th century in Scotland. With the help of the historical evidences, it is decided that the modern form of golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century where there is recorded evidence of banning of golf by King James 2nd in the year 1457. A golf links course at Saint Andrews supposedly erected in the year 1574 is considered as an importance place or “pilgrim centre” for golfers and golf lovers. The oldest golf course according the Guinness world records situates in Mussel burgh links in East Lothian in Scot land. The world’s oldest golf tournament was played in the year 1860 at Prestwick golf club in Ayer shire, Scotland. The compilation of rules of golf was done in the year 1774 for the company of Gentleman Golfers and alter it was renamed as The Honorable company of Edinburgh golfers and was played in Leith, Scotland. Even today the rules and regulations follows the rules designed in the year 1754 at Saint Andrews. The international rules of golf is the merging of the Royal and ancient club at St. Andrews and United States Golf association. These rules are jointly governed by the R&A. in addition to the recognized rules the golfer has to observe etiquette guidelines that directs the golfer to follow the elements of safety, fairness, players’ commitment and obligation to the game and respect for the co- players. Today there are major men’s and women’s championship tournaments are played world wide. Golf is also termed as stokes play.

Even though the game has many standard rules and etiquette that make this a classic game in terms of popularity, with comparison to other form of games does not have a steady graph. It is still considered as game for elite class for the lack of participation of common people.

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