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Cruises for Pleasure Trips

The ultimate dream of a traveler with an adventurous mind is a voyage across the water or sea. The never ending exploration of sea is the greatest fascination of a traveler. If the history of exploration by man is traced back his several attempts to voyage is seen. Many continents and unknown part of the world were discovered by the adventurous sailors. The voyage of Christopher Columbus resulted in the discovery of America. The Indian subcontinent was disclosed to the world when Vasco Da Gama landed on Calicut in Kerala as a part of his voyage across the great seas. It is quite evident that voyages had given a great contribution in the discovery of many unseen land. Earlier voyages were attributed to sailors or merchants who wanted to do trade in many parts of the world even though the definition of the word voyage means a pleasure trip across the waters. Later on voyages became commercialized. Cruises that provided all amenities for the passengers became a commercialized pleasure trip. According to the amenities and the distances covered by the cruises a fair amount of payment need to be paid to the company or the agency that provide the cruises.

The first cruise voyage was in the year 1891 march 22. It was named as Augusta Victoria with a passenger capacity of 541 persons. Cruising was done mainly for transatlantic crossings. The transatlantic crossings were mainly meant for having southern cruises from North Atlantic Ocean during the winter time when the weather was at its worst in the northern Atlantic area. In the 19th century Albert Ballin sent the first transatlantic cruise from the North Atlantic to southern Atlantic Ocean. His cruise was named as Hamburg America Line. Later several other cruise constructing companies followed his path and some of them constructed cruises not only for the winter crossing but also specialized cruises for both summer and winter transatlantic crossing. During the late 19th century cruise lining was the most popular mode of transportation across the waters. With the advent of the aircraft the travel on cruises was reduced to a lower level. The high fuel consumption lowered the demand of ocean liners.

Form 1980 on wards contemporary designs of cruises were began to be used widely. The mega ships or modern cruises were built with amenities including multi story atrium with glass elevators. Single deck and private cabins were the unique features of this cruise designs that is still in vogue. In the 21st century ships with extra ordinary facilities that gives the passenger homely comfort with large sized cruises were introduced. Today queen Mary 2 built in 2004 is the only cruise operating in the transatlantic routes. Before Queen Mary 2 Queen Elizabeth was the luxury cruise that operated in the transatlantic route. The luxury cruise liners are regarded as the floating luxury hotel on the sea. All the amenities available in a luxury star grade hotel on land are available in the luxury cruise liners of 21 century. Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Crystal cruises are the famous luxury cruise line till date. The pricing of these cruise lines are greater than the luxury hotel pricing in the land. The passengers ticket in a cruise line include room accommodation, room service, access to shows and other entertainment provided by the crew, unlimited use of meals in buffet or room service, specialty restaurants, availability of hi technological gadgets including wireless internet connection, official cruise photos are the highlight of a modern luxury cruise liner.

The cruising industry is one of the most popular industries that are a great source of revenue to the government where the cruise liner belongs to.

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