EBooks or Electronic Books

From the Nomadic culture to the civilization the human race had come across several refinements. Form his lifestyle to his thought and expression he had to undergo various transformations through the centuries. The discovery of language made immense change in him. Earlier there was no written form for language. Later with the introduction of alphabets language got written format. The written forms were earlier recorded in papyrus roll that was the bark of the papyrus plants. Soon stones, woods and other mediums like palm leafs, leather rolls were used for recording the writing forms. By the passage of time manuscripts were began to be used. The invention of printing was another land mark in the history of human race. Communications began in the forms of books. They were easily circulated and books became an integral part in the human life. Books became the foundation of education all over the world. Writers were given a predominant high status in the society. The classic creations of poets and writers are timeless and they are followed even in the modern century. The power of writing is quite evident from the famous quote“Pen in mightier than the sword”.

Like the development of languages the writing had also undergone several changes. The technological developments reflected in the field of printing also. The usages of books were reduced with the introduction of computer, fax, pager and other technological devices. The fast modern life style made the man do things so faster with the modern technological devices and his habit of reading and writing became minimal. The modern invention of e-book or electronic books gave a new dimension to the aspect of communication and reading.

According to the definition of Oxford dictionary an e- book is defined as “an electronic version of printed book”. The origin of the e-book is still a matter of dispute regarding its inventor. It is presumed that the first e-book is Index Thomisticus published in 1940 by Thomas Aquinas. In the year 1949 the first patented electronic book was published in Spain by a teacher named Angela Ruiz in Galicia in Spain. Even with the mention of these earlier inventions several publications consider Michael S Hart as the inventor of modern e- book version in the year 1971. In the earlier 1990’s when the use of internet became most popular e- books were also began to have a wide publication. In 1992 Sony launched Data Disc man the most accepted e- book that was not confined to a particular area profession.

The e- book has several terms such as electronic book, digital book and e-edition. The e- book is similar to a book with book length publication. The articles will be in the digital form. It has text body, images that are published through computers or other electronic devices in a readable format. Most of the e-books are published in the computer. With the advancement of modern technology in addition to the computers e- books are available in mobile phones particularly in the new generation smart phones with a controllable viewing screen where both the text body and images are published. The wide acceptance of e- book made the US to publish e- books on their websites and associated services. The unique advantage of e- book is the copy right and ownership cannot be transformed like the ordinary books. An e- book reader is designed to be published through mobile phone application that has similar features of a tablet computer. e- Reader applications are provided by MAC, Amazon, Android and palm OS devices.

In the modern world where the most professions are related IT the invention of E- book is the most convenient way of reading and communication among the professionals who find it difficult to get time for conventional book reading.

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