Polaroid IM1836 Review

The Polaroid is the first manufacturer that unites Google’s Android operating system included with an interchangeable lens camera. Even though the notion of having an Android powered camera is challenge, Polaroid has taken up the improvement as a competition to other similar devices. The final works of the camera are under process, but certain important features are available for review. The system consists of 18 mega pixel sensor containing 10-30mm kit lens with all the advantages of midrange point and shoot camera. The system cannot be compared with Micro four thirds cameras due to its reasonable price and other improved functions. The device includes an option to swap out lenses that prefer over other cameras. The image sensor is included in the lens that makes it easier for the users to swap the sensor out of the lenses without entrapping dust. The system supports running Android 4.1 and complete entry to Google Plat store. This function facilitates to put in applications like Photoshop and Flickr that helps to edit and upload with the assistance of interchangeable lenses.

To enable low light shooting, auto face detection and auto face exposure, the system includes pop up flash. The product also consists of the capability to apply filters with that of Instagram and upload them in advanced eminence as compared with Android smart phone or iPhone. The system, in addition, is added with recording of Full HD 1080p video. Furthermore, the 3.5 inch screen with touch screen facility is very expansive without much sharpness and brightness like that of Samsung Galaxy camera. The product is added with Android button, Menu and recent applications, Home, Back are situated at the right side of the display and an operating system included therewith. For the purpose of uploading photos while travelling, the system is included with an integrated 3G or 4G facility and a modem to connect to internet. The device features Wi Fi connectivity and Bluetooth that would provide chance to post a program directly to the Instagram or other social media sites. Otherwise, the images taken can be transferred to the computer using other features added in the camera.

The system though contains limited functions, gives clarity to the images with high performing lenses. The Android facility is also remarkable as this will enable to upload software into the system. Hence by including different software, innovative ability of the user can be improved. The device is just like using a smart phone making it easier for the users to work with much faster device. The quick access to the functions makes the Polaroid device outstanding and user friendly. The system has become a rivalry to other devices that are equally placed with compact digital cameras. The system presents high quality images and with its full HD 1080p video, the device offers continuous shooting with excellent presentation. The users though have a doubt regarding the performance of the camera with Android system, the Company is confident that the system would definitely comply with the satisfaction of its customers. The product is reasonably priced with advanced functions making it advantageous for the users.

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