Marvel Contest of Champions – An action-fighting Android Game

Review: Marvel Contest of Champions is mobile free to play game of fighting in 2014 that was published and developed by Kabam. It had been released on 2014, December 10 for Android and iOS. It works on tablets and smartphones. Game of fighting was set primarily in universe of Marvel. It included Inhumans, The Brotherhood and X-Force, Avengers, X-Men, Thunderbolts and Guardians of The Galaxy. Game needed connection of internet for playing purposes.

Ultron Invades: For tiring with releases of 2nd movie of Avengers namely Age of Ultron which has ranges of games of Marvel being updated in April late for including Ultron-centric characters and events. Due to closeness of gaming and movie divisions of Marvel there is enabling of easy and early content accessibility. Different games being involved in tie of Ultron includes Marvel Pinball, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers Alliance, and Marvel Puzzle Quest. For assisting in missions of Ultron all players or Summoners receive Black Widow 2 star character.

Playing game: To play game of Marvel Contest of Champions has resemblance to Injustice: Gods among US and Mortal Kombat. Arena of fighting has 3D rendering instead of 2D planes for actions and movement of superheroes. Players make beginning with 2 champions and collecting 35 characters or total of 25 characters at launch with other additions. Players have character accessibility like Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man all having own special moves, classes, abilities, movements and traits.

Featuring of game is energy system which has limitation to numerous battles based on quest players completion. Energy has automatic recharges on time or players refill manually energy. Crystals additionally is found at chests when players finish battles. Added to quests, users battle in front of opponents in PVP game mode. Players make choice of own username for identifying them in war and going against each other in quick one-to-one matches or time three-on-three limited arenas. There is A.I. controlling of opponents and not by players really in time real.

Controlling is especially designed for touching with no requirement of virtual or buttons joysticks. There are lots of attacks basically which includes heavy, light, medium and block. You sprint forward or shuffle back. Each hero possesses 3 of own special unique attacks and ability with signature ability. The Synergy Bonuses rewards player for character combination who has relationship that is unique. As example, combination of Cyclops and Black Bolt gives reward to total team with block proficiency of +10%. As per statement of Cuz Parry from person named Kabam there is combat system which rewards mixing up players’ moves and performance of blocks well-timed. Higher combo leads to faster regeneration of attacks specially. As there is taking of deal damage and damage, players fill up meter specially which powers unique character moves. With levelling of heroes more moves uniquely are made possible. They need player to save for long usage to them.

In year of 2015, April 22, lots of new features had been added to game. Masteries of Summoners: There are effective new benefits for Champions like extra health, change of hit critical and damage.  Hub socially: It accesses every feature socially in turn including list of friends. Duels: It takes on different Summoner Champions for bragging prizes and rights.

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