IASA’s Certified IT Architect (CITA) Certification

Groups called International Association for all IT Architects (IASA) provides operation to credential program of multiple levels called CITA (Certified IT Architect) credentials thereby comes in Associate, Specialist, Foundation and Professional designation.

  • CITA-F: Certified IT Architect Foundation
  • CITA-A: Certified IT Architect Associate
  • CITA-S: Certified IT Architect Specialist
  • CITA-P: Certified IT Architect Professional


  • Credential of CITA-S Specialization thereby involves broad credentials of 2 person’s process. It includes documentation written in review advanced, a presentation of 30 minutes and examination orally and board review defense.
  • Credential of CITA-P Specialization thereby involves written submission that is lengthy in review advanced, a presentation of 30 minutes and examination orally and review defense from 3 person board which thereby includes a moderator. These students have mentor being assigned well in advance who works together with students for helping them in preparation for review of board.
  • Program of CITA provides presentation of great opportunities for students and candidates who want to seek ladder of credentials well- defined such that they climb routes of greatness of IT architecture. These above set of credentials pick from foundational levels and go up to senior architectural status. This makes IT architects go aboard very easily while they search for community culture and active membership going with their credentials.

Attending exams-

Needed courses:

  • CITA-F: Architect Core Training Course
  • CITA-A: Business Technology Strategy training course + 1 specialization course
  • CITA-A, CITA-S, CITA-P: Need certifications from levels that precede
  • Exam number:
    • CITA-F: 1 exam
    • CITA-A: 2 exams
  • CITA-S and CITA-P: no exams, Board Review and written application
  • Fees:
    • CITA-F: $2000 USD training course, $300 USD exam
    • CITA-A: $2185 each for 2 training courses (registration) or $2900 USD 1 course; $600 USD each for 2 exams
    • CITA-S: For review and registration $1200 USD
    • CITA- P: For review and registration $2000 USD

Topics and scope and importance:

CITA-F: CITA-Foundational

This credential is being supported by IASA Architect Core Training. CITA-F tests and focuses on knowledge of architect of “5 Pillars of Architecture” namely

  • Business technology Strategy
  • Human Dynamics
  • Design
  • Quality Attributes
  • IT Environment

The above are 5 foundational supporting architectural skills. The credential is standard industrially. It is only credential which leads to process structured for gain of skills needed as architect practicing. This was introduced by IASA Board Of Education. It is board internationally of practitioners of architect independently. It has multiple –choice exams designed for ensuring architects understanding and knowledge of IT Architect Body of Knowledge (ITABoK).

CITA-S: CITA-Specialist

The CITA-S is supported by IASA Specialist Training program. To earn CITA-S credential provides validity of your experience as globally levelled IT architect and thereby prepares candidates for CITA-P credentials. CITA-S is vendor agnostic and technology agnostic.

To reflect one’s his career, to defend against particular skill set in front of peer panels truly distinguishes you from being an architect professionally. Added to these, while receiving credential of CITA-S grants accessibility to community globally of architects’ professional’s thereby providing opportunities of networking, sharing knowledge and debating with thought leaders of industry network.

Board certification of CITA-S has been approved by IASA Board of Education. It is an international board of practitioners independently in 2013. The credential was meant for addressing career and certification level gap between CITA-A and CITA-P.

CITA-S architects are certified in specializations

  • Software
  • Infrastructure
  • Information
  • Business

Mostly all CITA-S students have 5 to 8 years experience as architect

CITA-A: CITA-Associate

 Credentials include questions taken from courses namely:

  • Business, Technology and Strategy Course
  • Specialization course

CITA-P: CITA-Professional

This credential enhances capability and credibility of successful students and provision of assurance to company employers that CITA-Ps has abilities of leading and practicing large programs and projects.

  • Business Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Software Architecture

These set of certifications are brilliant and go a long way in establishing the superiority of the person holding them. They also are extremely helpful in getting desired promotion in the organization and they are also helpful in getting an onsite opportunity.

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