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Bargain Hunt

Visual media have great influence in the field of entertainment. There are several entertainment program aired on television. The entertainment programs are based on art forms including dance, music, movies and drama. The serialized programs are the most popular programs telecasted in television. With the increase of program channels there are variety of programs been serialized. Apart from the entertainment programs there are exclusive news programs and reality shows top the program channels.  One of the major draw back of these programs other than reality shows is that they are based on concepts that are most of the times quite illogical. But there are few programs telecasted in leading channels that has acquired great popularity through the fresh and innovative ideas and concepts. One such program aired on British television is the most popular television show telecasted world wide is the Bargain Hunt. It was innovative and extended version of auction.

Bargain hunt was aired on March 2000 in the BBC. The show was first aired as a sub slot in day time. The program was hosted by the world famous anchor David Dickinson. By the year 2004 the program was included in the prime time slot in the BBC. In the version of 2004 the show became the most profitable popular show with an increased budget of 500 pounds.

The concept of the show was the live selling and buying of products particularly antique pieces or items. The essence of the program is that there are two paired contestants designated in two teams compete with each other for the purchase of the antique piece through auction. There are contestants who took part in this were celebrities that increased the mass appeal of the show. The length of the show was 45 minutes. In addition to this standard timing there are one hour live telecast and 30 minute versions. The contestants are usually chosen from public and in the special episodes celebrity guests are also invited. There contestants in two teams wear red and blue uniforms corresponding to their team colors. The antique piece for auction will be exhibited before them. The amount to purchase the antique items will be given to the team members.

The task of the team members is to buy the antique piece with the help of the antique trade expert’s opinion. The team members can take their own decision in the purchase of the antique piece in addition to the information provided by the antique trade expert.

The purchased antique piece will be auctioned later. The team owners who purchased the antique piece is entitled for the profit of the item thus purchased when auctioned. If there is no profit with regard to the purchase price by the team members they are not entitled for any benefit.  The purchase profit or loss is not included in the buyer’s premium or account commission or value added tax. The home viewers can also take part in the contest through phone in option and can record their price of auction.

At the time when David Dickinson hosted the show the amount given for the contestants were 200 pounds later when Tim Wonnacot hosted the day time episodes the amount was increased to 300 pounds for buying three antique pieces.

On October 2007 the program completed the telecast of 500 episodes. The completion of 500 episodes was entirely dedicated for charity from the profit made by the Red team. On 2010 the program celebrated the tenth anniversary. A bonus amount of 100 pound was allotted for bonus items.

The novelty of the program that made the participation of public in bargaining, purchase and auction made this show a great success in the history of live shows in the British Television programs.

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