Nagios – The Industry Standard In IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Review: Nagios is a hefty supervising as well as monitoring system, which is used by organizations to spot out and rectify infrastructure based problems in IT field, without affecting the important procedures in business process. This open source monitoring system software was initially released under the name Net saint.  Nagios provides monitoring services for applications, switches and also servers. The users of this software are alerted whenever the system finds a trouble in the server, and are also alerted after the resolving of the trouble.

This software is distributed under the license of GNU GPL V2. This software is mainly used for checking on network services, and host resources such as system logs, processor load and disk usages.  Nagios provides a complete monitoring, though which one can supervise on services, applications, network protocols, infrastructure components and also system metrics, all with one tool. The script API’s of the software helps in the effective monitoring custom as well as in house applications. The software provides the user with a centralized view of the monitored infrastructure. If the user wants the status information and the other details regarding the monitoring, it can be obtained from the web interface. The software can detect sudden and also unauthorized close downs of the IT infrastructure with a few seconds. The alert regarding the outages will be send to the technical staff, either via mail, or through SMS. The software makes use of the most advance technology and make sure that the alert message reach the right personnel. This software even enable s the automatic restart pf failed services and applications. Nagios make sure that your aging infrastructure is upgraded in the right time.  You can check on the availability reports and the history reports of the software at any time. The availability reports ensures you that the SLA’s are properly completed and the history reports show the records of all the outages, alerts and notifications. Another one of the unique features of the software is the multi access web interface, which enables the user for easy viewing of infrastructure status.

Compared to all other leading monitoring software, Nagios is affordable in pricing without any hidden charges. The software is designed in such a way that, it is simple to use and handle, and this is very rare in other similar soft wares available in the market.

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