Citrix Virtualization Certifications

A long history of services and servers for remote access Citrix is the leader of virtualization in the market. Citrix virtualization certifications have increased their values in the last 4 to 5 years as also the virtualization market has become more lucrative.

The apps and the desktop category focus on Xen Desktop. The Citrix Mobility category is catching up fast delivering more and more certifications on Xen Mobile for the next year.


  • The Citrix Virtualization certifications are the Citrix Certified Expert, the Citrix Certified Professional and the Citrix Certified Associate.
  • The data centre operation is more popular in regards to Citrix Virtualization certifications. The expertised virtualization certification like CCA-AD, CCP-AD, and CCE-AD are of vital importance in the modern day scenario.
  • The Citrix Certified Associate- Apps and Desktops (CCA-AD) is the entry level credentials for Virtualizations. Troubleshooting, maintaining, monitoring and managing are the various tasks carried out in preview of the CCA-AD.
  • The Citrix Certified Professional-Apps and Desktops (CCP-AD) is the next higher level of Virtualization. Here scaling, deploying, building and optimizing are the important and valid tasks carried out.
  • The Citrix Certified Expert-Apps and Desktops (CCE-AD) are the still higher version of Virtualization Certifications. Here architecting, designing, and assessing are the major tasks.

Attending exams-

  • The cost per exam is USD 200 dollars -1Y0-200
  • The cost per exam is USD 300 dollars each for 1Y0-300, 1Y0-400
  • The CCA-AD has 1 exam, 1Y0-200- Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam
  • The CCP-AD has 1 exam, 1Y0-300- Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam
  • The CCE-AD has 1 exam, 1Y0-400- Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Exam

Topics for CCA-AD are as follows-

  • Understanding XenDesktop 7.6 and XenApp communication, architecture and components
  • Delegating management and administration licenses
  • Managing the XenDesktop and XenApp infrastructure
  • Delivery groups and machine catalogs are managed and created
  • Management of StoreFront
  • Profiles of end-user and policies are managed and created
  • Managing end users, sessions and sites with Director
  • Management of printing
  • Management of services of provisioning

Topics for CCP-AD are as follows-

The students are provided with the skills which is requires in order to deploy successfully the Citrix hosted application. The desktop virtualization solution according to Windows Server 2012 R2 environment is also taken care of. The aspirants learn how to enable the environment of the Citrix components like XenServer, XenDesktop, Citrix License Server, MCS, PVS, Personal vDisk, StoreFront, NetScaler (ICA Proxy, Load Balancing, Endpoint Analysis), and Citrix Receiver. When the course completes the aspirants can build and deploy a XenDesktop 7.6 application starting from scratch for both external and internal stakeholders. The XenDesktop resources can be successfully handled.

Topics for CCE-AD are as follows-

The topics give provision for students with abilities for successfully designing and assessing desktop solution and XenDesktop 7 app that has its basis on top core architectures and projects that majority of customers of Citrix do implementation around numerous use cases and industries. Candidates also possess opportunities of building designs for organization of theirs thereby having accessibility of all materials of reference and tools needed for supporting work of theirs.

Preparation for this credential-

The topics given prepare students for Designing XenDesktop 7 Solutions exam which is needed examination for credential namely Citrix Certified Expert –Virtualization.

Scope and importance-

  • The Citrix technology is credible and popular in the data center operations and the data center domain. The IT professionals who work in the data center domain are highly expertise and have high degree of experience as regards to advancement in technology.
  • The Virtualization Certification credential is in steady and high demand because these set of certifications not only raise the knowledge levels of the aspirants but also enable them to get a thorough hike and promotion in the respective industry.
  • These set of certifications are wonderful in terms of the quality of projects undertaken by the aspirants. The certifications also help them to climb up the corporate ladder at a very fast pace.

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