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Nature always amuses human beings in different ways. A single grain of sand is the part of the nature. The air and water are the two basic elements that are highly essential for the survival of life. Air and water always surprise human beings in several aspects. Breathing process in all living things is possible only due to the presence of air on earth. The ability of the birds to fly in the air was a great surprise element for human beings. He began to make things to fly in the air and right from kite to air crafts and space ships are the product of his enthusiasm and desire to fly high up in the air.

Another element is water that always amused human beings. The body functions of living things are highly depend on the water consumption. Man can manage to live for days without any food but he cannot live for more than few days without consuming water. Apart from drinking, water is widely used for cleansing and rituals. At the same time water is also used in an entertainment perspective. Swimming and boating are the two most widely accepted leisure time activities done on water. Wooden planks tied together that were designed in square forms floated above the water were earlier used by man to travel on water. Later on modified forms of these wooden planks designed in boat form were used to cross rivers and streams. Travel across the water was the main purpose of boats. Later several types of boats were invented for leisure and travel purposes.

Recreational or pleasure crafts are mainly used for leisurely activities. There are several types of boats falls in this category. They are paddle sports, canoes, kayaks, row boats and dinghies are some of them.

Paddle sports are used on rivers and lakes. Kayaks are can be defined into different shapes according to the requirements and nature of the water bodies in inland waters, whitewater rivers and in the coast line areas near oceans.  Rowing boats or crafts the most popular vessel used for fishing. It is also used for competitive sports. Row boats are oar powered water crafts.

The small sail boats, day sailers, cruising sail boats and fresh water fishing boats are mainly used for sailing activities that is most commonly used for leisurely sailing along with families and friends.

Other than the recreational purposes water sports is another activities that include various type of sportive boats or vessels. Water boats or ski boats are used for water skiing. Wake boards, wake surfing, knee boarding is some of the water ski sports that use water or ski boats.

Salt water fishing boats are used for fishing in protected shallow water. The fishing boats used in region have closed cabins and wheel houses. In warmer region open fishing boats are used.

Cruising boats are another category that is used for long distance water trips. Power and sail boats are the two widely used categories of cruising boats.

The parking of boats in the water bodies are technically termed as anchoring. Three major styles of anchoring include plow style, fluke style or Danforth anchor and mushroom anchors.

There are cargo ships that are used to carry heavy loads of cargo from one country to another.

Boating is thus used not only for recreational and travel purpose but also as means of livelihood for certain communities all over the world. The fishermen community depends on boating to catch fish from the sea. Cargo boats and ships are used for transporting luggage through water bodies from one region to another. Drowning of these vessels is one of the dangerous drawbacks of boating even though boat is widely accepted as a recreational activity.

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