CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

Certifications of CompTIA have high respects and serves often as needed courses for different programs of certifications. CompTIA Mobility+ has its gearings towards mobility engineers and architects, security professionals and network administrators, who provide support, implementation and management to environment of mobility.

The exam singly covers network infrastructure, over-the-air technologies (cellular, RF, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), troubleshooting, security and management of mobile device. As same as CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, the CompTIA Mobility+ certification needs students having broad understanding of numerous subtopics.


  • To have skills in and knowledge of OSI model, bandwidth, antennas, strategies of security mitigation, lifecycles, protocols, policies, theory of propagation, testing, device interoperability, testing, quality of service and encryption.
  • This certification is credential serving as a foundational course which has been used for moving to high levelled credentials in different types of field of networking with grasp soundly of networking mobile troubleshooting techniques and best practices.
  • The credential has its validity for 3 years. Holders of certification maintain and keep the skills up-to-date by ways of education continuing with no requirement of retaking the exam that is current.¬† The credential covers skills and knowledge needed for capabilities of research and understanding numerous aspects and mobile devices of technologies of over-the-air.
  • This credential gives identification to those IT professionals who can provide management, deployment, supporting and integrating a mobile environment thereby ensuring measures of security that is proper which are for platform and device maintenance for mitigating threats and risks.

Attending exams-

  • There are no needed courses for exam. There is recommendation that candidates must have an experience of 18 months in environment of mobility. There is strong encouragement provided to those candidates who possess 12 months of experience in networking field and they must also possess credential of CompTIA Network+
  • Exam number: 1 exam namely MB0-001: CompTIA Mobility+ exam
  • Fees are $261 USD. Exam is administered through Pearson VUE
  • Questions asked: 100
  • Time duration: 90 minutes
  • Multiple choice questions are asked
  • Pass mark: 720 on scale of 100 to 900
  • In Japanese and English the exam is conducted to candidates

Scope and importance-

  • Students can differentiate themselves as proficient, bonafide and efficient in issues of mobility
  • Technology experts in mobility is hot IT job ranked #4 in accordance with InfoWorld
  • Respondents nearly of 44% to survey of CompTIA is noted as skills gap for mobility security
  • It is a very good certification. IT professionals after doing this certification get promotions, hike and handsome salary and other benefits also .they get onsite opportunities with a very wide range of salary. Different avenues get opened for them. They are highly skilled and expertise individuals. So they get very high position in their respective areas.
  • Candidates have numerous advantages of study with materials of CAQC (CompTIA Approved Quality Content) programs that include the following:
    • All objectives of exam are covered completely
    • Principles of instructional designs are importantly implemented
    • Reviews instructionally which helps candidates in judging their readiness and comprehension of learning for exam of credential
    • Training materials of CAQC has its review by experts of industry which ensures in meeting requirements of exacting and strict standards of quality
    • Material of training of CAQC seals undergoes approval processes rigorously for confirming that work thereby meets necessary practical labs, standards of language and objectives of exam.
    • ¬†Educational institutes, organizations of training and students recognize logo of CAQC as trademark of quality of materials of CompTIA Mobility + certification
    • Study guides and books are reviewed by ProCert Labs through CAQC:
  • This certification has usage of independent 3rd party namely ProCert Labs for reviewing content of all partners
  • ProCert Labs develop standards of assurance of quality or curriculum and courseware products that has its basis on modern theory of instructional design and correlation of exam objectives
  • Ever since 1998 ProCert Labs have refined progression of unique processes for establishment of unprecedented acceptance and credibility


  • Over-the-air technologies-
  • Compare and contrast different cellular technologies-
  • Given a scenario, configure and implement Wi-Fi client technologies using appropriate options-
  • Bluetooth, PAN, 802.11 a, b, g, n, ac (Relevant operating frequencies)
  • Compare and contrast RF principles and their functionality-
  • RF characteristics (frequencies), Modulation (Bandwidth and Wavelength)

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