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Review: Dropbox is operated service of file hosting by Dropbox Inc. that has its headquarters in San Francisco in California which in turn offers cloud personally, storage of cloud, software of client and synchronization of file. Dropbox provides allowance to users for creating special folder on computers that is synchronized by Dropbox such that there is appearance of similar folder with similar contents irrespective of usage of computer for vision purposes. Placement of files in folder is accessible by means of Dropbox mobile apps and website.

Dropbox takes usage of business freemium model in which users offer account free with paid subscriptions and storage set size for capacity of accounts. Dropbox was brought about in 2007 by students of MIT namely Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston as company that was being started from seed accelerator American Y Combinator.  Dropbox has provided client software to Android and other web browsers.

Technology: Dropbox consisted of services based on clouds for user management and identity, data storage, programmatic, accessibility and management of interfaces (APIs). Services also are mobile operating systems and desktop storage and data access and web applications for service and data management. Clients of Dropbox perform enabling of users for dropping any file onto folder designated. File then is uploaded automatically to service based on Dropbox cloud and makes its availability to other devices and computer users which have installation of Dropbox client. Users manually upload files by means of web application of Dropbox.

Both Dropbox servers originally running on cloud and client desktop software had been written in Python. From 2013 middle Dropbox started migration of infrastructure at backend to Go. Shipment and dependence of Dropbox was on librsync delta-binary library in C written. Full codebase of browser side of Dropbox was written in place of JavaScript in CoffeeScript. Client of Dropbox supports sharing of personal storage and synchronization. It thereby supported revision history. Therefore a deleted file from folder of Dropbox is recovered from any computer that is synced. Dropbox provides support to version control multi-user which enables many users editing and re-posting files with no versions being overwritten. history of version is by chance placed for 30 days and recovery option of 12 months that is called “Pack -Rat” for availability of purchasing.

Functionality: Users devise lots of uses mashups and for technology expansion of functionality of Dropbox.  This includes usage of Dropbox to IM sync chat logs, management of password, send files to Dropbox by means of Gmail, free service of Web hosting, management of Bit Torrent, system monitoring and launching of remote application.

Add-Ons: There are unofficial and official add-ons of Dropbox that is created mostly by community of Dropbox. Add-ons are in form of web services like Mover (that facilitates backup online of MySQL, Git and FTP), applications of desktop like MacDropAny (that allows synchronising users to any folder on computer along with Dropbox), and SendToDropbox (that allows emailing of files by users to Dropboxes). There are lots of applications of client for non-official support of operating systems of Dropbox like webOS, Maemo and Symbian. Open source tool known as Dropship provides access unauthenticated to files hosted by Dropbox by usage of Dropbox API for accessing files by hash.

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