CPHIT, CPEHR, CPHIE, and CPORA Certifications

Health IT Certification LLC is professional organization’s name which thereby provides credentials and training for the professionals who have been charging with management, planning, implementation and selection of electronic health records (EHR) combined with health information technology (HIT). The candidates are also involved with management and creation of health information exchanges (HIE).

Candidates certify along with Health IT credentials in areas of EHR, HIE, HIT and ORA (operating rules administration). All of these are associated exam and body of knowledge. Topics are available but they are not needed for earning the credential.


These numerous credentials have ambition towards numerous IT roles for supporting management and acquisition of internal information inside organizations of healthcare for all HIT and EHR activities related, and amongst numerous players in arena of healthcare(government agencies, insurance companies and institutions) for activities of HIE.

The industries, companies, agencies and organizations list all individuals certified by their names on their websites. Over 1000 names are counted on this list. There is inclinations for viewing such transparency and disclosure as being signs of well-run, professional and serious certification for organizations.

  • Certified Professional in Health Information Technology (CPHIT)
  • Certified Professional in Electronic Health Records (CPEHR)
  • Certified Professional in Health Information Exchange (CPHIE)
  • Certified Professional in Operating Rules Administration (CPORA)

Attending exams-

  • Needed courses-
    • No particular experimental or educational requirements are present. There is recommendation that candidates either possess experience of healthcare with plans of participating in HIE, HIT, EHR and ORA implementation/acquisition, operations and use or have experience of information system with intended deployment, acquiring and assistance of healthcare organizations of ORA, HIT, HIE or EHR.
  •  Training of curriculum ranges from $1295 to $1695 for numerous groups. Discounts are available for 3 or more candidates from similar organizations taking similar program. Student discounts prices are also present online.
  • Exam number- 1 exam for each certification
  • CPHIT, CPEHR, and CPHIE: 2 hours, 70% pass mark, 100 questions
  • CPORA: 1.5 hours, 70% pass mark, 80 questions
  • Fees: Variation of prices which depends on packages and discounts
  • Holders of credentials meet requirement of continuous education on 2 year cycle. Annually $100 fees of membership is assessed


CPEHR topics- 

  • Overview of Health IT
  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Health IT
  • Goal Setting and Benefits Realization for Health IT and Change Management
  • Change Management & Workflow for Health IT
  • Data Management
  • Patient Safety: CPOE, e-Rx, and BC-MAR
  • PHRs & Care Coordination
  • Interoperability
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Electronic Document Management Systems

CPHIT courses-

  • HIT Technology, Privacy and Security
  • Principles of HIT Project Management
  • Managing HIT ROI
  • HIT System Selection
  • HIT Implementation and Support
  • Health Information Exchange

CPHIE topics-

  • HIE Architectures
  • Data Stewardship
  • Personal Health Records
  • Telehealth and Home Monitoring
  • Nationwide Health Information Network

CPORA topics-

  • Overview of Operating Rules, Regulations, and Implementation Strategies
  • Eligibility and Claims Status Operating Rules
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Operating Rules and Standards
  • Operating rules and Standards Under Development per ACA and the Future

Scope and importance-

  • The dependence of credentials value is particularly on marketplace. The employers have provided recognition to Health IT credentials by means of sending employee teams and by ways of sending new employees that are being added to those who have credentialed previously.
  • Many candidates and students find both credential and knowledge for validating their proficiency and mastery of (BOK) body of knowledge for showing and demonstrating this understanding to others.
  •  HIT describes application spectrum broadly that is supported by IT which provides improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of health care. CPHIT program has its focus on provision of appreciation for HIT spectrum broad which includes implementing, planning and selecting EHR and different applications of IT.
  • CPEHR program thereby helps in identifying ways for achieving values, improving adoption, enhancing path of migration and addressing specifically e-prescribing.  CPHIE program helps in enhancing and developing usage of HIE. There is content focus on personal health records and telehealth.
  • CPORA program helps for maintaining, planning and managing enhanced management of revenue cycle through effective use and adoption.

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